Also.Also.Also: Robin Wright’s Antiope Is Your Retroactive Root and Other Stories for Your Wacko Week

Hi hello! I’m typing this from my childhood bedroom while birds chirp in the trees outside the window! The cliché is that your parents turn your room into an exercise room after you leave, but my mom just shoved an elliptical in here at the foot of the bed and called it a day. Now there’s nowhere to walk, except for on the elliptical.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Collecting Riot Grrrl: Sexual Awakening in NYU’s Punk Archive.

+ Chosen One Of the Day: How much I want Robin Wright’s character in Wonder Woman to step on me. Bury me with this headline please.

+ In the South, We’re Still Fighting for Marriage Rights.

+ Being Gay vs Being Southern: A False Choice.

+ Lesbian Couples Fight The Courts For Their Children In “Alabama Bound”.

+ Is the Babadook Gay? Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by the fact that this article wasn’t written by Stef Schwartz.

+ Lesbian Sprinter, Carly Muscaro, Wins Two NCAA Track Titles.

+ How I Put Bullying Behind Me and Embraced My Height and Sexuality.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ The End of Gay Rights.

+ Here’s How to Watch Comey Testify Before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

+ How Donald Trump Shifted Kids’ Cancer Charity Money Into His Business.

+ Trump Tweets ‘Official Statement,’ Spicer Says. Fuck it, man.

+ Kids Are Quoting Trump To Bully Their Classmates And Teachers Don’t Know What To Do About It.

+ Trump’s Blocking of Twitter Users Violates U.S. Constitution.

+ Hawaii Becomes First State to Enact Law That Aligns with Paris Agreement.

Doll Parts

+ Report: Black Women Face Inequality in Every Part of Society.

+ Wonder Woman’s Dueling Origin Stories, And Their Effect on the Hero’s Feminism, Explained.

+ Texas Passed Abortion Restrictions While Maternal Deaths Doubled.

+ Walgreens Pharmacist Allegedly Refuses to Sell Hormone Related to IUD.

+ Uber Exec’s Shared Medical Records of Rape Victim.

Keep Up

+ An Economics-Only Approach to Achieving Justice Will Leave Women of Color Behind.

+ Two Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter for Deadly Ghost Ship Fire.

+ New Study Quantifies Airbnb’s Widespread Exclusion of Disabled Guests.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Everything You Need to Know to Throw the Perfect Impeachment Party.

+ Everything’s fine. We’re fine.

+ Catch more Antiope and Hippolyta in the new Justice League.

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  1. ANTIOPE !!!

    But also Laneia, HA. I’m also working from my childhood home with birds chirping outside, except not in my bedroom. I’m in the guest bedroom because my bedroom is now the tv room with the largest tv screen possibly invented.

  2. I love the whole ‘the Babadook is a gay icon’ shebang except ‘the B in LGBT stands for Babadook’. Like, I know it’s just a joke and I’m not super-mad about it, but it’s a little insensitive when the real B is so often excluded anyway. I think some people are deliberately making that joke (everyone forgets about bisexuals, so it might as well stand for the Babadook) but I think some people repeating that joke are genuinely being a little shady. Maybe I’m just paranoid, idk.

    Anyway, the Babadook is gay and the Blair Witch is a lesbian, that’s all anyone needs to know really.

    • I’ve primarily seen a lot of bi/pan people (myself included) making “the B in LGBTQIA+ stands for Babadook” BECAUSE of bi-erasure and how apt of people just…forget (maliciously forget? Idk is there a word for that) that bi is literally right in there in front of them as a sarcastic/absurdist joke because like of course the B doesn’t stand for Babadook, it stands for bisexual.

      But like I can totally see how that can be frustrating to see that joke and especially if it’s not coming with that sort of context that I’ve seen if in–def the sort of joke I’ll put some thought into before making (at least in more public spaces where the context I’ve got going on is far more easily lost than with close friends) because my goal isn’t to make people feel excluded or like I’m making jokes about erasure at the expense of the people being erased.

  3. I love that you included the NOTCHES post on the Riot Grrrl Collection!! I’m an assistant editor for them and when I first read that piece, I got that feeling when you remember why you love what you do – a mix of deeply moved and butterflies-in-tummy excited. Studying our histories is the best <3

  4. “Robin Wright plays Antiope, general of the Amazonian army and mentor (and aunt) to Gal Gadot’s Diana. She is so sexy in this movie that I would let her murder every single person on the last five branches of my family tree, retroactively erasing my entire existence, if before I disappeared into nothingness I got to hang out with her for five minutes.”

    Best thing I’ve read all day and SAME.

  5. That article about Wonder Woman’s origin stories bends over backwards to defend Azzarello and Chiang perforing some of the worst character assassination in the history of comics. BULLSHIT. The fact that the movie kept it is it’s major failing. I will NEVER accept Hippolyta making Diana by fucking mass-rapist Zeus.

    • I agree! I always preferred her origin when she was literally sculpted out of clay by her mother under the guidance of Athena and given life by Aphrodite. For one, I just love how unique an origin story that is. No other character in comics has a story like that. And also, it’s pretty gay. A woman desperately wants a child, but lives on an island of women and wants nothing to do with men so two goddesses help her make one!

        • I can blame Zack Snyder for lots of things, but I wouldn’t put this on him. DC has a notorious history of not knowing what to do with Wonder Woman. They’ve rebooted and revamped her A LOT over the years. In the late 40s after Marston died and Robert Kanigher had taken over writing the comic, Wonder Girl basically stole the book from Wonder Woman for a time, Steve Trevor became much more obnoxious, and the feminist ideals were downplayed. In the late 60s, Wonder Woman gave up her powers, opened a mod boutique, had a Chinese mentor who taught her martial arts, and all the other Amazons went to another dimension. Then in the 70s, her book was set during WWII again just because the TV show was really popular at the time. And so on and so forth.

          I also seem to remember that DC/Warner Bros had previously said that Wonder Woman was too complicated to work on the big screen. So, I blame Snyder for the complete messes that were Man of Steel and BvS, but not this.

  6. So at first I went into Bi-femme warrior mode when I heard the sound of potential bi erasure with the B in LGBT is for babadook. Don’t come for my b, b.

    But then, upon some deep consideration I realized that my penchant for wearing all black, my deeply held desire to be able to pull off a jaunty hat and the fact that I am absolutely so extra drama that createing a pop up book about myself in order to prove a point to my fiancé is not out of the realm of possibility at all… I couldn’t help but wonder, was I a babadook?

    The answer is yes. I am a bisexual babadook and I am babashook.

    And not getting any work done because I can’t stop laughing at these memes. Help.

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