Also.Also.Also: Stop Me If You’ve Heard the One About White Men Committing More Mass Shootings Than Any Other Group

Hello. I’m sorry it’s like this here, in this country on this planet. If you need a dedicated space to be with other heartbroken, outraged queers, Heather has a family open thread for you.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Beyond Binaries and Convention: Kay Ulanday Barrett on Ancestry, Disability, and Identity Formation.

+ Tennessee School Board Voting To Remove LGBT Language From Anti-Bullying Policy.

+ Heroes of Harvey: Lesbian Officer Kept Working As Her Home Was Destroyed.

+ Brutal Slaying of Missouri Transgender Teen Raises Questions About LGBTQ Hate Crime Laws.

+ Queer Women of Color Brought Down the Statue. Why They Say It’s Their Time to Lead.

+ Inside The Marriage Equality Furore With ‘Same Love’ Singer Mary Lambert.

+ Arkansas AG Asking Court to Block a City’s LGBT Protections.

+ Secret NASA Report ‘Recommended All-Female Mars Missions’ After Studying Astronauts’ Sexual Dynamics. Mkay.

+ The Definitive List of Things We Are Claiming As Bisexual.

+ Experts Confirm Gender Identity is Biological and Say Insurers Should Cover Trans Health Needs.

+ Today in Unlinked: “Seven Things Lesbians Can Teach Gay Men About Sex.”

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Two Dark American Truths From Las Vegas.

+ Here Are All The Hoaxes Being Spread About The Las Vegas Shooting.

+ These Are The Victims Of The Las Vegas Shooting.

+ White Men Have Committed More Mass Shootings Than Any Other Group.

+ Twenty days ago: GOP Lawmaker Pushes Gun Silencer Bill.

+ Black Athletes Are Black People, and Black People Are Dying.

+ Back at Full Strength, Supreme Court Faces a Momentous Term.

Doll Parts

First of all, some Hugh Hefner takes to get you off on the right foot today:
Hugh Hefner’s World Wasn’t Just Bad for Women, It Hurt Men, Too.
Hefner’s Final Resting Place? Right Next to Marilyn Monroe. Please tell me you read Sady Doyle’s Trainwreck. Please tell me the section on Marilyn Monroe’s nonconsensual Playboy centerfold was the first thing you thought of when you learned of this man’s death.
The Fantasy of a Female Hugh Hefner.

+ Me, Lady Gaga, and the Medical Establishment That Failed Us Both.

+ Meet Tereza Lee, the Undocumented Immigrant Who Inspired the DREAM Act.

+ 10 Creators of Color On What Makes Them Feel Beautiful and Confident.

+ Stop Calling Women Nags.

+ Finally, a Big-Wave Competition Only for Women.

+ Romy & Michelle Turned 20 and it’s still great, so.

+ 40 Years Of Athletic Support: Happy Anniversary To The Sports Bra.

+ Feminist T-Shirts That Are Just Slightly Off. Bless.

+ The Girl’s Guide to Tucking Your Dick.

Keep Up

+ Iraq’s Kurds Voted to Secede. Here’s Why That Could Cause a New Civil War.

+ Facebook Built Its Vision of Democracy on Bad Math.

+ Kyrsten Sinema Announces Bid for Jeff Flake’s Senate Seat.

+ The STI Rate Is Higher Than Ever Before. Higher than ever before, y’all.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Long Live the Group Chat.

+ Who Gets to Have a “Good Death”?

+ Do We Need to Rethink What College Means? I mean, yes.

+ Are Earthworms Tough Enough for Mars?

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  1. Taking a news break by watching the new Curb Your Enthusiasm from last night… no endorsement for how it ends as it’s ten minutes in, but came here to report that Carrie Brownstein (my #1) is in it and furthermore the whole episode so far is about gender performance, gendered expectations, and dapper queers.

  2. The fact that STIs are higher than ever before really scares me because I have a friend who thinks an IUD is enough for some guy on Tinder. I dated a guy who plainly stated you could not get an std orally, he had genital warts….. Use some form of barrier method people, but also realize there are still ways to get stds even with condoms. Sigh I have so many fustrated words. What ever happened to std education?

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