Also.Also.Also: This Is a Link Roundup

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It sure is today! Wow. Did you see how today it is out there? Whew.

Queer as in F*ck You

How the Black Press Helped Pave the Way for Gay Rights

My Queer Hot Girl Summer at Jacob Riis Beach

The TSA’s Technology Is Discriminating Against Trans People


For Gay, Lesbian and Trans Migrants, a Different Journey Awaits

Suspect Arrested in Murder of Russian LGBT Rights Activist

The Two Brides Who Wore Three Different Outfits C U T E.

Embracing Gay Face: Portraits Show Queer People Flagging Identity

The Incendiaries Author R.O. Kwon on Why She Came Out as Bisexual on Twitter

Saw This, Thought of You

Cloudflare Chief Explains Decision to Shut Down 8Chan, Despite Reservations

These Women Spent Years in Prison. Here Are Their Biggest Challenges — and Triumphs — Since Coming Home.

“Tuca & Bertie” Gave Female Trauma Survivors a Road Map for Healing. Still distraught about this tbh.

You should support The Nib!

Rest Me in a Pine Box and Let the Fiddle Play

This Is How Things Work Now At G/O Media

What America Gets Wrong About Tracy Flick

Political Snacks

As a Disabled Person, Marianne Williamson’s Ideas Terrify Me

The Female Presidential Candidates Offer a Diverse Picture of Womanhood. I’m Grateful for Every Single One of Them — Even Marianne Williamson.

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