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Queer as in F*ck You

Why So Many Of Us Believed Taylor Swift Was Coming Out: “The Taylor-Swift-coming-out rumors mirror the way a lot of women try to suss out if their crushes are queer. Also, celesbian gossip is fun.” YIKES y’all once again Shannon Keating is out here making the points.

I’ve known Kristen Stewart was queer, for example, since I saw her play an adorable little 12-year-old baby dyke in one of the movies that spurred my sexual awakening, Catch That Kid (2004); her character, Maddy, convinces two different boys she’s in love with them so they’ll do her bidding, even though she doesn’t actually care about either of them. (Gay rights!)

The Rise in Americans Saying They Are Bisexual Is Driven by Women

Woman, 57, Arrested in the Killing of Lesbian Journalist Lyra McKee

The Cofounder Of Cosmetics Brand Fluide Talks Celebrating Queer Beauty All Year Long

This Restaurant Has a No-Tipping Policy That Doesn’t Screw Over Workers

“If I’m paying $25 an hour, you don’t have to be there 40 hours a week. You can study part-time. You can pursue your own business and pursue your other passions. I don’t want people to think of work as monotony and not have time to devote to their passions. I don’t want my employees feeling dead inside. Nobody wants to feel that way.”

Meet the Lesbian About to Become Tampa’s First Out Mayor

Homeless LGBT Youth: How We Can Fight Their Invisibility, Including Youth of Color

By the Book: Abby Wambach

Let Us Walk You Through This Unhinged Astrological Roommate Drama — listen, I hate this article as much as you’re about to but I couldn’t not share it with you??

How a Self-Proclaimed Butch Lesbian Became a Fashion Supermodel

Appeals Court Rejects Chelsea Manning’s Effort to Leave Jail

These Queer Poets Expand on Black Life Through Their Work

Ariana and the Lesbian Narcissus

Here take this We Can All Agree That Arya Stark Is Actually A Lesbian, Right?

Ok listen, maybe this story doesn’t belong in this section of the AAA, maybe. But! The way it makes me feel does belong in this section, so. At Just 28 Years Old, Mexican Chef Daniela Soto-Innes Named World’s Best Female Chef

A wrenching piece from Cora Harrington at the Lingerie Addict: I am infertile.

Saw This, Thought of You

Women Did Everything Right. Then Work Got ‘Greedy.’ “Women don’t step back from work because they have rich husbands, she said. They have rich husbands because they step back from work.”

How Complaining Turns Co-workers Into Friends

What It Takes to Put Your Phone Away by Jia Tolentino

I live for these sorts of articles: “Fixer Upper” Is Over, But Waco’s Transformation Is Just Beginning

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dirt: “Washington set to be the first state to allow the composting of human bodies.”

A Search for Answers / A Search for Blame: “In grieving Parkland, there’s a fight ripping the community apart. And it has nothing to do with gun control.”

The Company That Sells Love to America Had a Dark Secret: “For thousands of women, working at the nation’s largest jewelry retailer meant unequal pay, harassment or worse.”

The Danger of Low Pay in the WNBA, also also also CBS Sports Signs Multiyear Deal With WNBA

The Power to Turn the Patriarchy Into Stone

The Cranberries’ Final Album Celebrates The New Beginning Dolores O’Riordan Wanted

How A Popular Women’s Website Became A Pay-To-Play Nightmare

Sri Lankan Accused of Leading Attacks Preached Slaughter. Many Dismissed Him.

Political Snacks

Hmmmm! So we’re back at the Supreme Court! Where do we begin. Let’s start with Imani Gandy’s robust background explainer: Boom! Lawyered: ‘Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins’ Edition. (Her podcast with Jessica Mason Pieklo is also available and always excellent.) Masha Gessen will also walk you through it: The Dread of Waiting for the Supreme Court to Rule on L.G.B.T. Rights. And then why don’t we have a bit of optimism from Linda Greenhouse: On L.G.B.T. Rights, the Supreme Court Asks the Question.

Elizabeth Warren Rolls Out Plan to Reward Hospitals That Make Childbirth Safer for African-American Women

Why Won’t Twitter Treat White Supremacy Like ISIS? Because It Would Mean Banning Some Republican Politicians Too.

Take a look at this piece of shit: Lobbyist’s Crusade to Change Title IX in Missouri Stems From His Son’s Expulsion

Joe Biden Expresses Regret to Anita Hill, but She Says ‘I’m Sorry’ Is Not Enough

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  1. But also Sansa is a lesbian. Why is no one talking about this? Her Joffrey obsession SCREAMS stereotypical obsession with Hansen, the only person she’s ever had romantic chemistry with was Margaery, and did you FEEL THE TENSION BETWEEN HER AND DANY?

    “Winterfell is yours, your grace.” And by Winterfell she means her BODY.

    • Welcome aboard the Daensa ship, we’re going to ram the toxic stan vs stan boat into gobsmacked smithereens.
      Very much yes about how very 12 year old oblivious baby gay gaga over prettiness Sansa has always been.

  2. I had no idea lesbian narcissus was a thing, but it makes a lot of sense.

    Unfortunately I have some pretty strong face blindness going on and I still have no idea whether the singer in one of my fave music videos (Zlata Ognevich, Kukushka) is making eyes at a woman of similar height and build while she rescues her from eating an apple, or at her bisexual doppelganger.

  3. Leaving aside how amazing Soto-Innes’ food looks, the fact she has a kitchen full of smiling faces is a massive achievement. Especially in such a cut-throat environment as New York dining.

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