Also.Also.Also: Quidditch Beer Pong, Taco Cleanses, and Other Stories to Start Your Year

Hello daydream believers and also those of you who aren’t! I hope your week is off to the most chill yet productive start! I have a plastic container full of foraged moss in a container on my sidewalk and such lofty terrarium-shaped and fern-adjacent plans for it. Have you ever put together a fern/moss terrarium? Do you want to talk about it?

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Lindsay Gibb is here with Cut & Paste: Biographical Zines, including The Life and Times of Butch Dykes, which you should not miss.

Doll Parts

+ How a Group of Migrants Fought for $15 and Worker Power—And Won by Abigail Savitch-Lew.

Organizers at the Damayan Migrant Workers Association, a member-led organization helping Filipino workers understand and protect their rights, realized that many of its members had similar concerns. Established in 2002, the grassroots organization, led by Filipino survivors of human trafficking and other low-wage workers, has helped dozens escape abusive conditions, recover stolen wages, and pursue T visas, which allow trafficking survivors to remain in the United States. But many of Damayan’s members, once freed from forced labor, found themselves in another troubling, if less shocking situation: even with better working conditions, they often had little job security and earned a pittance.

+ Lux Alptraum brings you Twitter Has Made It Impossible to Ignore the Reality of Sex Work.


Saw This, Thought of You

+ Two Movies to Help You Recover From the Holidays.

+ Ijeoma Oluo has Education in 2015 Visualized compiled by Adrienne Green.

+ The Quietly Dangerous Suburban Church by Jane Yong Kim.

+ The “Asian Superhero” is Not an Oxymoron.

+ What If the Causes of Violent Crime Are Blowing in the Wind? by Madeleine Thomas. “Serious crimes are more likely to occur in neighborhoods downwind of air pollution, according to a new study.”

+ Michelle Chen asks Who’s Fighting the Mental-Health Crisis on Campus? Unions.

+ The Taco Cleanse Is a Thing.

+ Sarah Schweig has this thing I don’t want to see or think about because I often like to live in ignorance: The Chilling Image Behind Every Vaccine You’ve Ever Had.

+ ‘SCUSE ME. ‘Quidditch Beer Pong’ combines your two true loves: Harry Potter and beer. Thank you, universe.

And Finally

The Very Best in Bears for 2015! Bears bears bears bears. Bears.

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  1. Maybe don’t try to sterilize your terrarium potting media in a microwave like I did that one time. It’s a bad, bad idea and your home will have a distinct “actual gates of hell” odor.

    If that never even occurred to you because you’re reasonable, then carry on.

  2. The article about asian superheros is so timely for me. 2015 was the first time I’ve actually felt like a person of color, addressing issues that stem from childhood bullying and ways that I tried to flip the script by making fun of my asian heritage before my white friends could make me the butt of a joke. Seeing asian faces, any kind of asian faces, in comics and movies means stronger, happier asian kids. Period.

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