Also.Also.Also: The Fascinating Story Behind Lesbians Loving Subaru and Other Stories for Your Weekend

Hello I am driving to California for Campcampcamp! I wish you were coming with us, because the mountain is a chill place to talk about random stuff, much like this Also.Also.Also, which you’re reading, which means you’d probably enjoy talking about random stuff on a chill mountain. We brought plenty of snacks: chili lime almonds, Larabars, beet chips, dried mango, coconut LaCroix, canned wine. I am READY for some high altitude snackin’.

What are you doing with your long weekend?? I hope it’s a great one!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ How an Ad Campaign Made Lesbians Fall in Love with Subaru.

+ On Mystic Atheism by Gabby Bellot.

+ Desmond Tutu’s Daughter Leaves Clergy After Marrying Female Partner.

+ 10 Portraits of New York City’s Most Fabulous LGBT Kids.

+ LGBT Voters on Why They Support Clinton or Sanders.

+ Is the New York Times Collaborating with Anti-Trans Lawmakers?

+ A 911 Dispatcher Explains Why Anti-Trans Bills Make Absolutely No Sense.

+ A ‘Queer Enlightenment’ at the World’s First Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. Video autoplays because the world is a cruel place.

+ Bachelorette Beauty Services is the Queer-Friendly Salon Taking on the Beauty Industry.

+ Instagram Bans #lesbian, #bi, and #gay Hashtags, But It’s Not Why You Think. Well it kind of is though.

+ Don’t Tell Me Why My Daughter is Lucky to Have Two Moms.

Doll Parts

+ Wanna have a feeling or pass judgment on how some people get their babies to sleep? Maybe don’t.

+ Ghostbusters Steps Right Into the Hostility of Gender Politics.

+ Melanie Martinez is Telling Teen Girls a New Story.

+ In ‘Hidden Figures’ NASA’s African American Mathematicians Will Land on the Big Screen.

+ I’m the One Who Used to Bleed But Does Not Bleed Anymore.

+ “Women Are Dying”: The Severe Effects of Clinic Closures on Undocumented Women.

+ Indigenous Women in Canada Keep Disappearing Along the ‘Highway of Tears’.

+ Female-Founded Start-ups Get Much Less VC Backing Than Start-ups Founded by Men. Surprise!

Saw This, Thought of You

+ At Southern Colleges, Students Challenge History and Tradition as They Demand Change.

+ Against Self-Criticism: How Our Internal Critics Enslave Us, the Stockholm Syndrome of the Superego, and the Power of Multiple Interpretations.

+ For the First Time in 130 Years, More Young Adults Live With Their Parents Than Their Partners.

+ Why Everyone is Attracted to Baristas (It’s Because Of Late-Stage Capitalism).

+ Marijuana Gym.

And Finally

British Cemetery Haunted by Peanut-Butter-Loving Baby Fox.

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  1. I ended up becoming a stereotype when I bought my 2014 Subaru Impreza two years ago. As a certified car nut, I did a ton of research before buying my ride. Loved the Subie, it checked off all the boxes for what I wanted, but I avoided looking at them right away because of the stereotype. Yes, it was immature of me and maybe internally homophobic, I’ve realized that. I ended up test driving my car (Which I’ve now named Lilith) on a whim while intending to buy a Volvo S60. The saleswoman (Not a sapphic sister) was like, “Oh, you’ll love the Impreza wagon, the one we have is loaded…yada yada salesperson talk.” I swear, when I sat in the driver’s seat, it was like that vehicle knew me. The Subie opened her loving arms and said, “Come here queer child. I want Tegan and Sara playing on my stereo and an HRC magnet on my hatch. Save me from the white bread family that will degrade me with a stick figure family on my back window.” During the test drive, the saleswoman said, “This car fits you.” I wanted to snap back, “Is that a gay joke?” But she was right, oh was she right.

  2. When my parents were still in denial about the impossibility of my ever getting a license, my mom tried to sell me on it by saying “the Subaru will be yours. It’s THE lesbian car”

    Thanx Mom

  3. Thank you Laneia for providing me enough reading to procrastinate until it’s time for me to go home


    ENJOY CAMP I’M SO JEALOUS that everyone will be hanging out with everyone.

  4. Everyone talks about having a crush on a barista but I was a barista for YEARS and never reaped any crush benefits from the position

    Are people just too subtle for me is it My Sparklingly Offsetting Personality? What Gives

    • Alas, if that were true, then Colorado Springs would be queer lady-central: we have America’s largest volume Subaru dealership. I’m pretty sure they’re mostly straight outdoorsy types, though. And mostly Republican, which is a major turn-off.

  5. I work as a barista and I have sadly never been hit on by any of the lovely queer ladies that come in the shop; however I must admit that there was a guy who would come in and hit on me every Sunday like clockwork but HE HAD A PUPPY THAT RODE AROUND IN HIS MESSENGER BAG so I maybe kind of sort of encouraged it because damn I loved that dog. Puppies are worth it. Puppies are always worth it.

  6. That article about lesbians and Subaru was fascinating – I really thought the whole joke started with Dana’s sponsorship on The L Word! But I guess that product placement was just another very smart strategic move on behalf of Subaru, eh?

  7. I was a barista at an independent coffee shop for three years. I remember taking a to-go order and a girl I had seen in there a few times go “Do you need my name?” and it wasn’t until after I was all “no, i’ll just call out your order” and walked away that the flirtatious tone processed.

  8. To be fair to my past coffee shop regulars, I probably ignored them in favor of playing hide and seek with the multiple different toddlers-of-regulars who really liked to dash behind the counter, scream laugh, run back in front and scream-laugh, repeat

    A two year old once shyly sang me the first two lines of a Mumford & Sons song while i made his dad an americano and it was such a Perfect Moment

    Almost makes up for no queer girl regulars openly crushing on me


  9. How certain are we the NY Times is collaborating with anti-trans law makers and not with TERF orgs, like the one Cathy B runs. Cause my understanding is she been trying buy newspapers to get on her side.

  10. That Subaru article! I bought a Crosstrek last fall and had no idea about the history or the stereotype, but knowing they helped push gay-themed advertising forward I feel even better about my purchase now (I also found out later that the dealership I bought from is owned by a gay couple, so double gay car karma).

    And then this part:

    “they identified four core groups who were responsible for half of the company’s American sales: teachers and educators” – check;

    ““rugged individualists” (outdoorsy types)” – check;

    “Then they discovered a 5th: lesbians.” – (close enough) check!

    Clearly it was fate.

  11. My first thought with the Subaru article was actually about Hannah Hart who gets sponsored from Subaru for her Have a Hart Day volunteering series. So double win right there, eh?

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