Also.Also.Also: This Headline Is Trying to Avoid Apocalyptic Hyperbole but Damn, and Other Stories

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Do you ever come into a version of consciousness where all you can understand, all you can know, is every stupid thing you’ve ever said to anyone? DAMN I HATE THAT. What do you do when that happens? I usually have to yell out loud, “KNOCK IT OFF!” and “HEY! YOU’RE DOING FINE.” and sometimes I flail my arm around like a muppet.

I hope you just can’t get enough of yourself today! And I hope you have an amazing lunch, I’m serious.

Direct Action

+ Christians, Give Your Tithe Toward Trans Surgeries.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Trump’s Trans Military Ban Faces Yet Another Legal Challenge.

+ Here Are 10 Of The Most LGBTQ-Friendly Universities And Colleges.

+ What It Was Like in Turkish Prison.

+ This Is What You Missed At The First Day Of The High Court Case Against The Same-Sex Marriage Survey.

+ Why Bisexual People Face “Double Discrimination”.

+ When Sex and Gender Collide.

+ Is It Really a Win for Queer Rights if We Exclude Our Most Vulnerable to Achieve It?

+ A Dozen Women Arrested In Raid On Lesbian Group Home In Indonesia.

+ Two Women Create A Social Space For Lesbians In Miami.

+ Who is Chuen-Yan ‘Yan’? Meet the lesbian Great British Bake Off star taking the internet by storm.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Undocumented in Texas: Surviving Hurricane Harvey and the Repeal of DACA.

+ Why Ending DACA Is So Unprecedented.

+ Donald Trump and the Psychology of Doom and Gloom.

+ Russian Firm Tied to Pro-Kremlin Propaganda Advertised on Facebook During Election.

+ Trump’s Early Christmas Gift to Democrats.

+ What to Expect as Congress Heads Back to Washington.

+ The Department of Justice Is Overseeing the Resegregation of American Schools.

Doll Parts

+ Feminist writer, artist and activist, Kate Millett: 1934-2017.

+ Women Are Making the Best Rock Music. This interactive format is everything I’ve ever wanted in anything.

+ Spelman College Will Admit Transgender Female Students.

+ Women’s Colleges More Welcoming to Transgender Students.

+ What It’s Truly Like to Be a Fashion Model.

+ Jenny Bruso’s Fight for a More Inclusive Outdoor Community.

+ Why a Young Chicana Artist Is Posting Images of Her Community to LACMA’s Instagram.

+ No Madonna. No Geena Davis. But Still in a League of Their Own.

+ The Trophy Woman of Ready Player One.

+ The Brief Cultural History of Hairy Legs.

Keep Up

+ How Kirsten Gillibrand Is Outsmarting Donald Trump.

+ Pacific Northwest Fires Smother Region in Smoke and Ash.

+ Teens Started the Eagle Creek Fire.

+ Here’s a map of all the North American fires and their smoke and it’s just as devastating as you’re thinking it is. Canada and US Wildfires.

+ Hurricane Irma, One of the Most Powerful Storms in History.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ A Black Food Historian Explores His Bittersweet Connection To Robert E. Lee.

+ Bermuda Triangle’s “Rosey” for your earholes. And your spirit duh.

+ The ‘Mean Girls’ Musical Is Coming to Broadway in March.

+ Oral history of Ally McBeal.

+ Here’s Why The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Is Still So Effective.

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  1. Oh my gosh, the bit about the Indonesian lesbians just breaks my heart.

    Six of the twelve, all of whom worked in a local garment factory, had short haircuts and dressed “as men.”

    […] the six lesbian couples arrested on Saturday night have agreed to pack up and leave the city as soon as possible. “We’ve given them a ’socialization’ [order] and they said they will move,” said Sumantrai.

    The women were previously forced to leave their home in Kutajaya Village in the face of similar discrimination

    That just breaks my heart. Maybe because I feel like in another time or place, that would be me.

  2. “I think in Miami in particular, anything that’s a L-G-B-T-Q-this is largely male-dominated and white-dominated, which is curious because you feel as you’re walking the space that is Miami you see so much diversity,” she said. “But when you come into this more narrow spectrum of queer identity you don’t see that diversity in the same way.””
    Funny, that’s how I feel about LA

  3. I had this dream last night that I was in a normal life situation, except everywhere were these birds that kept attacking us, and then I went to bed and woke up in another normal life situation, except that there were the birds and like some other shitty thing, and it turned out every time we woke up the world had gotten just a little bit worse until we realized we were actually in hell, and I’m like WOW BRAIN, ISN’T THAT A LITTLE ON THE NOSE

  4. OH MAN! I love the outdoors article because YEAH that’s how I feel so much of the time. I especially felt that way helping out at the gate of a local paddling fest last weekend where some dudes were hanging around waiting for their friends to show up and got on the topic of a boater who was “that weird girl who decided she didn’t want to be a boy or a girl and has two girlfriends” and it was just like….feeling like an animal in a zoo but one that had escaped and was passing as a fellow human. The other folks working the gate were Not Down with them getting derogatory about that so the topic changed REAL FAST which I am grateful for. (And that’s not getting into how people don’t expect people with disabilities to be doing outdoors stuff and esp invisible disabilities people tend to disregard/downplay when they affect me bc OBVIOUSLY nobody with disabilities wouldn’t be doing this shit so I’m just being Dramatic like no sorry my body literally doesn’t know how to thermoregulate I’ve gotten heat stroke at 84F and also been dressed for -10C weather when it’s in the upper 80s before bc my body couldn’t do heat properly which makes dressing for the weather FUCKING HARD).

    I also have friends in the Portland area who regularly paddle on Eagle Creek and I am equal parts furious at that asshole teenager with the fireworks and heartbroken because…damn, it was such a beautiful area and will take so long to recover. I am also just GENERALLY FURIOUS at people denying climate change STILL because that def is playing a role in the fires because temperate rain forests shouldn’t be dry enough to catch on fire!!!!! What the hell!!!!!!!!

  5. Here to say that the world is going to shit and everything is fucking scary, but I met my girl for lunch today, had a delicious burger, and then she came back to my place for a bit before she had to go back to the office ;) Best. Lunch. Ever.

  6. I am very, and I mean very surprised to see San Diego State on that list. I’m a graduate there during the era(re decade ago) that people still called it the STDSU and were are all the blond girl, bro central. So, I am glad that things have changed.

    Thank you for that article about women & non-binary people in rock bands, I have like a few albums I will be listening to this week!

  7. First off, I will hoot and holler if Mar a lago gets the crap kicked out of it by Irma.

    Secondly, the texas chain saw massacre article brings up a good point. Surprise twists don’t scare an audience. A lack of money does, or in the case of jaws, a broke down shark. You get shots from a certain point of view that instills fear in the audience.

  8. Just wanted to provide an update from India that our Supreme Court is hearing curative petitions on Criminalisation of Homosexuality (called sec 377 of Indian Penal Code–created by British and retained by Indians) this week–today-8th of Sep, actually.

    We are hoping for a positive outcome because couple of weeks ago, in a landmark judgement on right to privacy (apparently, it is a fundamental right as per constitution for us), the constitutional bench criticised earlier (2013) court rulings reinstating sec 377 and thereby criminalising homosexuality (which was decriminalised based on Delhi High Court order in 2009).


  9. We had a staff meeting the other day; I couldn’t concentrate. That morning, one of my teachers had found a couple of monarch caterpillars to show the kids – one of which was beginning the process of making its chrysalis in our classroom! They attach themselves to something, then curl like they’re doing one hell of a sit-up before the actual green-and-gold-flecked covering appears. It’s amazing to watch. And so yes, the combo of those things happening means that instead of paying attention at the staff meeting, I wrote this.

    fire in Oregon;
    flooding in Texas;
    fighting, guns cocked and missiles armed from Syria to North Korea;

    and here is this monarch caterpillar
    just going ahead, curling up in a J
    ready to make its transformation

    ready to break down
    and reassemble completely

    what if – instead of imagining that this caterpillar
    knows nothing of our human woes – what if
    this caterpillar
    knows all of it

    and is giving us a map

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