Also.Also.Also: The Christmas Cat of Iceland and Other Stories for Your Weekend

Hello kind stars! It’s a beautiful day and I have a brand new package of socks! They’re the Puma kind you get at Costco — are you familiar? There’s this section that wraps around the arch of your foot like a little cotton hug. If you have a severe arch and $8 I highly recommend these socks. Anyway bet you didn’t expect a sock recommendation on this glorious Friday. Always expect the unexpected! Drink more water!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Wanna save a lesbian bar? Save The Pinhook! Since Forever! needs your help!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Megan Mitchell put together a three-part series on two spirit Native Americans for a local news station in North Dakota.

The suicide rate of Native young people on the reservations is the highest in the Western Hemisphere. It’s now being called an epidemic. More than half of Two Spirit transgender people have attempted suicide.

Part 1: Gay & Transgender Native Americans Once Revered, Now Discriminated: What Changed?
Part 2:
Same Sex Marriage Not Recognized for All Americans
Part 3: Suicide Epidemic Plagues Two Spirit People

+ Gay Parents Sue After IRS Denies Tax Deduction for In-Vitro Fertilization.

+ Shashi Tharoor: India MP’s Bill to Decriminalise Gay Sex Rejected.

+ Art! Queer artists! Femme Artists on Femme Solidarity and Performance.

+ 5 Things Evangelicals Get Wrong About Homosexuality.

+ Center for Addiction and Mental Health to Make Changes to Child and Youth Gender Identity Services.

+ Texts From Carmilla by Mallory Ortberg and, while we’re at it: Feelings I Have Had About Serena Williams. Gay stuff.

Doll Parts

+ ‘He’s Not Done Killing Her’: Why So Many Trans Women Were Murdered in 2015 by Diana Tourjee.

+ Carlton Champion Found Guilty in Ty Underwood Murder.

+ How Transgender Women Are Training Their Voices to Sound More Feminine by Angela Chen.

+ Gaby Dunn with Get Rich or Die Vlogging: The Sad Economics of Internet Fame.

+ Trans Researchers are Struggling to Stay in Science. That Has to Change.

+ 2015: The Year We Wanted Men to Work More Like Women.

+ Infamous Reparative Therapy Clinic for Transgender Youth Set to Close.

+ Cheryl Strayed Is Brave Enough to Break Her Own Heart.

+ The First Black Trans Model Had Her Face on a Box of Clairol.

+ Pin-Up Art Showcasing Fat Girls.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ This is a longread on Highline: The Shooting Gallery by Dana Liebelson. “Guards inside prisons shouldn’t have guns. That’s pretty much an accepted fact. Except in Nevada—and the results are mayhem and death.”

+ Shopping While Black: America’s Retailers Know They Have a Racial Profiling Problem. Now What? by Catherine Dunn.

+ Baltimore Schools are More Afraid of Students Than Its Police Force by Jamilah King.

+ Gene Demby brings you The Long, Necessary History of ‘Whiny’ Black Protesters at College.

+ Among Strangers by Atossa Araxia Abrahamian. “Traveling the globe to research the buying and selling of passports, a reporter reflects on arbitrary citizenship and what it means to be “from somewhere.””

+ The Professor Suspended for Saying Muslims and Christians Worship One God by Ruth Graham.

+ Um do you want to watch Macaulay Culkin act like the disturbed adult version of Kevin McCallister in the first episode of this webseries? I mean you might like it, all the little references.

+ The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Deli.

+ Lack of Diversity in Clinical Trials Presents Possible Heath Consequences by Rae Ellen Bichell.

+ The Rules for Calling in Sick When You’re Actually Hungover by Maureen O’Connor.

+ Maps of the Earth’s Most Cursed Destinations

+ Jólakötturinn, The Christmas Cat of Iceland, a heartwarming tale.

+ 200 year-old giant salamander.

And Finally

Mey is here to make sure that you don’t miss these goats being airlifted off a mountain in Idaho.

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  1. So where can I buy Macaulay Culkin’s fantastic flanel shirt? (and how does he get hair so shiny?!)

    I read that thing about evangelicals and homosexuality and… yeah. I don’t get it. If you believed that it wasn’t being gay that was sinful but acting on it then HOW could you believe in a God that would put people through that kind of crap ?!!! Like “oh btw i’m gonna give you all those same-sex emotions but you can never act on them and you’re gonna feel horrible about them forever! Enjoy!” … Also the argument is also saying “don’t judge the person until you know whether they’re having gay sex or not”. Uhm no, don’t judge the person period, because I’m pretty sure as a Christian that’s something the bible tells you specifically you shouldn’t ever do ?!

    • I totally agree with your assessment of the evangelical article. I have several evangelical friends and this comes up ALL THE TIME! I have been told repeatedly that they have all the love in the world for me, but that they can in no way be privy to my “lifestyle.” One friend in particular worked with me and we would take lunch breaks together and work out at the gym almost every day. We would catch movies together, go to sporting event and all sorts of other things including hanging out with each other’s families or other friends from time to time. Then I got a girlfriend. All of a sudden she would work over our usual lunch, quit going to the gym and was busy all the time. When I confronted her about it she said that Jesus loved me but what I was doing was wrong. My response was that her god may have the right to judge me but that I am pretty sure she doesn’t. Somehow pointing that out made her angry and she went on some rant about being her good a Christian and me not knowing anything about it. Needless to say we are not friends anymore, but I have seen her from time to time when hanging out with her sister who imo is a way “better Christian” for not being a total judgmental a**.

      Also love the comment on the article about ex-gays who are so happy now being straight because all gays are tortured, sad individuals who don’t like Christians because they will expose this truth and all straight people are super happy and fulfilled.

    • Yeah, I’m kind of wondering why that evangelical article is on this list… it basically just says “Hey, fellow Christians, not all gays are bad!! Some of them are very quiet and don’t ever touch another person in any way and are properly ashamed of their sinful existence! They’re still totes going to Hell tho don’t worry. :)”

      And like I get enough of that shit living in the South, I don’t need it in my gay linkspams too.

  2. Okay so the trans researchers in science just about reduced me to tears. Because while my undergrad school and department was overall pretty great and I had trans peers who were out (2/18 of us who graduated from the department last spring), I’m really freaking out about applying for graduate programs. Compounding this is the number of scientists who have extremely binary view of gender, to whom my nonbinary existence disqualifies me as a rational person who can be trusted because my existence goes against their so-called “scientific” understanding of sex and gender. I already want to go into a really specific field of ephys because of the way that it combines neuroscience and biochemistry, and I refuse to compromise my identity for science. I’m just scared that I’ll have to compromise on what field I go into because of my identity (though I know there are fields that I could learn to love as much as I love ephys now out there). Graduate applications are hard enough without having to take extra considerations.

    • That said, there are a number of high profile trans people in neuroscience like Ben Barres and Vivienne L’Ecuyer Ming. Have you ever thought of contacting trans people like that and asking them for feedback about programs you’re applying to?

  3. I got so exited when I saw the title! I’m Icelandic and we happen to have a whole lot more of dark tales from the times when we lived in dirt houses. Another christmas tale is the one of the yule lads or jólasveinar (yo-la-sway-nar). There are thirteen of them and they all have different names. The legend goes that years ago they would come down from the mountains one by one the thirteen days before christmas (which is the 24th in Iceland) and prank or steal from the people. They were called Kjötkrækir (meat stealer) Kertasníkir (candle snatcher) Gluggagægir (window peeker) and so many more. These days they are nice and a lot more like Santa. The children put their shoe in the window and the lads put little gifts in them the last thirteen days before christmas. They are half human, half troll and their mother is the heinous troll woman Grýla, who cooks and eats all children who don’t behave. The christmas cat is their cat.
    We just love scaring our children here :)

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