Also.Also.Also: These Genderless Emojis Will Be Neat and Other Stories for Your Week

Sometimes when I go to write this opening bit, I throw my head back and stare at the ceiling and chant “I don’t know what to sayyyyyy” in a robot voice, like if the robot had been a lifelong smoker and had been living off the grid somewhere in New Mexico, only to be bombarded one afternoon by a group of preteen kids on a mission to uncover the legend of Ruby McBride, a Roaring Twenties-era teen who’d supposedly discovered the key to time travel and had left several clues to her current whereabouts (not to mention the secrets of space-time manipulation!) in the circuitry of a single robot — a robot that everyone thought had been destroyed decades ago, but they were WRONG.

Anyway how was your weekend?

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Gilbert Baker, Creator of the Rainbow Flag, Has Died at 65.

+ The Second Circuit Takes a Small Step Forward for LGBTQ Workers, But There’s Still Far to Go.

+ Out magazine is highlighting four queer women who are ‘changing the way we think and live,’ including Ellen Page and Janet Mock on Visibility and Their Mission to Change Our World, Lydia Polgreen, the Queer Black Woman Changing Journalism, and Jill Soloway on the New Queer Revolution.

+ ‘Why Can’t I Kiss My Girlfriend in Public?’ The Story of an Armenian Queer Woman.

+ Placing Queer Youth in Focus.

+ A Celebration of Self: Capturing the Inner Lives of Women and Genderfluid People.

+ Broadway’s Indecent Remembers Lesbian Jewish Theater in Nazi-Occupied Poland.

+ Listen to the Report on Anti-Transgender Lawmakers That Got a Public Radio Reporter Fired.

+ How Trump’s America Has Changed the Way I Wear My Identities.

+ Bleep bloop new emojis will include genderless people and merpeople and also mages, so that is neat for all of us. Oh! And vampires for Stef.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Oh my god. The Conspiracy Theories of Trumpland: A Compleat and Comprehensive Bestiary. Masterpiece.

+ Also I realize there’s no way you missed this, but I’m compelled to include it here for posterity: This Is Almost Certainly James Comey’s Twitter Account. The thing about this particular Ashley Feinburg achievement is how she makes people like us — people who track down other people on the internet through a series of connections and webs and likes and tags, in order to determine if they are queer or dating or the head of the FBI — seem like fucking geniuses.

+ Why Trump’s Ties to Russia Would Be Way Worse Than Watergate.

+ Blocking Biodiversity: Why Trump’s Border Wall May Be Bad News For Wildlife.

Doll Parts

+ Support Ashley Ray-Harris‘s fundraiser to make a book out of her Badass Black Women’s History Month Project!!

+ Middle Aged Women Are the Driving Force Behind Activism, According to Report.

+ How American Women Gained, Lost, and Are Regaining Their Collective Voice.

+ Craft’s Long History in Radical Protest Movements.

+ Workplace Cancer Prevention Must Be Extended to Reprotoxic Substances.

+ US Women’s Hockey Team Ends Boycott.

+ Witches Are Being Kicked Off of Square for Selling ‘Occult Items’.

+ Witch-hunt: “Gossip has always been a secret language of friendship and resistance between women.”

Saw This, Thought of You

+ This Artist with Synesthesia Sees Colors in Music and Paints Your Favorite Songs.

+ The Law Recognizes Polyamorous Parents, So Why Can’t The Media?.

And Finally


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  1. idk, being devoured by spiders doesn’t seem such a bad way to go. Bed bugs on the other hand-terrifying;’til they’re​ extinct that move to NYC’ll have to wait.

    Dear spiders,
    please eat all bedbugs.
    yr dessert

  2. I love that there are gonna be fairy and mermaid emojis, and a breastfeeding emoji!

    Buuuuut…..there’s a sauna emoji?! Apparently I am not living my best life because I do not have enough occasions to use a sauna emoji

  3. your chant clearly gets good results, though. plus omg, that spider article was delightful. i shared it on facebook and am currently outraged that only two people have reacted to it.

  4. I am so proud of the US women’s hockey team. They were determined and organized and got results. US hockey, who allegedly contacted beer league players and U-16s to try to field replacements, on the other hand: 0 respect.

    The Ireland women’s national football team just held a press conference about their conditions and might strike. The changes they are asking for are so basic it’s horrifying they have to ask.

    I am here for all these athletes forcing change. They are giving me life this week.

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