Also.Also.Also: Straight ‘Girlfriends’ Continue Plaguing Our Existence and Other Stories Just for Us and Not Them

This laptop stand is still too short. So. Hope you’re having a LOVELY Thursday!!

Queer as in F*ck You

How Our Cultural Obsession With Platonic ‘Girlfriends’ Sidelines Queer Women by Sadie Graham.

All Hail The New Queer Teen Stars by Shannon Keating.

WNBA Power Rankings.

G Flip: The Queer Aussie Newcomer Turning Heartbreak Into Perfect Pop.

Number of LGBT Candidates Standing for Us Office Breaks Record.

Hayley Kiyoko May Break The VMAs — If You Vote in Time.

4-H Fires Pro-LGBT Director After Backlash.

Meet the Lesbian Native American Woman Running for Congress in Kansas. Her name is Sharice Davids and hopefully you already learned all about her in our massive list of Every Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer And/Or Trans Woman Running for US Office in 2018!!

How a Lesbian Union President and Evangelical Nonprofit Leader Teamed Up to Get Puerto Rico Clean Water. It’s like, do lesbians ever sleep? We’re getting so much done.

Check Out Gender-Fluid Label Sheila Rashid’s Fall 2018 Collection.

Take this Southern LGBTQ Health Survey from the Southern LGBTQ Health Initiative!! Do it!

Saw This, Thought of You

Granny Panties: Been About You and I’m Still About You by Ecleen Caraballo.

#Blessed: Is Everyone Happier Than You On Social Media?

David Marchese In Conversation: Kathleen Turner. What if we started a new section of the Also.Also.Also and call it Kathleen Turner as in F*ck You and it’s just quotes from this interview, for the rest of the year. Think about it.

Research Reveals Media Role in Stereotypes About Native Americans.

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