Also.Also.Also: This Wilderness First Aid Kit and Other Stories for Your Weekend

Great job, everyone! You’re here and the sun is shining somewhere and probably you will come into contact with an adorable person or animal or idea today. I can just feel it.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ It’s Riese on the radio! BBC interviewed the Daily Dot and your very own Riese Bernard to talk about commenting culture (and why we’re not letting it die). Fucking neat!

+ Heather Hogan found this for you — Keeping the Faith: “I identify as black, gay, female, non-cisgender and Christian. I am an outsider even on the inside of every community to which I belong. My very existence challenges every racial, sexual, gender and religious barrier.” by Layshia Clarendon.

+ Ellen Page looks oddly like Brad Pitt in this airbrushed photo, and that alone is reason enough to click on through to the other side. The Equality Stars: Julianne Moore and Ellen Page Pay Tribute in Freeheld.

+ But wait, this is so real: My 28 Years of Heterosexuality Was Just a Phase.

Doll Parts

+ Batgirl Yvonne Craig, Pioneer of Female Super Heroes, Has Passed Away.

+ Melissa Gira Grant is not fucking around. Pay her for her work or fuck entirely off.

+ Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Casts Transgender Woman Amiyah Scott for Season 8.

+ “I have a niece and a nephew. When they see images of us, they feel like, ‘I can be myself. I can embrace the things that make me unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable.’ And that’s what it’s about to me.” Janelle Monae on Iggy Azalea: “She Steals From Us, We Steal Back.

+ Six Women Who Changes the Face of Publishing, so get on board.

+ Our Incorruptible Dead Girls by Stassa Edwards. Oh lord oh lord this is so much; verging on Everything.

+ Women Who Cook: Dismantling the Myth of the Bitch in the Kitchen.

+ Hey What Is This Intestinal Chaos During My Period?

+ “Praying Really Hard”: Pine Ridge Needs Shelter for Abused Women.

+ A Celebration of Women in Climbing History. YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY.

+ Temple Grandin is vital.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Buzzfeed’s Post-Katrina coverage is important and beautiful.

+ How Black Reporters Report on Black Death.

+ You need this — In Praise of Missing Out: Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips on the Paradoxical Value of Our Unlived Lives on the ever-perfect Brain Pickings.

“We are well advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not,” Joan Didion wrote in contemplating the value of keeping a notebook. But we are just as well advised, it turns out, to keep on nodding terms with the people we could’ve been, the people we never were, the people who perished in the abyss between our ideal selves and our real selves. So argues psychoanalyst Adam Phillips in Missing Out: In Praise of the Unlived Life — a fascinating read, acutely relevant to our culture so plagued by the fear of missing out that we’ve shorthanded it to “FOMO.”

+ Somerville Mayor Hangs ‘Black Lives Matter’ Banner From City Hall.

+ Stef couldn’t wait to share this with you. 13 Hard-Hitting Facts About American Gladiators


+ Recipe: Wilderness First Aid Kit. Item #1 is a fucking tampon to be used for a million things beyond a shedding uterus so I hope you’re already clicking on this link.

+ Music Is a Potent Source of Meaning. “But new research finds younger and older people largely listen for different reasons.” Because LIFE, you guys.

+ Y’AAAAAALL, Cara Giaimo is just killing it. Nashville’s Cheatin’ Heart: Why Country Music Has Been Obsessed With Adultery for the Last Century.

And Finally

UPDATE: In the Berenst#in Bears parallel Universe, Ryan and I are Very Happy.

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  1. “…and getting depressed whenever I spotted an attractive woman on the subway who turned out to be a seventeen-year-old boy with an alternative lifestyle haircut.”

    This is SO. REAL. It’s a game I play constantly: Attractive woman on skateboard/bike/in converse/in beanie, or slightly tall twelve year old boy? Thank god I don’t need glasses, otherwise it could get dangerous.

  2. oh that music article is so interesting! i have thought about this a lot because i firmly believe i will never love another album as much as i love “it’s blitz!” because i think it is impossible for music to mean as much to me now as it did at that time in my life because LIFE, YOU GUYS is so exactly right. no matter how much i love new music i discover, i am not sure i will ever connect to anything that intensely again. or maybe i will who knows! but i think because that album came out when i was in my early twenties during a time of personal transition as well as intense pain and loss, it kinda explains why i basically imprinted on it in such a lasting and impenetrable way. i cant wait to find out how i feel about it when i am sixty or goodness eighty-five can you imagine? what will it all mean? such fascinating stuff and now i want to talk about music forever.

    • Throw on the outfit you’re wearing in your profile pic (obvi) and be the Grand-Fucking-Marshall of your own period! Wear a heating pad and tophat to bed. Watch Brandon and Callie hook up on The Fosters so you’ll have something other than your womb to scream bloody murder at. Listen to your old Rammstein CD from high school. Dream of menopause.

  3. As a pale DFAB human my skin has been romanticised in the gothic fashion by lovers and others. How delicate and deathly beautiful, innocent and tragic looking.
    HOW FRAIL, HOW BREAKABLE is what I hear and I fucking hated it.

    Recently my skin was compared to marble and I loved it because that is how I feel when I access the femininity I am comfortable with. Something that people break upon rather than something to be broken. Or something fragile and already broken like a dead girl.

  4. oh ok you’re trying to top the last also.also.also. which just about crashed my browser with the number of tabs i opened. i see. well you’ve done it. my 8yr old macbook may dislike you, but i do not.

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