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I’m driving to California today! What if you were also driving to California today? Wouldn’t that be the wackiest? Happy Friday, you gorgeous paper hearts!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Support Her Story! “Her Story is a new media series that looks inside the dating lives of trans & queer women as they navigate the intersections of desire & identity.”

Queer as in F*ck You

+ The White House is requiring insurers to cover transgender services.

+ Harvard Will Let Students Select Pronouns.

+ Inside Sally Hershberger’s Everyday Hair and Makeup Routine. This is exactly what you want Sally Hershberger to say about eyeliner and other things. This is it.

Doll Parts

+ Hey, what actually happens when you get an abortion?

+ Amandla Stenberg is Publishing a Comic for Girls of Color.

+ Sex Trafficking Experts Claim Amnesty International Has Betrayed Native Women.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Oh get in here for this fucking conversation: Why Food Belongs In Our Discussion of Race.

+ The Kitchn Cure 2015 begins Monday! Sign up today! Wheeee!

+ Excuse you and the wild untamed horse you rode in on, but there is literally a government conspiracy against vegan mayo, so.

+ Sally Kohn says, Don’t Like Clickbait? Don’t Click.

+ You’ve already read Children of the Tribes, right? Tell me you’ve already read it.

+ This isn’t new or recent, but as we head towards the new moon I’m always looking for things that attempt to expound on darkness, so! In Praise of Darkness: Henry Beston on How the Beauty of Night Nourishes the Human Spirit.

And Finally

DIY Balloon Crown. I saaaaid A BALLOON CROWN. You know you want a balloon crown for the weekend.

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  1. The Vox article is a little ambiguous on the details of the new trans-inclusive insurance protections, but this post from the NCTE clarifies some of the details and limitations of the change:

    <a href="; New Proposed Federal Rules Will Help End Health Insurance Discrimination" – NCTE. The takeaway is that this isn’t a perfect solution, but it is still huge step forward!

  2. This vegan mayo conspiracy explains why I still can’t find it at my local grocery stores. Either that or I live in a small redneck town. It’s a mystery.

    Also, I got that shirt I bought from you in the mail yesterday. Thanks, Laneia!

  3. I found the mayo (am I the only one who hates the word mayonnaise?) article hilariously ridiculous. I can sort of see the “egg” on the jar as being slightly misleading, but if you’re actually allergic or avoiding dairy I’d assume you would, you know, read the label. How else would you graphically represent mayo anyway, just a white blob?

    But overall it’s just like, really? Pretty sure the egg industry has nothing fear.

    • I can see why most everyone sees the logo as an egg… at first that’s what I thought too. But then I realized that because the product is plant-based – maybe it’s a seed? I wonder why nobody seems to mention this? Hahaha, anyway, even if it isn’t actually meant to be a seed, I like thinking of it that way :)

    • I haven’t read the article, but this sounds a lot like when dairy farmers prevented soy milk, rice milk, etc. companies from using the word “milk.” It’s absolutely ridiculous. You cannot trademark a natural substance!!! These food producers think they can control everyone and everything, and they have the government in their back pockets. The whole thing is so stupid. You know what makes me want to drop eggs and go vegan? This selfish corporate BS.

  4. That article about the twelve tribes was fascinating and disturbing and I hadn’t seen it yet, so thanks for including it. I’ve been to one of their restaurants in Rutland, VT a number of times… but never again I guess. We used to call it “culties” and I guess that was even closer to the truth than I thought. In any case, the article made a good case for this being an example of going too far in protecting religious freedom and raises the question of where the line should be drawn, so it also feels pretty generally relevant right now.

  5. Fascinating story about the Twelve Tribes! I accidentally WOOFED on a Twelve Tribes farm in Asheville during a spring break a few years ago. It was exactly as the article defined, from the hippie “uniform” to the odd religious rituals. Every morning we would wake up at 6 am feed the goats and participate in a circle of Islamic dancing and Christian songs. The members that I came in contact with were friendly, they are just people doing what they believe is right. They all live in one house. Families share one small room, fitting up to 6 people in one. None of them would admit to being a cult, instead addressing their situation as an intentional community. Children were scarce on the farm and were very young and all blond for some strange reason. This article points to many of the underlying issues associated with the tribe, none of which were spoken about during our time there. Thanks for sharing this article! It really opened my eyes to a community that I have spent a lot of time thinking about and questioning.

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