Also.Also.Also: Riding In Cars With Owls and Other Stories for Your Week

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I watched most of the first season of Fuller House and I didn’t hate it! What does it all mean?? Nothing! It means I like mindless TV full of established characters that I already feel comfortable with. It means I need a break from using my mind. I’m ok with this. I hope you had an illuminating and restorative weekend! Let’s kick off this new week with some links!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Meghan and Holly’s Real Life Love Story is really hella cute!

+ Safe Schools: Everything You Need to Know About the Controversial LGBT Program in Australia.

+ Six Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the History of Queer London.

+ J.J. Abrams: Gay Characters Are Coming to Star Wars.

+ My Husband’s Sperm and the Lesbians Who Want It. This sure is something!

Doll Parts

+ Talking With the Woman Who Started #OscarsSoWhite.

+ Melissa Harris-Perry Will Not Reappear on MSNBC.

+ ‘I Felt So Trapped’: In Indie Music, Sexual Harassment Is an Accepted Nightmare by Rebecca Haithcoat.

+ Arielle Newton brings you A Black Feminist’s Journey to Liberation.

+ Retrobituaries: How the Inventor of Liquid Paper, Bette Nesmith Graham, Helped Launch MTV. Want to start a moody sad girl band called Retrobituaries.

+ The Big Short Continues Tradition of Erasing Women From Wall Street by Wedaeli Chibelushi.

+ Who Cares for Feminism? by Melissa Gira Grant.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Eerie Pop Culture Appeal of Cults by Andi Zeisler.

+ Who Said That? Eight Owls You Might Hear at Night. !!!

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  1. I’m heartbroken over the loss of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, the most inclusive and insightful news program on TV.

    MHP did so much to lift up the stories of the unheard…and I don’t know where on television those stories get told, if Melissa Harris-Perry isn’t there. Who gives time and space to CeCe McDonald to tell her story after her release from prison? Who gives time and space to poor working mothers who make policy discussions about public assistance more about the *public* and less about the assistance? There’s no other space, on television, for those stories to be told.

    It’s such a tremendous loss.

  2. RE: Safe Schools Program in Australia.

    I am a queer teacher in a very conservative small town. A town with ingrained gender stereotypes and a clear divide between the middle and low classes.

    For these reasons, and more, I’m not ‘out’ at work. The internalized homophobia I already carry is crippling. Balance this with the guilt of not being visible to my students…and it’s pretty awful.

    The truth is, most of the homophobia in my school stems from my colleagues. As soon as your identity is real, you’re viewed as less than, ‘soft’ and other.

    This year, two of my students have same-sex parents. My colleagues stumble over names – is it the mother’s partner? Girlfriend? or ??? too hard?

    I call my students out every time they drop the word ‘gay’ as an insult or slur. I remind them that gay means homosexual, and in less instances, happy. And that unless they’re referring to someone who has agreed to the use of it, they should choose another synonym.

    I also extensively talk to my students about loving who they want. That being gay is NORMAL and okay. That they should never be ashamed of who they are and that yes, it does get better. The truth is that I may be the only adult in their lives that actually verbalises this to them.

    I am not special. I’m just

    So it PISSES ME OFF that we are even having this fucking debate about including ALL of our kids in the curriculum. Yep, I was that kid. The gay, depressed, angry teenager who attempted suicide because she believed that life would never get better. A program like this? It would’ve helped.

    Sigh. It just makes me feel so utterly helpless and angry.

    Tomorrow I shall get up, put my rainbow pin on and go to work. I will remind my students that I think they are capable of genius and that they will achieve it. And I will fight for them, in every way I can. Because we can, and must do better.

    • Well said Ellaria. This program sounds invaluable to me. It’s been decades since I was that kid, but can remember how ghastly it was. As for working in an environment like yours, well it astounds me that those colleagues of yours can still feel free to voice their ignorance like this. Yes it was common in all fields here in the first 25 years of my working life but even I felt safe enough to be out at work from the early eighties and I could easily have lost my license to practice had someone been objectionable.
      Congratulations for doing all you can to enlighten the kids you work with and as another queer Australian, Thank You, for contributing to the cause.

  3. There was a link to a very reassuring piece in an ‘Also Also Also’ a little while ago, it had an ‘everything is going to be okay’ kind of vibe

    Does anyone remember it?

    I remember there was a line reassuring the reader it was okay they didn’t apply to grad school.

    I can’t find it and I neeeeeed it.

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