Also.Also.Also: Tessa Thompson’s Not Here for Any Binary Convos on Sexuality and Other Stories for Your Week

Good morning, my carpal tunnel friends. I made watermelon juice yesterday — that’s just blended and sieved watermelon with some salt — and it was delicious, but then this morning it tastes like old wet newspaper? What happened? Sad.

Anyway, I hope your weekend was so chill and outrageously restorative. BLESS.

Queer as in F*ck You

Tessa Thompson Knows People Can’t Stop Thinking About Her by Allison P Davis. Please note, Tessa does not hate cats; she enjoys both dogs and cats equally.

A 28-Year-Old Novice, She Took on the Machine and Won.

The welcome mat at the entryway to the home of this town’s likely next mayor reads, “The Patriarchy.”

“So you have to step on it before you come into our home,” said Julia Fahl, 28. “We had that custom-made,” added Kari Osmond, 31, Mrs. Fahl’s wife and campaign manager.

Dying Queer in 2018 by Daniel R Wilson.

Catholic School Gives Lesbian Staffer a Choice: Resign or Get Divorced.

Night Comes On Centers a Black Queer Woman by Allison Tate.

Denmark’s Rich LGBT History That Inspires Next to Zero Creative Works by Tess Westbrook.

Christine Hallquist’s Vermont Win and the Emergence of Transgender Politicians by Masha Gessen.

Under Trump and DeVos, Trans Students Face ‘Spiritual Violence’ at Religious Schools by Samantha Allen.

Saw This, Thought of You

Aretha Franklin Knew How To Make Us Laugh, Too by Jason King.

Childhood Abuse Linked to Risk of Endometriosis.

These 10 Apps Can Make Managing Your Anxiety Easier.

California’s Dark History of Forcibly Sterilizing Latinas by Kimberly Lawson.

How to Binge-Watch Together When You’re Miles Apart.

Prisoners Striking in 17 States Over Prison Conditions.

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  1. I went to my cousin’s queer wedding this weekend. She’s my youngest 1st cousin, and it was really nice to see my whole extended family there supporting her & her wife. (My wife and I had a really small wedding and didn’t invite any family except our parents and my sister.)

    They also served delicious watermelon cocktails. (I’m sorry about your watermelon juice situation because it really is super.)

  2. Okay I’m back because I had time to read the Tessa Thompson interview on the train this morning and like… will she please just marry me? (I’m already married but that’s beside the point.)

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