Also.Also.Also: Rita Mae Brown Wants You to Keep Fighting and Other Stories for Your Week

What do you MEAN this link roundup is a day late?? Oh. Sorry.

HEY HAPPY TUESDAY! I never get to talk to you on a Tuesday! What do you do on Tuesdays? Is Tuesday Rocket Ship Day or something? Tilapia Tuesday? Tantric Trumpeting Tuesday? For me it’s Tennessee Tuesday (because I’m in Tennessee), which means the coffee’s weak, the barbecue is strong, and I’ve already ridden down to the garden in a Rhino to look at deer tongue lettuce and tiny purple bell peppers. Ah yes and this turtle thing happened.

A hearty thank-you to KaeLyn for traipsing through the link forest for y’all last week while we were all on the mountain at A-Camp! What a perfect PEACH.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Help Black Girl Dangerous publish and pay 500 queer and trans people of color! 500 Queer and Trans Voices of Color, 500 Hours!!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ La tee dah it’s PRIDE MONTH ya big queer, so here’s Emily Perper’s Longreads list of Stories About LGBTQ Parenthood, which happens to include a few Autostraddle selections!

+ Loud and Proud: Remembering 5 Impactful Real World LGBT Cast Members.

+ Have yourself an interview with Rita Mae Brown why don’t you: ‘The Only Lesbian in the World’ on How This Generation Has Gone Soft.

+ NYC Bringing Trans Bathroom PSA Campaign to Subways, Streets.

+ Are We Beyond Sexual Labels? NYC’s First Lady Says Yes.

+ The 13 Coolest Queers on the Internet.

Doll Parts

+ “I Think Characters on the Fringe Are More Interesting”: ‘Poison Ivy’ Director Katt Shea on Strippers, Runaways, and Exploitation Cinema.

+ Unbelievable: Amber Heard and the Cult of the Accused.

+ Early Puberty in Girls Raises Risk of Depression.

+ A Short History of Songs by Men About How It’s ‘Different for Girls’.

+ Why Women Around the World Face Jail Time for Miscarrying.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Y’all like Settlers of Catan, right?

+ Meet the 2016 Olympic’s Refugee Team.

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  1. I have a friend

    My Best Friend

    Who is so good at Settlers of Cataan that her family won’t play with her anymore

    So for her birthday this year I got her a game where everyone works together to beat the game

    Hopefully it will lead to less familial tension

  2. Rita Mae Brown’s interview really rubbed me the wrong way. I admire her as an important figure in our history, but she came off as arrogant and out of touch. Also, I don’t think she currently identifies as a lesbian (unless she’s a political lesbian). She’s tossed out the “everyone is bisexual!” line before in interviews, which is about as obnoxious as all the talk about how we should be “beyond labels”.

    • I felt that way a little too. I think my generation takes a lot of risks – has RMB been on the internet recently? We are having frank, fearless discussions about sexual assault, about fractures between LGBT communities, particularly around race and polysexuality, about the very historically recent erasure of nonbinary people, etc etc, in between joking about being gravely depressed and having some of the bleakest economic prospects ever. Nah, I’d say we’re pretty badass.

      • I had a similar feeling. RMB just came off as such a privileged ass. FFS, woman, look around you at all of the brave trans and queer folk who are taking risks every damn day to make change in the face of downright violent homophobia and transphobia.

  3. that Rita Mae Brown interview is offensive. As if we are not in the streets. As if queer/trans women of color aren’t leading this current revolution. As if “magnificence of spirit” means former slaves weren’t angry. As if we aren’t fighting for our lives right. now. As if we aren’t actually disrupting “pride” to get ourselves free from the capitalist heteropatriarchy (looking at you, Denver.) As if. As if. As if.

    Listen, that interview ticked me off. I pray I am never that kind of white lesbian, who blithely thinks she knows it all from her own damn RANCH in Virginia.

  4. It was an honor and a privilege to wo(man) the A.A.A. ship while ya’ll were living your best lives on the Mt.!

    Also, I’m so pleased we were included in the LGBTQ Parenting Pride roundup on Longreads!

    Bless Megan for saving that stinky turtle!

  5. Re. labels: if somebody doesn’t want to label themselves, they shouldn’t be forced to. But I personally find labels empowering. They provide identity, structure, and community. This doesn’t just apply to labels about sexuality. It can be for anything: a diagnosis of an illness, an allegiance with a particular group, etc. It is true that labels can cause harm if misused (and are sometimes arbitrary and/or fluid), but that doesn’t mean we should abandon them. In my opinion, labels (if used properly) can help us recognize and celebrate diversity. I embrace my many labels; they help define me.

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