Also.Also.Also: Three Grown Women Touch a Silky Chicken and Other Stories

Here we are, a fresh bag of links!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ It’s Asexual Awareness Week!

+ The Second Coming Out: Trans Candidates and the Quest for Public Service.

+ Staying in the Present: Lesbian Couple Navigates Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Diagnosis. This is sweet and sad and I love them.

+ My Internalized Homophobia Kept Me From Reporting My Sexual Assault.

+ Trans and Gender-Queer Prisoners Face a Double Punishment.

+ Queer in the Kitchen: Gender Politics Take Front Stage.

+ The Troubling Ascent of the LGBT Right Wing.

+ The Widest Crackdown on LGBTQ People in Egypt

+ High School Football Coach Encourages Players to Taunt Opponent with Lesbian Parents: “Who’s Your Daddy”. Straight people can’t even come up with decent insults.

+ NY Subway Poster Campaign Wants More Love for Trans Lives.

+ Nev Todorovic On Life As A Queer Canadian Entrepreneur.

+ This Lesbian Shark Tank Winner Wants to Scare the Hell Out of You. Ok.

+ Disney’s ‘Andi Mack’ Character to Come Out as Gay.

+ Promoters Need to Remember That ‘Queer’ Isn’t a Genre.

+ This headline is terrifying: Watch This Queer Couple Get Locked in a Room for 24 Hours ???!

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ 10-Year-Old Immigrant Is Detained After Agents Stop Her on Way to Surgery.

+ White Supremacy During the Obama Era Helped Trump Become President.

+ Wackadoodles, Establishment Hacks, And The Big, Ugly, Local Battle For The Heart Of The GOP. I believe this will also end up in TIRTIL, for the record.

+ Majority Of White Americans Say They Believe Whites Face Discrimination.

+ How Russians Attempted To Use Instagram To Influence Native Americans.

Doll Parts

Or Sexual Assault Roundup 2017

+ Surviving R. Kelly.

+ Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams Share Their Stories of James Toback’s Sexual Harassment.

+ A Harvey Weinstein Moment for the Restaurant Industry.

+ Sexual Harassment Will Change Your Career Forever.

+ #YouToo: We Need to Talk About Loophole Women.

Keep Up

+ The Crisis in Puerto Rico Is a Racial Issue.

+ After Nevada Hosts a Gun Show, California Sees Sharp Rise in Gun Related Injuries and Deaths.

+ New Documentary Remembers Standing Rock in Beauty and Catastrophe.

+ The Family That Build an Empire of Pain.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Museum of You Does Not Have a Gift Shop.

+ Why Computers Should Be Hidden.

+ Investigation Alleges Haribo Gummies Are Made Using Slave Labor. In which literally nothing, ever, is sacred.

+ Here’s What You Need to Know About Half-Earth Day.

+ Netflix Gives Stranger Things Its Very Own After Show. I’ve planned my entire Friday night around the premiere of season 2!!

+ Stranger Things and the History of the Trope of ‘Coming Back Wrong’.

+ Fear of a Black Future: How Hollywood Co-Opts the Revolution.

+ On Basquiat, the Black Body, and a Strange Sensation in My Neck by Aisha Sabatini Sloan.

And Finally

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