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Queer as in F*ck You

Crash That Killed Family of 8 On Mendocino Coast Appears Intentional, Authorities Say.

Meet the Teenager Organizing the First LGBTQ Pride Festival in Mike Pence’s Hometown.

Trans Day of Visibility Means Nothing Without Women of Color.

How Hayley Kiyoko Became Pop Music’s “Lesbian Jesus”.

One Hundred (and Three) Swims.

Impossible Perfection, on eating disorders within the LGBTQ community.

Two Generations Of Queer Women Reflect On Life, Love And Feminism.

A Year Later, LGBTQ Activists From Trans Queer Pueblo and Phoenix Pride Are Still Divided.

The Badass Disabled LGBTQ+ Ladies Historical past Forgot.

Grindr Is Revealing Its Users’ HIV Status to Third-Party Companies.

Over 100,000 Call For Commonwealth Countries To Decriminalize Gay Sex.

Does the Dog Die now includes a trigger for the death of LGBTQ people in film/tv! So many ways to feel about a thing!

All Of The Times Lena Waithe And Her Fiancée Alana Mayo Made Us Fall In Love With Their Love.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Calling Car Pollution Standards ‘Too High,’ E.P.A. Sets Up Fight With California. Oh.

What Is Deferred Enforced Departure? It’s Complicated.

Fake Trump News Is About to Invade Most American Living Rooms.

Doll Parts

Reflections From an Eternal Outsider.

‘Never Again’: How 11-year Old Naomi Wadler Became a Rallying Voice Of Black Protest.

FOSTA/SESTA Will Censor Sex Workers Online.

Costa Rica Has Elected the First Black Woman Vice President in All of Latin America.

South African Anti-Apartheid Activist Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Dies at 81.

Sorry I’m a Mammal – Witchcraft and Body Hair: A Long History of Interconnectedness.

How Feminists in China Are Using Emoji to Avoid Censorship.

Keep Up

‘The Media Have Neglected Us’: Black Parkland Survivors Speak Out.

Texas Woman Sentenced To 5 Years in Prison For Voting While On Probation.

Teachers Are Marching Ahead Of Their Unions, From Oklahoma To Arizona.

Saw This, Thought of You

Why Did Fans Flee LiveJournal, and Where Will They Go After Tumblr?

How Nashville Became One Big Bachelorette Party.

The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot Is Funny. I’m Not Going to Keep Watching.

I Walked From Selma To Montgomery.

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  1. hmm. just took that survey and I wonder if their results might be skewed by being US-centric – I don’t have health insurance, but that’s because I am fortunate enough to live in a country where I don’t need it!

    aside from that, this was an exceptionally good also.also.also! thank you! i have so many tabs open now!

  2. Holy s**t that article about Grindr..

    ‘“I’m concerned that this would undermine years of efforts to promote people recording their HIV status in their profile, and sharing their status with others to promote safer sex,” said Jeffrey Klausner, a professor of medicine and STD researcher at UCLA. “Any time anyone feels their information is not secure or is used accidentally, it undermines their perception of the security of their information.”’
    Totally agree with this guy ^

  3. so many excellent reads!!! loved the roseanne one. part of me is still interested in seeing where people who support trump are coming from, but the other part of me is like… i already know???

    one interesting observation so far: these people always frame their prejudices as something that someone else thinks–in roseanne, it’s not that they hate mark because he is gender nonconforming, it’s that they’re worried because the world (naturally) thinks that it’s wrong. it’s a fixed reality we all have nothing to do with, despite what the naive liberals say and are terrifyingly effective at working towards. i’ve also heard stuff like, “it’s just that where i’m from, gay stuff doesn’t fly,” which is such a passive way of stating your own beliefs while excusing them as cultural. they know we think they are all racist/misogynist/homophobic, and this is part of their whole strategy of branding themselves as loving, reasonable people who are passively surrounded by these unfortunately exclusionary beliefs that are fixed into the dna of “real” america. nothing to be done about it because these beliefs are true and forever.

    so that’s been illuminating!

  4. FOSTA/SESTA has me worried for so many of the people I knew, losing backpage was already rough, and it’s only getting worse. Women are going to get harassed by police, hurt and killed because of these laws.

    It’s just got me so sad right now.

  5. Re: The election in Costa Rica

    I found it interesting that you chose to link to an article about Epsy Campbell becoming the first female black vice-president in Latin America (not the Americas as stated incorrectly in the article). While this is certainly noteworthy, her race actually rarely came up during the campaign. She’s long been one of the leaders of her party and I think most Costa Ricans accepted her nomination to share the ticket with Carlos Alvarado as a matter of course (which I suppose says something in itself). The local papers today didn’t even mention the groundbreaking nature of her new position.

    What did receive significant attention was the way the issue of gay marriage played a major role, followed by other social issues like pay equality for women and the very successful intensive sex education program in the schools (teen-aged pregnancy rates have dropped precipitously).

    It was a backlash by the religious right against a court order to allow gay marriage that catapulted his opponent (an evangelical preacher) from way back in the pack into first place after the first round of voting. The preacher continued to rant against gay marriage, homosexuality, and those other social issues throughout the campaign. He went so far as to promise that he would not appoint anyone who is gay to his government. His supporters also made snide Machista remarks on social media about the fact that Carlos had often let his wife’s career as a successful architect take precedence over his own, following her around while he wrote 3 published novels.

    Not only did Carlos react by reiterating his strong support for legalizing gay marriage as a basic human right, but in their last debate, he went so far as to openly accuse the preacher of being homophobic and sexist. Some pundits saw the first as risky given that polls show that only 30% of the population currently favor gay marriage (which is still double what it was just a decade ago). But he was betting that Costa Ricans were even more strongly opposed to any kind of open discrimination against minorities, including the LGBT community. He won that bet in a massive landslide (61%-39%), that would probably have been even bigger if not for a major corruption scandal affecting some of the leadership of his party.

    To quote what one of Carlos Alvarado’s campaign managers said on TV, “Tonight, Costa Ricans have shown categorically and conclusively that they are overwhelmingly in favor of love over intolerance, diversity over discrimination, and a closing of the historical inequality between men and women; that people want a government of unity for all Costa Ricans and not one that prefers some groups over others.” (my translation).

  6. Thanks for covering Trans Queer Pueblo! TQP has a gorgeous heartbreaking video about why No Justice, No Pride: No words for how important their work is – queer people of color are being hurt in these for-profit prisons and phoenix police for years (and maybe still currently, tho I can’t find recent news) have swept qtpoc into prison for walking down the street using local laws and ‘programs’ Monica Jones protested ( This is a donation page for Trans Queer Pueblo if you want to support that way:

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