Also.Also.Also: Starbucks Continues Its War on Xmas, Now with LESBIANS! And Other Stories for Your Day

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “Oh man, I am so ahead at work. I’ve double checked my to-do lists and boy howdy, I am really ahead! Wow I’m so pleased with myself.” Only to realize several days later that you are actually not ahead at all and are in fact in a position that could very easily be described as ‘behind’? It sure is jarring!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Twitter Will Fix ‘Broken Searches’ for LGBT Material.

+ I’m a Lesbian Who Hates Cats. I’m Going to Die Alone. That’s your girl Krista Burton talking and I passionately disagree with her stance on cat relationships, so there.

+ Transgender Candidates Hope to Make History in California.

+ Starbucks’ Festive Campaign Has a Lesbian Twist. YOUR FACE HAS A LESBIAN TWIST.

+ Jackie Forster: Who Was the Celebrated News Reporter and Lesbian Activist?

+ Watch Tracy Chapman Perform an A Cappella “Where the Soul Never Dies” in 1991.

+ Better the Street Than the Shelter: LGBTQ People Loath to Use Homeless Services.

+ Whitewashed And Stole: Marsha P. Johnson, Reina Gossett, and David France.

+ Support Freelancers Anonymous! A comedy giving visibility to the LGBTQ community and women in tech industries, written by, directed by, and starring women!

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ The Republican Tax Plan, Explained with a Bowl of Cartoon Cereal.

+ Cyclist Lost Her Job After Raising Middle Finger at Trump’s Motorcade.

Doll Parts

+ “We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This”: How Trump Inspired Women to Run for Office.

+ Bikini Kill Reunite for First Live Performance in 20 Years.

+ The Figure of the Abuser.

+ ‘Invisible No More’ Examines Police Violence Against Minority Women.

Keep Up

+ Half the People Killed in the Texas Shooting Were Children. Fuck this country.

+ Texas Church Shooting Followed a ‘Domestic Situation’ With Gunman.

+ America’s Domestic Violence Problem Is a Big Part of Its Gun Problem.

+ How to Explain to Your Son Why White Supremacists Are Marching on Your Town.

+ Spelman and Morehouse College Students Hunger Strike to Change School Policies.

+ After a Tough 2016, Many Pollsters Haven’t Changed Anything.

+ Twitter Sidestepped Russian Account Warnings, Former Worker Says.

+ Inside Story: How the Russians Hacked the Democrats’ Emails.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Dizzying Power of God Mode.

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  1. “It isn’t the first time that the coffee giants have championed LGBT issues.” So…lesbians about to kiss on a holiday cup is now an LGBT issue? I mean, I guess representation is a huge issue for us, but the way this article worded this sentence just makes it out to be a bigger deal than it is to me? IDK.

  2. Krista Burton talks about how gross cats are, but she loves dogs. Dogs lick their own genitals and buttholes and then insist on trying to lick your face. My brother used to have a dog that sometimes ate his poop and then would puke that poop.

    I think if you have a pet, no matter what kind, you just have to accept that some part of that arrangement is going to be gross.

    Plus, I don’t want to date her either so take that, Krista Burton!

    • Yeah, it would be fine to claim some kind of moral superiority as someone who hates all pets, but you can’t just pick one and pretend that the other’s disadvantages don’t exist.

      And anyone who thinks that queer women with dogs are any less obsessed with their dogs than queer cat owners are obsessed with their cats clearly hasn’t met or dated a queer woman dog owner. We’re all crazy about our pets.

  3. So glad I’m in California, because that’s some great news about Palm Springs(where Dinah Shore gets held yearly) having an openly trans council woman. It could one day mean openly trans senators, representatives, state attorneys, & governor. Hopefully, not just California but all over the country.

  4. I concur 100% about cats. Also I have a terrible cat who my occasionally terrible mother convinced me to adopt well over a decade ago, who has piss and vinegar coursing through her veins rather than blood and therefore she she is never ever going to grow old and die. I caved in to my mom’s wishes and adopted the f*ing cat and I take care of the cat, because no one else is going to care for the mean terrible thing that my mother convinced me to bring into your house.

    Also despite having a cat, after reading what I just wrote I may have just convinced myself I will die alone.

    • It is because most of the people who think that way, have a really narrow view of what love is, and since cats don’t behave in that particular manner(i.e: all needy and clingy and happy when they see you) they think that cats are incapable of love. Too bad really, cause cats are awesome

    • OMG! I recently adopted two cats who did not have a good quality of life at my sister’s home across the country (too many dogs; too much chaos for relaxation). At first I would only see the bolder one regularly. It would take a long time after I came home to have them make an appearance (I live in less than 1000 SF). Now they migrate from room to room to curl up near (or against) me wherever I end up. And last night the shyer one tried to groom me! She licked my hair, which I know is one of the highest compliments. I’m her family! I was kind of just doing my sister a favor, but it’s been so rewarding for me to build a relationship with them.

  5. Am I the only one who, reading the cat article, thought it said “Cats get glitter between their toes and track it all over the house…”?

    And like, I’m allergic to cats but that is just so good. Like, that would make up for every negative she perceives.

    But it said litter.

    Yep, okey-dokey, I was the only one. *sits down again*

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