Also.Also.Also: Queer Black Women In Chicago are Shaping the Movement and More Stories for Your Weekend

HEY if you have a chance to really do something for yourself today, I want you to fucking DO IT. Whatever in the world that means to you, get at that shit. Roll those shoulders back and lift your chin up and take a deep breath and stare across the vast expanse that is your life and get at that shit. I can’t ever get over “Paper Tiger” by Spoon, and I think that’s ok. That song makes me want to get at some shit and eat a fried pie and kick down some doors and lie down in some grass at sunrise not because the sun came up but because I decided to lie down. What’s your song? What’s your sunrise?


Queer as in F*ck You

+ Queer Women are Shaping Chicago’s Black Lives Matter Movement. THESE WOMEN. REQUIRED READING.

+ Here’s to the Tomboys by Megan Rapinoe.

+ Lesbian Teenager Thrown Out of McDonald’s Staff Thought She Was a Boy.

+ Pennsylvania Gov. to Sign Executive Order Protecting LGBT Employees.

+ The Rise of LGBT Bills in the South. Such an uplifting read.

+ Y’all White Queers Better Quiet Down in North Carolina. Read this.

+ Britain’s Only Domestic Violence Charity for LGBT People Is “Days From Closure.”

+ ‘I Felt Both And Neither’: Reflections On The Gender Binary.

+ Hm. Harvard Professor Calls for National LGBT Rainbow Pee-In.

+ LGBT Family Who Went Viral Is Being Stalked and Harassed: ‘It’s Horrifying’.

“Daddy doesn’t feel happy as a boy,” Shalee told Layla in the clip she posted on Facebook. “We have decided to help Daddy become the person that his brain and his heart tell him that he really is.” When Shalee asked Layla how that made her feel, she responded: “Daddy, I love you so much. Even though you’re a ‘her,’ I still love you.”

+ Homophobic Teens ‘Wrote a Song’ to Tell Lesbian Classmate They Would Slash Her Throat.

+ A Chat on the Porch Reduces Transphobia.

+ OBAMA. This clip is a little weird to be honest, but I am in a place politically right now, so this kind of honesty is like a milk bath on a Sunday night.

+ But I’m a Cheerleader May Make it to Broadway??!

+ Gender Awesome: Sarah Maria Medina Interviews Talcott Broadhead.

Doll Parts

+ How Will Cops Enforce North Carolina’s Bathroom Law? “It’s not like we would be standing guard at bathrooms.”

+ Women, LGBT, the Disabled. They’re Silicon Valley, Too.

+ Let’s have an afternoon tea about how much we love Jia Tolentino. Is This the End of the Era of the Important, Inappropriate Literary Man?

+ A Talk with One of America’s Only Female Sushi Chefs by Sayaka Matsuoka.

+ Buried Sexism: One Woman’s Experience Working at Mount Rainier National Park.

+ Also! Stop Telling Women Not to Go Into the Backcountry Alone.

+ Farm Tools For Women, By Women.

+ How About Universal Basic Income?

+ The Hardest Abortion I’ve Ever Had to Perform.

+ A Big Week For Parents: New York State, San Francisco Establish Paid-Leave Laws.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Arizona Students Create Scholarship for Undocumented Students.

+ How to Really Make Friends as an Adult.

+ How Not to Be an Asshole This Election Season!

+ STAR WARS tho. Star. Wars. Tho.

+ Dang it, Cara Giamio! I love this. The Man Who Recorded, Tamed and Then Sold Nature Sounds to America.

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  1. I love Paper Tiger by Spoon! It’s such a great song and I also really love the quote by Amelia Earheart (I think?) that says “Fears are paper tigers”. Idk why paper tigers are such an inspirational metaphor for me but thank you for the motivation to get up off my bed and do what I really want to do with my life in this moment! After I read this collection of articles. Especially interested in women going into the backcountry alone because that is something I want to do in the near future!

  2. HECK YES to those farm tools! I’m currently doing an internship learning trail building (like, hiking trails in public lands) and it’s my first in-depth experience using all sorts of tools. The learning curve overall has been pretty steep, but at 5’2 I’m pretty sure that a lot of this stuff just isn’t meant for me to use it. Carrying tools on my shoulder is nearly impossible, holding triggers on power tools is painful after just a few minutes, shoveling feels inefficient no matter how I go at it. So disappointing, because I really love the work, but it gives me doubts about how well I could ever do in the long run.

    • I promise you this wasn’t exploited child labour, so don’t freak out.

      When I was a kid my dad cut the shaft of a shovel shorter and rounded the edge so that us kids could better use it. The projects we needed a shovel for and our heights required something bigger than one of those practically half sized garden shovels but shorter than the standard shovel because. While were both hardy kids (I did gymnastics for a bit and we would compete over pushups and stuff since forever) we were still barely 5 foot.
      Customizing a shovel is a thing you could do is what I’m saying
      If you need a shovel shaft with a handle it possible to add one. People replace corroded shovel handles or put handle on new shafts all the time.

      This doesn’t solve the problem so to speak, but I wanted to give you an option of some kind you could do for yourself.

  3. “How Will Cops Enforce North Carolina’s Bathroom Law?” In regards to this article, I’ve been wondering this too. Some trans people pass for cis. And then you’ve got women like Rain Dove who naturally look masculine. Are people going to have to carry id’s in order to use the restroom or something? Does the state government expect people to just pull down their pants? It’s not always that easy to tell if someone is trans gender or not.

    “Lesbian Teenager Thrown Out of McDonald’s Staff Thought She Was a Boy.” <– Also some of the comments on this article are making me face palm. Ugh….

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