Also.Also.Also: You’re Making Straight People Uncomfortable Again :(

This is, I’m pretty sure, the gayest fucking link roundup I’ve ever written. This link roundup has just rolled itself around in gay, much like one might roll oneself around on a bed covered with paper money, then it dipped itself in righteous intersectional feminism and topped itself with a reconstructed woolly rhinoceros wearing a hat made entirely of self-help. It’s a really good roundup of links !!! is what I’m telling you.

Queer as in F*ck You

It’s Official: America Suddenly Isn’t Comfortable With LGBT People.

How Post-Prison Reentry Programs Fail Queer Women.

Lesbian Political Action Committee Makes First Endorsements for 2018 Cycle.

For Nonbinary Parents, Giving Birth Can Be Especially Fraught.

We Have More Queer Lawyers Than Ever, But They’re Practicing In The Wrong States.

This New Study Shows That Children Think Flexibly About Gender.

LGBT in Latin America.

Lesbian Couple Sues For Son’s US Citizenship.

Even More LGBT Athletes Added to Olympics in South Korea.

Almost 90% Of Indonesians Feel ‘Threatened’ By LGBT People.

After-school Program For LGBT Youth Hopes To Fill Gaps In Services. This is a cool thing happening in Athens, Ohio that I wish was happening everywhere!

When Their Doctor Disappeared, Transgender Patients Scrambled to Find Care in Pence’s Indiana.

An LGBT Person Is Murdered In Brazil More Than Once A Day.

Our Bible App, which Audrey told you about last year is finally in the app store! Look for devotionals written by your very own Alaina Monts very soon!

E3 Radio Is Streaming 24/7, and if you’re not familiar with E3, which I wasn’t, it’s a QPOC-run online radio station playing, among other things, 90s music in the morning, a queer music blackout in the afternoon, Chicago standup in the evening, sexy music at night, and worship music on Sunday! E3 calls itself Queer Music Done Right and I’ve only been listening for 15 minutes but I super agree. Seriously, this is cool as hell and you’re going to love it.

While I’m recommending things for you to listen to, check out Boss Barista, a feminist podcast focusing on issues of gender, race, and marginalization in the coffee industry! Damn you have so many new things to listen to now. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Happy Birthday Virginia Woolf! Why don’t you meander through our Virginia Woolf posts from years gone by?

This Is Almost As Gay As That Michelle Branch Song

Watch St. Vincent Cover Sleater-Kinney.

Doll Parts

Ursula K. Le Guin, Acclaimed for Her Fantasy Fiction, Is Dead at 88.

Before Fenty: Over 100 Years of Black Makeup Brands.

MURPHY BROWN REBOOT WITH CANDICE BERGEN. Thanks in part to Dan Quayle, bless his dumbshit heart, Murphy Brown is how I knew, at a very young age, that I was a feminist and that Republicans are trash! I am really excited about this!!

Ironic Sexism: The Male Gaze of Hipster Spaces.

The Maternal Instinct Is A Myth And We’ve Got The Science To Prove It.

Also though, Here’s What Five Couples Spent To Have A Child.

Also too and!!! The Husband Stitch Isn’t Just a Horrifying Childbirth Myth and I stand before you today as A WOMAN WHO IS PROOF THAT THIS IS A REAL TRUE THING THAT HAPPENS !!! Thank you, fuck men and the patriarchy, good night.

Tougaloo College Receives Grant to Finally Tell Story of Civil Rights Hero Fannie Lou Hamer.

Allison Rasken and Gaby Dunn talking about weight gain while on depression meds and prioritizing mental health over other people’s perceptions of your physical appearance!!!

The Rising Pressure of the #MeToo Backlash.

Erica Garner Secretly Taped Justice Department Meeting, Was Distressed With Slow Pace of Investigation.

133 People Publicly Confronted The Doctor Who Sexually Abused Young Women. Here Are Their Most Powerful Quotes.

Carrie Brownstein Is Redefining Ambition.

Octavia Spencer Says Jessica Chastain Helped Her Make Five Times Her Asking Salary.

Gina Rodriguez: ‘The Fact That Latinos Are Not Seen on Screen Is Devastating’.

How the ‘Spice World’ Movie Became a Deranged, Postmodern Masterpiece.

Saw This, Thought of You

Extinct Woolly Rhino Reconstructed From Mummified Remains. See, it’s not all doom and gloom in the world.

Motivation Is Overrated. I’ve been trying to apply this to every single aspect of my life and wow it’s hard but it’s also super true I think!

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  1. The “husband stitch” article…I don’t even have words? This is the most fucked up thing. And another thing to fear about giving birth-somebody fucking with your body without your informed consent! No thank you!!!!

    • Well, sadly, aside from the whole “out” thing. They’re out privately, but USA Hockey is in the stone ages when it comes to supporting female athletes, let alone gay ones, and they’re always making everyone femme up and keep quiet.

  2. “a reconstructed woolly rhinoceros wearing a hat made entirely of self-help”
    That’s- that’s exactly how I feel currently.
    Feel that motivation being overrated. I’ve been saying you can’t control how you feel but you can control your actions for a while and it does really help.
    Also, fuck yeah Tougaloo!

  3. As an attorney representing LGBTQ+ asylum seekers, I appreciate the links to articles about violence against our communities. Basically, I can convince my coworkers that reading autostraddle and working are the same thing.

    • Oh that’s just the tip of iceberg in history of gynecological/obstetric horrors still shambling around in the 21st century. Some men are beyond garbage, they’re radioactive waste. It’s like a whole volume of my internal encyclopedia of terrible awful human things.

      One thing I will say without causing people to need brain bleach is that the reason women labor in beds laying down instead of in positions where gravity helps move stuff along is the fact the first obstetricians where doctors and doctors were gentlemen. Gentlemen were dignified and didn’t wish to be inconvenienced by stooping or some such thing to have a look to the progress.

      Just so much taking the process and autonomy away from the people who go through it.
      There’s movements taking the autonomy back tho I just wanna leave you with that.

  4. While I will miss Portlanida(one episode in and loving it) and wish they did 10 seasons of it; I am excited to see what new projects Carrie will bring to tv, and of course the new Sleater-Kinney album. So, a tv pilot/show based on her book would be really interesting.

    I like that other groups(in this case Latinx stars) talking about Oscars so white as this convo is still not done. I also would like to see Asian(including West Asian/Middle Eastern) included in this convo. We are always either stereotyped or portrayed in a negative manner, like a taxi driver who is some mix of Indian/Persian/Arab(How I Met your Mother), or the nerdy & smart east Asian. Were is the hot Asian lady who’s a body builder, or an Arab/Iranian who just wants to be a cook.

  5. About “LGBT in Latin America”, in Argentina we don’t really have stats, but our LGBT Advocacy, that depends on our Institute Against Discrimination (ICD) of the Ombudsman of the City of Buenos Aires, took count of 31 hate crimes on 2016. 43% of these cases were homicides (13 deaths: 12 transwomen, 1 lesbian). Of the cases that did not end in the death of the victim, 33% were commited by law-enforcement agents; we called this “Violencia Institucional” (Institutional Violence).

    No matter how socially evolved we Argentines think we are, we’re still far from it. We need more EDUCATION and PUNISHMENT. We need to educate our children not to be afraid of those who are different and we need to punished those who break the law, particularly police officers.

    These are two of the most basic things any civilized society could asked for, and we fail.

  6. from the ironic sexism piece: “But when you use sexualised images of women to brand your venue, you condone the male gaze and the objectification of women’s bodies, and that gaze slides down the walls and lands on the real women in these spaces.”

    Yes yes YES- this is the perfect distillation of why it’s still offensive, not to mention tired. I work with a lot of breweries and I want to have this sentence printed on a sticker and slap people with it.

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