Also.Also.Also: Reimagine Boundary Lines and Other Stories for Your Week

I already filed my taxes!!!!! Hope you had an equally soothing and productive weekend.

Direct Action

+ Tips for Joining the Movement.

+ Trying to Make the Personal Political: Feminism and Consciousness Raising.

+ No One Came to Donald’s Party.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Vanessa Newman Is Making Queer Blackness Visible In The Start-Up Space.

+ Never Enough Hannah Hart.

+ Asian, Queer and Dancing Defiance: ‘Everything we do now is resistance’.

+ Elderly Lesbian Couple Receive Nasty Note: “[We] Detest Your Screwed-Up Notions Of Equality”.

+ Chicano Artist Félix D’Eon is Erasing Queer Shame Through Classic Illustrations.

+ I serve my country as a transgender woman. I know we can overcome our divisions.

+ What Inclusive Kids Books Do You Love?

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Immigration Agents Arrest 600 People Across U.S. in One Week.

+ How We Resist Extremism.

+ Other Countries Aim to Fill Aid Shortfall Caused by U.S. Abortion Rule.

+ Trump Administration Withdraws Defense of Obama’s Transgender Student Policy.

Doll Parts

+ When Does Drunk Sex Become Rape?

+ Your Pain is Not Real: How Doctors Discriminate Against Women.

+ Super duper cannot stop thinking about this: Why Does the U.S. Still Let 12 Year Olds Get Married?

+ Support Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories!

Keep Up

+ It’s Black History Month. Look in the Mirror.

+ Taking the Pipeline to Court.

+ The World’s Largest Refugee Camp and Our Failure at Imagination.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ How the Cats of Istanbul Became Movie Stars.

+ Explore This Interactive Map of the New U.S. Megaregions.

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  1. Such a great roundup! I feel like breaking down boundaries (and the binary) is starting to really get some traction in the national conversation. Just saw this video today and it just gave me some hope. I hope companies keep standing up. I certainly wont mind my feed getting even more queer :P

  2. Since I’m a geek first and for most my biggest thoughts are about these mega regions. I live in Ponca City, which would be in Guthrie, I am dating a woman in Wichita which would be in Quivira.

    While I feel some of the seperation there I’m not sure I really understand it

  3. That article about sexism in healthcare really missed the mark. I appreciated the basic summary of the research (even though I’ve read it several times before), but the final call to action was terribly frustrating.

    “How can women be better advocates for themselves in the face of a world of medical professionals who may not take them seriously? While doctors no doubt need to relieve themselves of sexist myths about women’s health and pain, Dr. Wilder also believes women need to be empowered to speak up and make sure that they are being heard.”

    How can women be better advocates for themselves? Is that what we’re supposed to get out of research showing that doctors are prejudiced and anecdotes by women who were sometimes almost fatally neglected by the medical community on sexist grounds? Yes, to ensure that we don’t suffer or die from neglectful sexist practices, women have to advocate for ourselves. We have to do that immediately, because sexism isn’t going to be fixed in time for our next medical emergency. Really, though? That’s the main takeaway from this? “Doctors will also need to do something about their life-threatening sexists attitudes” is just an aside, to ensure all ground is covered, while lecturing women on their responsibility in all of this sexism?

    • Yep. I had appendicitis two summers ago and was sent home twice from the ER with a pat on the head (from the same doctor) (and then nearly died after it ruptured because I didn’t want to go back), and I barely had the energy or presence of mind to know how to answer all of their questions through the fog of pain and nausea, never mind “advocate for myself”, whatever that is supposed to mean. Isn’t showing up and asking for help when you need it already advocating for yourself??

  4. “Don’t take this the wrong way but…. We despise you and everything you stand for and are going to go out of our way to make sure you know we hate you.”


    The increasing hypocrisy of this administration and it’s supporters drives me crazy.

    I love you sweet ladies! <3

  5. The article on how drunk is rape really misses a point. As students in high school, we teach the dangers of drinking and driving. Yet as college students its ignored. In fact its given a free pass as a right of passage. No one in college wants to teach the fundamental truth, there are consequences to actions. Especially drinking. Stick to that notion and you end up a lot of people not drinking to excess as much. You may end up with friends having designated helpers so they don’t get hurt. That way it is not a free for all.

  6. I really loved and appreciated these articles: Vanessa Newman Is Making Queer Blackness Visible In The Start-Up Space; Asian, Queer and Dancing Defiance: ‘Everything we do now is resistance’;
    The World’s Largest Refugee Camp and Our Failure at Imagination. I was really impressed that the Guardian published the article about Asian, Queer dancing defiance. Synchronistically, I stayed up way too late last night looking through D’Eon’s artwork on Etsy and thinking that I wanted everyone in the world to see it. I love D’Eon’s art so much! The African American Women in love in the Antebellum South picture is particularly wonderful.

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