Also.Also.Also: Secret Lesbian Moms, Saving “One Day at a Time,” and More Stories for Your Week

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Direct Action

It’s time to take the 12th annual LGBTQ Community Survey! It takes about 10-12 minutes and you could even win money, which is how I like my surveys.

“There’s power in our Pride! Participating in this study helps open doors-and minds-around the world, and influences positive changes for our community. Previous surveys have yielded 45,000 respondents from 150 countries! You may have seen Community Marketing & Insights quoted in the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, etc.”

It’s also time to support Muscle Memory, Carly Usdin’s latest film project! There are only 11 days left in this campaign, so please donate ASAP and share this link with all of your friends and enemies!

“MUSCLE MEMORY is an experimental romantic comedy about a college freshman who falls in love with close-up magic as an escape from her unrequited crush on her roommate and her undiagnosed OCD, made as part of the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women.”

Queer as in F*ck You

Advocates Remember Louise Slaughter’s Commitment to Reproductive Rights and LGBTQ Equality.

Toni Atkins To Become First Female and First LGBT California Senate Leader.

‘I Thought I Was The Only Queer Person At BYU’: LGBT Students Host Panel Focused on Faith and Gender Identity at Mormon Church-owned University.

The 2000s Lesbian Strip Club Party That Helped Define Club Culture Today.

How Growing Up With A Mom In A Secret Lesbian Relationship Shaped My Life.

Thousands Protest in Brazil After Lesbian Politician Marielle Franco Killed in Apparent Assassination.

Pride and Self-Love in the L.G.B.T.Q. African Diaspora.

Amid Cancellation Rumors, Latino Orgs Urge Netflix to Renew ‘One Day at a Time’ in Open Letter.

It’s Official: Bisexual Actress Cynthia Nixon Is Running For Governor of New York and Miranda Would Definitely Vote For Her. “I just saw a tweet and realized Cynthia Nixon’s campaign is going to mean straight people talking about butches in public for months.
This is going to be a lot.” -Rachel Kincaid, Managing Editor, Autostraddle.

Saints & Sinners: LGBT Writing Fest Is a Mainstay of the New Orleans Literary Scene.

Speaking of writing, here’s an interview with Amber Dawn, whose latest book is described thusly: “part broken family melodrama part lesbian supernatural thriller.”

NCLR’s Kate Kendell Steps Down and Into LGBT History.

Texas Prisons To Update LGBT Policy After Lawsuit From Transgender Inmate Who Was Beaten, Raped.

Doll Parts

The Nancy Pelosi Problem.

There’s Never Been a Native American Congresswoman. That Could Change in 2018.

Madison Square Garden Boots Their WNBA Team Even Though It Could Cost the Arena $50 Mil a Year.

Depicting the Hidden Agony of Endometriosis in Paintings. I think I’ve had at least one endometriosis link in every AAA for the last three weeks and I LOVE IT. GIVE ME ALL THE ENDOMETRIOSIS COVERAGE.

After 5 Months, the #NYCStripperStrike Is Poised to Go Nationwide.

Keep Up

Austin Continues To Be Rocked By Mysterious Bombings.

A Self-driving Uber Killed a Pedestrian. Human Drivers Will Kill 16 People Today.

Facebook Admits Data Firm Working for Trump Scammed Millions of U.S. Voters.

Students Calling for Change After the Parkland Shooting. This is the full 60 Minutes interview with the survivors.

Saw This, Thought of You

All 856 Episodes of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Return to Twitch for the Show’s 50th Anniversary.

Teens Already Know How to Overthrow the Government.

Tamagotchis Are Finally Coming to Your Phone, Where You Can Slowly Kill Them at Your Own Convenience.

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  1. Thank you for aknowledging our protest against Marielle Franco’s murder. Her death was an act of extreme violence against women, specially the LGBT and women of color.

    She was a brilliant activist, politician and a great human being who didn’t deserve to go the way she did.

  2. Thanks for linking to the article about the Austin bombings! Things are really escalating here and we’re starting to shift from “wow look at this wildly awful thing that happened” to “oh shit is this going to happen to me or someone I love and what can I do to stay safe?”

  3. I took the survey and hope it helps. I’m so glad to see there is so much focus on inclusion of bisexual trans people.

    YA literature is the fuel of the rebellion:
    “I’m not sure why people are so surprised that the students are rising up — we’ve been feeding them a steady diet of dystopian literature showing teens leading the charge for years. We have told teen girls they are empowered. What, you thought it was fiction? It was preparation.”

    Also, enjoy this Tomogachi like app for your Fitbit. As you take steps, earn food and loving care for your furry friend.

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