Also.Also.Also: Ready for the NEW SATANIC PANIC ??! and Other Chill Vibes

It’s Monday! You could really take this week by the cheeks and show it who’s boss! Hey hot tip, if you enjoy organizing as much as I do (it’s a lot) I suggest taking a few minutes each day to read one of those lists about getting your house ready for the holidays, even if you aren’t in the business of getting your house ready for anything at all. They’re so soothing in their presumed universality! And they give you moments of pure joy, like thinking to yourself, “I could clean up my entryway when I get home later!” even if your ‘entryway’ is really just the first two feet of your home when you open the front door and consists of a key rack and maybe a rug, or “The power to thoroughly clean my oven, including pulling it out away from the wall and vacuuming back there and wiping down the sides, really is in my hands!” Something to look forward to, you know?

Queer as in F*ck You

Scotland to Embed LGBTI Teaching Across Curriculum. COOL MOVE, SCOTLAND. I just watched a documentary about your endangered wild forest cats! That’s unrelated.

LGBT Protections for State Workers Will Be Restored, Kansas Governor-Elect Vows.

How I Get It Done: Robin Roberts.

Victoria’s Secret: The Empire Built On Women Hating Themselves.

A Conversation With Activist Blair Imani About Her Feminist History Book.

Where Astrology and Social Justice Meet: A Q&A With Chani Nicholas.

Take 1: The Queer Coming-of-Age Movie Arrives.
Take 2: Queer Teen Movies Keep Getting Stuck In The Closet.

Lesbian-Themed Barilla Pasta Box Art Counters Its Homophobic Past. ?

Saw This, Thought of You

Barbara Lee on Iraq, Poverty, and a Seat at the Table. An interview with Rebecca Traister!

A Look at Black Women’s Reproductive Health in Comics.

Why Michelle Obama’s Revelation That She Had a Miscarriage and Did IVF Matters.

The Unique Struggle of Being a Nurse with Depression.

Archaeologists Discover Dozens Of Cat Mummies, 100 Cat Statues In Ancient Tomb.

Reimagining Norman Rockwell’s America.

How to Help Those Affected by the California Fires. Also, California’s Apocalyptic Fires Are a Side Effect of Modern Life.

This Library Has New Books by Major Authors, but They Can’t Be Read Until 2114.

As More Women Embrace Witchcraft, Is Another Satanic Panic Looming? Something fun to think about!

Political Snacks

The 2018 Electorate Was Older, Whiter, and Better Educated Than in 2016.

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  1. I cried at the Scottish curriculum article. This is like the opposite of Section 28 and is a massive deal. Scotland in general seem to be doing a better job than Westminster MPs so I vote they just take over the country.

    Also: “There will be no exemptions or opt-outs to the policy, which will embed LGBTI inclusive education across the curriculum and across subjects.” Not letting religious schools opt out of this is huge. Having partly done sixth form at a Church of England school I had to sit through a horror show of a lesson in sexual ethics that I’m still emotionally scarred from while one of the boys spent a long time explaining exactly why he thought gay people were less than human and should have to be celibate and didn’t deserve rights. The teacher, despite seeing that I was visibly upset by the lesson, did nothing to stop the conversation or offer a more positive view because the C of E forbade teachers to tell kids that being gay is ok. In 2012! I’m still hurt and angry that I had to go through that. Not letting religious schools opt out of this is huge.

  2. I grew up Neopagan in rural Missouri in the wake of the Satanic Panic (yup, moved there when I was seven, so happy to leave when I was eighteen). My family was outed when I was in seventh grade, and it was horrible.

    This headline is really chilling because it’s basically my worst childhood/teenage trauma that I’m still working through in therapy mixed with all of my trust issues getting friendship-close to Christians out of fear that they’re just doing the friendship to convert me. I really don’t like Sabrina because my reaction — which I seem to share on some level with Peg Aloi — is that Neopaganism, Wicca, and Western polytheism have come so far in the 31 years I’ve been alive, and media that depict our beliefs as Satanic are dangerous undermining propaganda (to borrow a term from Stanley’s How Propaganda Works) that undo all of that hard work. I don’t even practice witchcraft because I’m a devotional polytheist, but I know that it doesn’t matter because we’d all be picked up in the panic.

    Also Barilla had better come out with a gluten-free pasta box. Or, like, they should auction off empty surplus boxes to those of us with Celiac. ?

    • Also, I think my parents actually bought me the Silver RavenWolf witch kit. It wasn’t that exceptional, but the spell book it came with had some good meditation/grounding-centering exercises. I spent a sizable amount of my summer job money on ritual paraphernalia from the occult store/used book store a few towns away.

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