Also.Also.Also: Toronto’s Queer Kids Standing Up to Neo-Nazis and Other Stories for Your Week

Hello hello! What a great day for a Monday, you know?

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Despite Being Gunned Down at Baseball Practice and Saved by a Lesbian Cop, Rep. Steve Scalise Is Still Pro-Gun and Anti-LGBTQ.

+ Man Found Not Guilty in Murder of Lesbian Caterer, Tyonne Johns.

+ Lesbian Couple Pinned Down and Brutally Attacked By Neighbors.

+ “Nancy” Co-Host Kathy Tu’s Hilarious Advice On Law School, Being Queer, And “Xena: Warrior Princess”.

+ Healing the Wounds of Transgender Wars at the VA Hospital in Tucson.

+ Mississippi’s Draconian Anti-LGBT Law, the Worst in the Nation, Is Set to Take Effect.

+ Queer Vandals Strike Back at Canadian Neo-Nazi Headquarters.

+ Photographer Daniel Obasi Explores the Taboo of Gender Fluidity in Nigeria.

+ Elizabeth Kerekere Speaks on Maori LGBTQ Term ‘Takatāpui’.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ White House Makes Hardline Demands for Any ‘Dreamers’ Deal.

+ The Jared Bubble.

+ Alt-White: How the Breitbart Machine Laundered Racist Hate.

+ Cowboys’ Jerry Jones to His Players: Stand for the Anthem, Or I Bench You. Jerry Jones looks like a cadaver.

+ ‘The Apprentice’ Creators Look Back.

Doll Parts

+ Elizabeth Friedman Saved the Americas from the Nazis.

+ The Speculum Finally Gets a Modern Redesign.

+ The Magic Of My Mushrooms: A Depressive’s Journey To Microdosing.

+ Meet The Badass Latina Artists Behind The New Latin Wave.

+ Harvey Weinstein Is Finished. Which Accused Hollywood Predator Will Be Next?

+ The Internet’s Best Gossip Curator on Why Harvey Weinstein Might Survive.

+ ‘Harvey Weinstein’s Media Enablers’? The New York Times Is One of Them.

+ Secrets of the South.

Keep Up

+ Democrats and Republicans See Eye-to-Eye on Nearly Nothing.

+ Vegas Shooter’s Chicago Hotel Overlooked Massive Lollapalooza Crowds.

+ Nothing Divides Voters Like Owning a Gun.

+ The Way We Talk About Puerto Rico Is Bullshit.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ On Indigenous Peoples Day, We Fight for Our Existence — and Our Liberation.

+ Airport Racism Has Stolen My Joy of Flying.

+ The History of School Lunches.

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  1. I can agree that airport racism is a joy stealer. I know my experience isn’t the same as Niiko, but I’ve experienced my name causing my service to drop. I don’t look the part of a what the media’s ideas of what a West Asian/Middle Eastern looks like, but my last name is sure a tip off.

  2. Every article I’ve read about this piece-of-shit renting rooms in Chicago and Boston seems to serve the sole purpose of spreading fear – “it could have been me.” Don’t get me wrong: as a Chicago resident who travels regularly to other major US cities, I’m scared shitless…like every day. BUT I want to learn more about why POS might not have traveled to Chicago or Boston. How would TSA have responded to a middle-aged white man traveling with all of those guns and ammunition? Do their responses vary by city or state? I sure as shit know they vary by race and religion of suspects. I’m wondering if tighter gun regulations or travel security prevented this dude from doing this away from home. Instead of spreading fear, I think folks writing about this have the opportunity to engage in more nuanced conversations about gun regulations and the security state.

  3. Hollywood has been enabling rapists and pedophiles for YEARS and punishing anybody who has the good sense to call them out on it.

    I would also like to be spared the moral outrage over this from certain folks in Hollywood who are already known to have been campaigning for Polanski to be allowed back in the States without punishment so he can make movies and they can give him awards for well over a decade now. Spare me the moral outrage from folks who have appeared in his movies or Woody Allen’s, Luc Besson’s, Mel Gibson’s,etc. Hell, there too many of these fucking abusers to name. They all KNOW who they are.

  4. Thank you for including the story about Mississippi–I feel like not a lot of people are talking about it, even here within the state, and idk I just hope people still care & that this hasn’t become normal

  5. It just REALLY GETS MY GOAT when these “”religious freedom”” bills are said to be about, like, making a goddamn cake or DJing for a gay wedding. Why do these people think I want their bad homophobic vibes infecting my gay wedding?? Like to frame the issue as being about certain folks not wanting to be involved in a wedding that they’re not even invited to or Welcome At, CHERYL, (while glossing over the ways it will impact EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES) is NONSENSICAL

  6. Like when I lived in Oregon my dewey eyed youth of conservative republican christian co-worker had been told by Her Father, The Pastor that “churches will be FORCED BY THE GOVERNMENT” to host and officiate gay weddings and I was like

    “ok everyone in line can wait for their lattes because No, No my dearest, This Is Not A Correct Interpretation Of Non-Discrimination Laws, and also you can tell your dad to calm tf down because the gays don’t want him officiating our weddings oh my GOD”

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