Also.Also.Also: This Richard Simmons Podcast and Other Stories for Your Holy, Perfect Face

Have you watched the new season of Chef’s Table? That first episode would be infinitely better without those two white men (she stated, accurately, about everything). I stopped myself from buying — this is unrelated to Chef’s Table — an oval mirror at Goodwill earlier this week. It was $12.99. I was thinking it could lean against the wall to the right of the record player in my living room because it seems like there’s some energy in that space that could stand to be bounced around. But I just can’t tell if I’m nesting and reordering in an attempt to gain some control, or if I’m creating a diversion. Or both. Or what it says about me, either way.

But anyway! Happy Thursday to you and your face and heart. I hope you do the thing you meant to do.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Meet the Math Professor Who’s Fighting Gerrymandering with Geometry.

+ What It’s Like to Go to the Doctor When You’re Bisexual.

+ Living as a Lesbian in Iran, Where Being Gay is Illegal.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ If Abortion Rights Fall, LGBTQ Rights Are Next.

Doll Parts

+ The Witch Who’s Made the World’s First Colour-Change Hair.

Keep Up

+ ‘I Was Born to Be Here’: One of the Last Standing Rock Protesters Speaks Out.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ What If All Adults Took Responsibility for All Children, No Matter Who Gave Birth to Them?

+ New podcast: Missing Richard Simmons.

+ You’re fine.

+ Nat Geo Photogs’ Fave Wild Cat Momes boop boop.

And Finally

+ Cannibalism…? Again, I don’t know your life.

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    • I read a different article about that hair dye that says there’s one that changes colour according to your emotional states, and I’m like, no thanks, my face already does that.

      (The weather-sensitive ones are pretty neat though)

  1. I checked out the ‘what it’s like going to the doctor when you’re bisexual’. I agree. So. Many. Assumptions. Nothing like the sound of a hard delete on that traveling laptop. Ha, I should try asking a nurse out sometime- see if their actual rejection sounds the same.

    Also, prob only b/c I just finished The Santa Clarita Diet, I’mma click on that cannibalism link now.

  2. That Lesbian in Iran article forgets to mention the other option, which is surprisingly is transitioning. From what I have learned from other lgbtq people through documentaries and irl government could cover it, pending a few requirements. It’s why Iran is number 2 in transitions behind Thailand, partially because of these forced transitions(like the article said it’s death for gay men and torture for lesbians). They could also cover one if the person is a straight trans person, but if you are gay/queer trans person you aren’t allowed to transition. It’s how they get to say they don’t have any gay men or women because they are either killed, tortured, or forced to transition(or not transition if you are queer and trans) and be straight. It’s pretty awful being lgbtq, and why many hide in underground communities and only meet up at night.

  3. Sometimes I don’t realise how MUCH I know about a certain topic until I read a piece about it published in National Geographic (my childhood standard of the know-iest publication) am so familiar with details of the topics mentioned that I feel the Hermione-like need to add more to the thing when it’s not a class lecture or discuss of any kind.

    You may not know my life Laneia, but you gave me a “what is my life, what is my mind even” moment anyway.
    I’m at level with my childhood standard on a topic and could have conversation with it, add relevant points rather than just greedily sponge up the knowledge.

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