Also.Also.Also: The Internet Is For Queers and Other Stories You Need Today

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There’s a yellow watermelon chilling out on my kitchen counter, right next to the coffee and the bag of coconut cashews. Will I eat it today? Is today Yellow Watermelon Day? Only time will tell.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Hey this is important! Share This Far and Wide: It’s Almost Time for the US Trans Survey. Pass it on!

+ Help Pacific Public Finish Their EP! This band happens to have a pretty rad, queer girl drummer by the name of Alex Fucking Vega. Maybe you’ve heard of her.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ 100 Queer Characters of Color Who Show Why Hollywood Should — and Must — Diversify.

+ Watch the trailer for the new Ellen Page / Julianne Moore movie situation, Freeheld. So gay, such crying.

+ The Internet is for Queers: An Interview with “Gender Is Over” T-Shirt Creators, Marie McGwier and Nina Mashurova.

Doll Parts

+ Some important rape culture / Bill Cosby reading on this fine Monday! Starting with the amazing (/horrific) NY Mag cover story: 35 Women Tell Their Stories About Being Assaulted by Bill Cosby, and the Culture That Wouldn’t Listen. Then moving on to Roxane Gay‘s The Empty Chair & 35 Women Standing Up to Bill Cosby, Rapist.

+ 7 Ways to Turn Your Anger Over Sandra Bland Into Action In Support of Incarcerated (and Formerly Incarcerated) Black Women.

+ Stef is obsessed with this: If Male Musicians Were Described the Same Way as Female Musicians.

+ I forgot to share this with you a couple of weeks ago! “Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor.

+ Can Paula Schneider Save American Apparel From Its Reputation?

+ Watch ‘Pretty’, A Look At Black Beauty Worldwide.

+ Meet Caroline VanSickle, Feminist Biologist.

+ UGH I LOVE THIS by Kiran GandhiGoing With the Flow: Blood and Sisterhood at the London Marathon It begins with this line, “Yo. Have you ever run a marathon on day one of your period?” She ran the entire marathon while freebleeding. #bleedoneverythingsrsly

+ Dooooo you wanna see the Electra Woman & Dyna Girl trailer from VidCon??! YES YA DO.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Man Who Hears Color. Y’all.

+ Five Red Wines That Are Perfect for Summer.

+ This interactive counting tool and database that’s 100% necessary, which is 100% fucked up — The Counted: Police Killings in the U.S.

+ For Transgender Americans, Legal Battle Over Restrooms.

+ This is from 2014 but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to share it with you today: 10 Farm Animal Hybrids You Didn’t Know Existed.

+ Attainable Goals for the Modern American In Lieu of Trying to “Be The Change You Wish to See in the World”.

+ When is a Rescuer a Hoarder?

+ Exclusive: Feds Regularly Monitored Black Lives Matter Since Ferguson.

+ Twitter Deletes Stolen Jokes On Copyright Grounds.

+ Music Can Give You Skin Orgasms? Music Can Give You Skin Orgasms.

And Finally

13 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Next Trip to the Farmer’s Market. Handy!

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  1. Wow, the freebleeding marathon piece really challenged me. My brain kept screaming “wear darker pants! Wear a longer shirt! Anything!” And then I think about the appearance of blood, how a dark spot of blood on her arm wouldn’t be “gross” or “secret” or “shameful” to me, so why does period blood?

    I don’t think I’ll be freebleeding any time soon, but I appreciated the perspective and the challenge.

    • I had the same thoughts! This coming from a woman who freely tells people about my period related things, because I thought I believed there was nothing “shameful” about periods. The appearance of period blood is still so embarrassing for me that I was embarrassed for her, even though there is nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t think I’ll be free-bleeding anytime soon either, but kudos to this lady.

      • That visceral feeling of not wanting to show the blood is there from the beginning (I started my period at eleven, and promptly had to learn how to deal with heavy bleeding during swim team and karate, SUPER FUN).

        I wonder if the socialized shame around period “accidents” is any less in girl-only environments. Like a girls’ school? Or if it’s there in every culture?

  2. Hannah Hart’s hair in the intro trailer is my ultimate hair aesthetic.

    Also I will have to move back to my school town in a few weeks (booooo), but one thing I am actually looking forward to is waking up early on Saturdays to go to the local farmers market with my bae and picking out what we’re going to eat for the week. It’s hella gay and awesome.

  3. Read “Where’s My Cut?” and then spent an hour reading and thinking deeply about emotional labor. My actual work for the day is not done, and I sorta have a headache, but on the whole I feel good about it. Thanks?

  4. I’m glad that Mulan from “Once Upon a Time” made the “100 Queer Characters of Color” article. Take that Disney and all of you people saying that she was going to tell Aurora she was in love with Phillip.

  5. I was JUST talking to my partner about how I think bleeding without any kind of menstrual product is so cool and unheard of and like, I have no idea what it’s like to experience my period without a pad or tampon or cup. That woman is so neat.

  6. Our local alt-weekly does an occasional, amazing Men Who Rock issue, where they ask dudes how they learned to play instruments & how they balance being in a band and also having a dog. Here and here.

    I’m pleased about Twitter deleting stolen jokes because I get absurdly irritated when I see someone RT a stolen joke. They don’t even know it’s stolen, I’m sure, but when I’ve seen the exact same joke pop up under three different handles I get grumpy.

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