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We’re moving soon and our current apartment, which is 100% cursed and should be happy we’re leaving, is punishing us by breaking down in very specifically stupid ways before we go. For example, the kitchen faucet broke over the weekend, spraying water on everyone and everything in a 6-foot radius, and just yesterday we confirmed that the dishwasher is leaking into the living room, leaving a section of laminate flooring buckled and in need of replacement! What’s the horror-film-meaning behind constant plumbing issues? Like, specifically what type of evil entity have we been dealing with for the past 8 years and is there any sort of ritual I should be performing to ensure that it doesn’t follow us to our next home? All suggestions welcomed!

Queer as in F*ck You

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Facial Recognition’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’: Millions of Online Photos Scraped Without Consent

There’s Finally a Drug for Postpartum Depression. Too Bad It’s $34,000.

Political Snacks

2020 Presidential Candidates Will Debate LGBTQ Issues at Forum

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  1. Ask me how angry I am about that postpartum drug thing

    That it’s the FIRST

    That no drug company has apparently cared enough to develop anything before

    That it costs one million dollars or whatever


    • Yes, that and maaaaybe not having paid parental leave and a culture of actual support rather than throwing cute clothes at a pregnant parent at a shower and not showing up for them in any other way, as well as shitty insurance coverage, awful workplace culture for parents, and a medical system that has the highest c-section rate in the developed world so many parents are recovering from major abdominal surgery while getting the swing of 24 hour care of a tiny completely helpless person? I understand there’s a chemical element to PPD but goddamn if we don’t set up birth parents so they are slammed with a Really Hard Situation after a baby. And then you can pay your one million dollars to medicate away the depression that the situation exacerbates.

    • As mad as I am unfortunately deeply unshocked it’s the first PPD drug.

      In non-female specific drug testing studies prefer to test things on men because hormonal fluctuation of the menstrual cycle are an extra variable the conductors don’t want to have to deal with and PPD as a real medically recognised thing is newer than someone would expect it to be.

      And there’s still no consensus on the cause, just risk factors.

      Pharmaceutical companies have been about money not healing for *vom* decades now developing a PPD drug is a gamble. Smaugs aren’t much for gambling and would of course demand a large return on a taking such a risk.


  2. What are the 2020 Dem candidates going to debate about?

    Moderator: “should LGBT people have basic rights, be allowed dignity, and have the ability to live equally in this country?”
    2020 Candidates: “yes, they do deserve that.”
    Audience member: “yassss!”

    That seems like a quick debate to me.

  3. Thank you THANK you for honoring Barbara Hammer and the links to other stories about her. That she was a pioneer cannot be overstated. When I could get my hands on her works, I relished them. So glad she was honored in the New Yorker as well.

  4. I got a suggestion but I’m not ordained in anything just well read on esoteric things and Southern.
    There’s two schools to this kinda thing a cleansing or an apology.
    How one decides which is approach seems to up to the vibes you’re getting from whatever negative entity you believe is fucking with ya.

    If you feel it is something real malicious, not something that happens to be offended and is just lashing out take the cleansing route.

    Simplest thing I can think of is some kind of blessed water to cleanse you and your stuff of any residue. Sprinkle some on your head, wash your face, and lightly sprinkle your stuff invoke what ever protective entity you believe in then tell the negative entity to fuck off and leave you alone by the power of your protective entity.
    But maybe a more polite word like begone and do the sprinkling after exiting your cursed dwelling not before.

    I have no idea how to obtain holy water without directly askin which could be an awkward thing to do…but khernips is a blessed water thing that’s pretty easy to make. All it takes is a bowl of water, a lighter, a flammable dried herb/incense that you extinguish in the bowl of water.
    Just please don’t use white sage.

    • I’m a firm believer of throwing salt into all the corners of both your old home on moving out and your new home on moving in. As I walk from room to room, I visualise thanking and stilling the old (incumbent) sprit energy in your old home and asking the spirits of your old home for a blessing for your new one. Then doing a similar thing at your new home asking your new home for its blessing and promising to respect and care for your new space. If the weather is cooperative I also open all of the windows and allow the air to blow through. I do this whenever we move but also periodically while we live in the house if I need to celebrate something or “clear the air” for some reason.
      It’s always worked for us. Good Luck when, if, you give it a go.

      • The New Age-y demand for it has risen to the point First Nations and conservationists are concerned about over-harvesting and scarcity pushing First Nation people out of being able to obtain it for their spiritual use.
        Secondly it’s for lack of a better phrase atm “karmically unsound” to use parts of a stolen practice on stolen land especially when there’s perfectly usable established traditions you could use instead. Like dried rosemary bundles for cleansing.

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