Also.Also.Also: Still Shattered, Doing Something About It and Other Stories for Your Week

It’s a new day on the same planet that you fell asleep on last night and every night. Maybe your moods keep changing and revisiting themselves and soaring and crashing. That’s fine. Your goals stay the same, probably even become reinforced. You did not come here to play. Ok you came here to play a little but also you came here to get shit done. You’ve always been here to get shit done. I guess lucky for you and the rest of us, the urgency and specificity of that shit is now crystalline.

It’s good to have a mission.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Incarcerated LGBTQ Artists From Across the US Secretly Mailed in Work for This Group Show.

+ Trans Crisis Hotline Receives Record 350 Calls in 24 Hours After Election.

+ Become a Donor for a Trans Person.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Shattered. LISTEN. I have to stop myself from having a complete coherent thought about the fact that there was confetti resembling shards of glass that never had the chance to flutter down on top of people’s heads. I CANNOT AND SHANNOT.

+ Don’t stop crying yet: A Glass Ceiling and Shattered Dreams.

+ A Letter to My Brown Son About Trump’s America.

+ Donald’s Trump Card: White Women.

+ How People Magazine Came Home to the Minivan Majority.

+ What Whiteness Means in the Trump Era.

+ No President.

+ This is Who We Are.

+ Million Woman March Being Planned for January 21, 2017.

+ How Democrats Could Still Win One More Seat in the Senate. HERE’S A THING YOU CAN DO.

+ We Have to Create a Culture That Won’t Vote for Trump. MORE THINGS TO DO. DO THEM.

+ Stop Saying Music Will Get Better Under Trump.

Think about all the songs and albums you love that were made by black and brown and queer artists, and how central the expression of their identity is in their music. Now think about those artists as people. If your favorite creators are made to feel even more unsafe, even more vulnerable in America than they already were before this hateful prick came into office, why should we expect them to tour? If making art about their own humanity or who they love will make them a target for the bigots who have been galvanized and validated by this election, where exactly do we as fans get off suggesting that an artist living in fear will make more meaningful art?

+ Facebook, in Cross Hairs After Election, Is Said to Question Its Influence.

+ Don’t Try to Gaslight Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie About Trump’s Racism.

+ The Electoral College is an Instrument of White Supremacy and Sexism ?

Doll Parts

+ When Prude Investors Cockblock Sex Tech, No One Gets Off.

+ How to Make a Film for the Female Gaze.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Back to Civics Class: 10 Things to Know About Standing Rock.

+ Anish Kapoor is Banned From Buying the World’s Pinkest Paint. Petty and I’m for it.

+ Emmett Till’s Father Was Also Hanged. A New Book Tells His Story.

And Finally

This made me feel better Saturday morning.

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  1. Look who I rescued today!

    His name is Mario and last Thursday he escaped his carrier while his human was moving away to the Pyrenees.

    Today, 4 days later, a few miles walk away, he decided he was hungry and screamed at me on the street at 10 o’clock at night until I accepted that it was my problem.

    He is now safely in the hands of his human’s bestie until his human can come back for him.

    And I really wanted to make sure @heatherannehogan and the rest of you got some good news today.

  2. I will be posting this in the articles about actions we can take as well, but would anyone be interested in marches/occupations on Black Friday? Me and my friend who came up with the idea are still new at organizing and could use some help please. <3

  3. Very cool that the Dems could still win one more seat in the Senate. Anyone know anything about Foster Campbell’s position/history on LGBT issues? I did some digging but couldn’t find anything. His website details some of his causes as equal pay, increased minimum wage, college loan forgiveness, Medicaid expansion, domestic violence victim support, paid family leave, disability rights… some cool things, although the Christian values/man of faith thing made me balk a bit. Of course that doesn’t automatically mean he’s Mike Pence, but. Also he apparently shadily bought a table at this year’s Louisiana NAACP convention to have a “presence” there, but never actually showed up.

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