Also.Also.Also: The NBA’s First Lesbian Referee is Retiring and Other Stories for Your Weekend

Good morning! I’m writing this from my menstrual bed, where I’m #bleedoneverything-ing and eating THC and watching space documentaries. I hope you remember to stay soft with yourself this weekend. You don’t have control over everything, but you can control how you treat yourself and the people you care about. Forgive yourself for whatever. Drink all the water. Thank a fruit. Walk around with Saturday’s full moon and think about your thing. What’s your thing?

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Coming Out and Dispelling Anti-Blackness.

+ Megan Rapinoe is Kneeling Like Kaepernick Because “It’s Our Responsibility, Too.

+ Wambach Doubles Down on Remarks About Foreigners in U.S. Squads.

+ An LGBT Crackdown Nobody Saw Coming Has Changed This Country Forever.

+ Lesbian Lawmakers Broke Ground for LGBT Californians.

+ A Lesbian Vampire Film Noir 30 Years in the Making Is a Time Capsule From 1984.

+ The NBA’s First Female and Lesbian Ref Recalls 19 Years of Close Calls.

Violet Palmer

Violet Palmer

+ ‘Two Spirit’ Tradition Far From Ubiquitous Among Tribes.

+ Movie Critic Steps Down After Being Accused of Grabbing a Woman’s Pussy. The woman here is a queer gal FYI.

+ Meredith Graves Writes a Letter to Her Younger Self.

+ A Mother-Daughter Night with Melissa Etheridge.

Doll Parts

+ I Found a Bar in Chicago That Let Me Watch the WNBA in Public.

+ Know any independent women photographers? Daniella Zalcman is building a database and you can help build it!

+ Do Women Still Need a Space of Their Own?

+ Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Alicia Garza on the Global Movement for Black Lives.

+ What’s Behind Increase in the U.S. Maternal Death Rate?

+ The Need for Better Race and Gender Diversity on Netflix’s Chef’s Table.

+ I Was Pregnant and Then I Wasn’t.

+ Why Are Inmates Still Being Denied Access to Menstrual Products? Wow so many questions today that can be correctly answered with “the goddamn fucking patriarchy.”

+ Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shows Why White Feminists Must Do Better.

+ 7th Grade Girl Invents Advanced Medical Band-Aid.

+ Listen, last night I was crumpled in the floor of my bedroom, sobbing, thinking about how people almost always outlive their pets (until they don’t!), how I should’ve moved in with my grandfather when he asked us to, the smell of Tennessee in the winter, and why it is I can’t manage to just schedule one single doctor’s visit. Then I read this and felt better.

+ You probably need this shirt.


Saw This, Thought of You

+ Justice Department to Track Killings by Police Across U.S..

+ Fantastic Beasts Franchise Will Encompass Five Films — Will Definitely Feature Young Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

+ What Goes on in Your Brain When People Invade Your Personal Space?

+ Skeletons in the Closet: What Ghost Stories Reveal About America’s Past.

+ Get some decorating ideas. The Viral Real Estate Ad Featuring World’s Most Horrifying Interior Design Was an Art Project.

+ Monumental Scholarly Dictionary of Slang Is Now Online.

+ How Sharing Leads to Death. (If you’re a spider.)

+ Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Recall is an Environmental Travesty.

+ How Lewy Body Dementia Gripped Robin Williams. Fascinating and terrible.

And Finally

Haunting Pictures Show Earth Rising Over the Moon.


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  1. Also re: “Listen, last night I was crumpled in the floor of my bedroom, sobbing, thinking about how people almost always outlive their pets (until they don’t!), how I should’ve moved in with my grandfather when he asked us to, the smell of Tennessee in the winter, and why it is I can’t manage to just schedule one single doctor’s visit.”

    <3 <3 <3

  2. So funny, I was listening to Melissa Etheridge last night- I’m the Only One- such a great voice and song, and now this article about her. :) I’m learning the song on guitar.

    I’m making an 80s/90s lesbian queer playlist and that’s how I came by it. AE had a list of the 50 most influential queer women artists and I’ve spring boarded into a click hole from there. Now I’m onto girl punk and riot grrrl bands.

    I would’ve loved to able to appreciate these musicians earlier because I’m discovering them now and want to share but nobody understands, you know because that’s music from 30 years ago… well I did hear Melissa Etheridge on the radio years ago as a young but now I’m like oh yeah ;) I understand.

  3. “Five more new Harry Potter movies!” Why though. Why.
    I was a diehard HP fan up until the last movie and it was like “Ok, it’s over now, I am sad but can move on with my life.”
    And now it’s like the thing that won’t die? I just???
    Like, I realize it brings ya’ll so much joy and some of you are still into it but I just…can’t bring myself to get excited about it. Unless there’s a movie about Neville and Luna getting together. I’ll be first in line for that shit.

  4. I am a little familiar with Sheila Kuehl as being a native Angelenos, but didn’t realize she was a child actress or a lesbian. If she runs for congress or another political seat again, I will make sure to vote for her. I’m kind of excited to know our board of supervisors isn’t all cishet dudes.

  5. C’Mon Abby, knock it off. I get worrying about USSF having to rely on guys trained elsewhere and not doing enough to develop talent in their own system. THAT’S fair. But stop playing patriotism police and asking US citizens to convince you that they feel American. UUUUGHHH.

    That article about watching WNBA in a bar hit home. Reminds me of trying to get the women’s rugby matches on a bar teevee here. Luckily I know the barmen at one pub that can easily change the channel for just one of their screens and there is always one somewhere that can be spared. But damn would it be nice to just be able to go out and expect the game to be on. Especially when it is the HOME team in the damn finals. Two of my favorite sports memories are watching the French women’s rugby team in a packed bar (for the World Cup final and the decisive Six Nations game).

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