Also.Also.Also: Survivors #CancelKavanaugh in DC and Other Stories for Your Week

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Um I’m not sure what happened to me in the night but I woke up this morning SO EXCITED because it was Monday ??! Has this ever happened to you, am I contagious should I be worried??

Queer as in F*ck You

What It’s Like to Be a Mixed-Race, Queer, Feminist Farmer.

Ontario Students Walk Out of Class to Protest Sex-Ed Curriculum Changes.

All Women Are Welcome at Ohio Lesbian Festival

Disco and Queercore Lead Pack of New Queer-Themed Documentaries

How Do You Advocate for LGBTQ Rights When Your Culture Doesn’t Have a Word for Gay?

Reclaiming Femme: A Practice in Radical Vulnerability.

Meet the Activist Leading Islam’s ‘Sexual Revolution’.

Welcome to the Club: How Women Are Changing Tattoo Culture. Also! First Queer Halifax Tattoo Shop Hopes to Feel Like ‘Home’ for LGBTQ Clients.

A Migrant Trans Sex Worker’s Murder Has Set Off Protests Around the World.

Opposites Attract In Queer ‘Black Mirror’-Esque Short Film ‘AutoMate’.

Saw This, Thought of You

The U.S. Has Become a Nation of Suburbs.

Dying Indifference: Confronting the Shame of Alzheimer’s in Black Communities.

Photojournalists Are Demanding A #MeToo Reckoning.

Political Snacks

The Women’s March organized #CancelKavanaugh a few weeks ago and today is the Survivor’s March in DC. Thursday will be a day of local Solidarity Speakouts around the country. There are downloadable graphics and a form letter you can send to your senators. Follow the hashtag on twitter.

Another woman has come forward with sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, this time from their college years.

The Democratic Senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono, (who last week told all men to shut up and step up) has always been a badass.

We Are Not the Resistance by Michelle Alexander.

If You Vote By Mail in Florida, It’s 10 Times More Likely That Ballot Won’t Count.

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  1. There now seem to be four women who have come forward about Kavanaugh. Ford, Ramirez, one going through Avenatti, and one who is talking to the authorities in Montgomery County, Maryland. It’s unusual for a week to start with a glimmer of hope during this administration (okay, it’s somewhat cancelled out by the chance that the rotting jack-o-lantern might just fire Rod Rosenstein, who has been protecting Mueller, but still… there may just be some hope). Noon on Monday in the Rockies, and this week is already shaping up to be absolutely NUTS. o-o

  2. Vanesa Campos’ death was horrible. She was initially misgendered in the French media too. This law clearly shows politicians (and the majority of the public) just don’t care about sex workers’ safety and well-being, it’s all about fucked up catholic morality ?

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