Also.Also.Also: Reject Being “Under Trump” and Other Stories for Your Week

I painted my wall yesterday! It’s an eggshell charcoal — Knight’s Armor by Olympic, to be exact — and it’s perfect. I’m letting this one wall represent my dedication to my dreams, even the flattest, simplest ones. I realized on Saturday morning that I would sit for the next infinite days and nights thinking, “I wish this one wall was dark grey!” unless I just fucking DID IT. So I did it. I bought the paint and all the things and I accomplished something enormous and easy all at once. I called my own bluff and I won and I can do it again and I will.

Don’t forget to stretch and breathe and flip yourself upside down so you can imagine that you might walk on your ceiling as if it’s a floor. You need to toss your perspective around and push your body fibers in different directions. You’re in charge here and you’re the only one qualified to make a move, so MAKE IT.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ I didn’t read it, but there’s a post titled “There is a Lesbian Vagina Massage That Straight Women Are Gagging For” and I couldn’t let you live another day without knowing it exists, in these exact words.

+ NHL Names a Player on Each Team as LGBTQ-Inclusion Ambassador.

+ “We’ve Woken Up”: What It’s Like to be LGBTQ Under Trump.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Howard Stern is in a position to discuss our current president in an intimate way and that makes me ill.

Doll Parts

+ Want to Reduce Drug Use? Listen to Women Drug Users.

+ How Black Books Lit My Way Along The Appalachian Trail.

+ Scholastic Will Publish Activism Book by Marley Dias, 12 Year-Old Founder of #1000BlackGirlBooks.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Watch the Super Bowl Ad Featuring Trump’s Border Wall for fuck’s sake!

+ Weird and Fascinating Ways Animals Use Poop. Like “weird and fascinating ways animals use the current political environment lol” but with slightly less shit.

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  1. This whole time I was reading it as “lesbian vagina message”! Babahahha I’m like, so what’s the message…

    Also, the stock photos in that article are… As strange as the choice to use the word “gagging” in the title (??)

    • I mean… aside from the really bad word choices and the fact that the article is kinda terrible, a tantric yoni massage is a legit thing. But unfortunately I think the article conflates a ‘lesbian experience’ with a ‘yoni massage’, which as far as I understand (from my vast experience that only consisted of reading some other internet articles) is pretty different… and ‘yoni massage’ really does just translate as ‘vagina massage’. but I think it’s kind of okay to encourage people to have a safe, positive, and if they want/need professional experiences?

  2. I thought that Lesbian Vagina Massage article must be a joke, alas some googling suggests this is a real thing. I can’t tell if I should be thankful, amused or angry about masseuses rebranding lesbo sex…

  3. So many questions about the LVM

    I am imagining a tiny anthropomorphized vagina, all stretched on a table with a little towel partially covering it, talking to the masseuse about how she gets tense across her shoulders.

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