Also.Also.Also: SF Pride is Too White and Corporate for Its Britches and Other Stories for Your Comedown

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Hello hello it’s me again! I was in Tennessee and now I’m not. It’s been so long, I almost forgot how to put one of these link roundups together but look at me go! Like falling off a bike.

Once again, a giant THANK YOU and perhaps even a consensual belly rub to the irreplaceable KaeLyn for rounding up all your links for the past few weeks and just generally being The Best. #blessed

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Too Straight, White and Corporate: Why Some Queer People Skipped San Francisco Pride.

+ In which the ban on transgender service members will be repealed in July.


+ Lesbian Tech Entrepreneur Wants to Help You Find Your Next Job.

+ Cuomo Launches New LGBT Memorial Commission.

+ Thoughts on the word ‘queer.’ Thoughts thoughts thoughts.

+ America’s Dangerous Exchange of Homophobia for Islamophobia.

+ Boulder to Pay $64K Settlement to Lesbian Ex-Employee Who Alleged Discrimination.

+ Queer Muslim Artist Saba Taj Sees Her Art as an Act Of Resistance.

+ What is Gender, Anyway?

+ Ask a Queer Chick: I Made a Mistake by Marrying a Man. What Should I Do?

+ Will Orlando’s Moment of LGBT Support Endure?

+ The Urgency of LGBT History After Orlando.

+ How Jack Saddleback is Reclaiming Queer and Transgender Indigenous Identities.

Doll Parts

+ Here for this: Now You Can Watch a Woman Give Birth on Facebook Live.

+ The Long-Term Risks of Early Puberty.

+ Shirley Manson Doesn’t Have Time for Your Ageist Bullshit.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Jack Daniel’s Embraces a Hidden Ingredient: Help From a Slave.

+ Who’s Hurt by the Supreme Court Deadlocking on Immigration? Millions of Families.

And Finally

+ Seahorses! In the ~ wild ~ doing ~ stuff ~ like ~ sex ~.

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  1. More fantastic reads! Although I do regret reading The Long-Term Risks of Early Puberty. Now I know I have a higher risk of dying from any cause but at least I dodged teen pregnancy.

    I loved the article Lesbian Tech Entrepreneur Wants to Help You Find Your Next Job. I read lots of articles that pertain to finding jobs and acing interviews and I have been trying to find ways to get rid of anything that might trigger unconscious bias. One of the reasons I do get more call backs is because I read that when people see a name with a middle initial, they view that person in a more positive way, as if they are important. So I started to include my middle initial in my resume and letters and I saw a dramatic increase in call backs. It helps handle some bias that surrounds my name but it might have something to do with alliteration being appealing to the eye. Angelica A. Alvear just looks more appealing and my initials are equated with a company (AAA) that helps you in an emergency or battery sizes, both of which make my name a little more memorable than other candidates. Now I just need to ace the interviews. If I can find some articles that can help me with how to dress up without looking like a lesbian in texas, that would be great!

  2. Wow. I’m not on Facbook…and given that link to watch a live birth…yeah, glad i won’t accidentally stumble across that in my social media.
    Also, Jack Saddleback is super rad!
    Thanks as always for the links, and welcome back!

  3. I attended SF Pride for the first time ever this year. I went to the Dyke March on Saturday and the official parade on Sunday. Saturday’s event was an amazing experience for me. For one of the first times in my entire existence as queer woman, I felt actually a part of the community. I felt a huge amount of pride in my identity, in my existence. I felt like I BELONGED somewhere and it was right there marching with them.

    On Sunday…. eh. I enjoyed the community groups in the parade (groups for various identites, interests, support groups, etc), but they felt so few and far between the corporate show-offs.

    The Dyke March was AMAZING though and I’m so grateful to the organizers for giving me that experience.

  4. hi yes SF Pride (and also LA Pride) are WAY TOO WHITE AND CORPORATE and we need to be talking about this more

    while they’re are some amazing events happening during the prides that are more inclusive / less sponsored the “official pride” should actually represent the community

  5. Let’s face it, no one who isn’t a high priced lawyer or member of silicon valley gets the opportunity to really live in San Francisco. The pride parade simply was a way for those companies who have taken away so much from the real citizens of the city to thumb their noses at the same people they chose to honor. San Francisco Pride is white and Corporate because the city sold its soul to Silicon Valley so it can make more money on tax income. The city has prostituted itself to the highest bidder.

  6. In order to read the article about how people use the word queer I was asked to answer a survey about whether I had heard of ‘sonic facial cleansing brushes’ and well, I just didn’t know what to say.

  7. As someone who grew up queer and oblivious about it in St. Louis in the 80s and 90s it makes me really happy to see that article about the use of the word in the mainstream St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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