Also.Also.Also: Stonewall Absolutely Did Not Look Like the Movie and Other Stories for Your Brain

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+ Support the Qulture Collective!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Rev Irene Monroe was at the Stonewall Riots, and it didn’t look like the movie.

+ Here we have a lesbian couple and a gay throuple raising a baby together so stick that in the beautiful blue and orange glass pipe you bought at that music festival a few years ago and take nice long puff.

+ Gather ’round, clusters of light, and let your eyes fall upon this video, which features your very own Riese Bernard and every single important thing she’s learned during her time as your benevolent Survey Administrator and Results Compiler.

+ Meet the Incredible Trans Teens Using Selfies to Make the World a Better Place.

+ It’s a multifandom femslash convention, ok?

+ “Mal Blum being very Mal Blum.” —Mey

+ Oh this is very good and ~interactive~. Struggling for Gay Equality in the South.

+ I Withdrew My Energy From Michfest and Here are 10 of the Things I Learned by Bevin Brandlandingham at Queer Fat Femme.

+ Jamaican Advocates Stage Country’s First Pride Celebration.

Doll Parts

+ “Are You a Feminist?” Celebrity Answers from Bust Magazine’s 22 Year Archive May Surprise You. Like for example if you didn’t already want to cover Gwen Stefani in glue and roll her around in a pile of leaves, you will now.

+ I joined the Feminist Sticker Club and you can, too!

+ Someone who isn’t me, on a website that isn’t Autostraddle, wrote about trying these full-on period panties. I then threw myself into the ocean to weep and wail for forty days and forty nights. Upon my return I shall shave my entire body and subsist entirely on saltine crackers and eternal envy.

+ Yep. Anne Thériault‘s “The Feminist in the Wild”

+ Trans People Are Speaking Out About Their Horrible Experiences With Health Care.

+ Ela Xora, the Trans Artist and Campaigner in the Silver Mask.

+ Alternatives to Alternatives: the Black Grrrls Riot Ignored.

+ Ashley Ford is getting into crop tops.

+ Praise the Patron Saint of Freaky Ladies, Adina Howard.

+ Why Is Onscreen Romance So Rarely On The Cards For Black Women?

+ Hollywood’s 25 Most Memorable Boss Hairstyles.

+ The Misadventures of Issa Rae.

+ Can Geekycon’s Founder Change Fandom for the Better? This is from last week but you don’t care.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Excuse me, pardon me. Excuse me. Ryan Adams is recording a cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989 in the style of The Smiths.

+ Space crab?

+ Ancient Reptile With “Ridiculously Long Neck” Unearthed in Alaska! If we had a Mey’s Dinosaur Corner, this would be in it. Why don’t we have a Mey’s Dinosaur Corner?

+ The Future of Morality, at Every Internet User’s Fingertips. “How much is your attention on the Internet really worth?”

+ How Mass Incarceration Takes a Toll on the Environment.

+ A pep talk generator that Rachel thought you could use.

+ Unwrapped: The Subtle Joys of Food Packaging. This is my whole life in a nutshell I think.

+ Canada would like to ban the microbead.

+ All 42 Meryl Streep Movie Performances, Ranked. YES THANK YOU.

+ We’re all gonna die.

+ Stef has found this rabbit hole for you and she will not apologize: The Berenst#in Bears Problem: Are We Living In An Alternate Worldline? Goodbye.

And Finally

Make some tie-dyed marshmallows this weekend!?!!

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  1. “home depot or the fertility clinic?”
    “…i feel like they’re the same thing”

    pregnant pause has never been so pregnant. this is possibly the most perfect answer to a question i have ever heard.

  2. I love all of these links! And not just because I’m in one of the videos, and the organization I work for is featured in a different one(yay trans youths selfie campaign!)

    That Mal Blum video is the best thing ever and I want the hair song on my ipod.

  3. There are so many amazing things happening here! Lesbians play a game of ‘What’s Gayer’ and The Feminist in the Wild are two of the best things that have ever happened to me. I’m glad to see that Stonewall article because I’ve been looking for something good to share on facebook about the movie.

  4. So much great content, as usual!

    THE PERIOD UNDERWEAR. That is an excellent idea. I’m a pad person so it seems like a logical step up. For now, I will wait for the day they make period boxer-briefs.

    Also that pep talk generator? Almost brought a tear to my eye. So nice, thank you for sharing it. Here’s the first one I got:
    “Look at yourself, you radiate confidence. You’re breathing, you’re making cool hairstyles and you’re successfully fighting the bad days away. Life doesn’t remain same forever, even if it’s a little dark around but you can’t let yourself fade away, you’re very very very shiny. The blue skies and art and your own earned little money is going to fix your broken heart. Just fight and write and make art. I hope your winged eyeliner gives you wings. You’re going to be free.”
    Relevant cuz I like to make art.

  5. The answers to ‘Are you a feminist?’ were absolutely fascinating. Loved Ellen Page & Alia Shawkat, & Amy Schumer’s responses.
    Yes Laneia, I’m currently bulk buying glue for Gwen Stefani. In my mind’s eye all I could see was Lucy from Peanuts making that face she makes while saying ‘Good grief’.

  6. Amy Schumer’s response to “Are You A Feminist?” is amazing.

    Also, if more people approached feminist and other critical theories in way that Laverne Cox does – as a way to “understand the world” and provide “space to heal” – then I think feminism would be less confusing and less ugly to people. For the last time, feminism is not about shutting anybody down; it’s about including more people in the conversation.

    • Amy Schumer’s response is terrible.

      It ignores the valid reasons that minority women who have been screwed over by mainstream feminisms and other feminist movements have for sometimes identifying in other ways.

  7. The Berenst#en Bears thing weirds me out, we had lots of those books and I remember always pronouncing it BerenSTEEN.
    I don’t actually believe we’ve unknowingly slipped into a parallel universe but this is a slightly creepy reminder of how subjective memory can be.


    Will anybody got any insight or scoop or what-have-you on “Happy Birthday, Marsha”?? I mean, it’s a short film, but still, I’d love to see this get funded and be the proper contrast to the Stonewall movie:

    “A short film about legendary trans artist & activist Marsha P. Johnson, and her life in the hours before the 1969 Stonewall Riots.”

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