Also.Also.Also: Fairies, Progressive Golden Girls, and Other Stories for Your Monday

It’s almost fall and I’m so excited! Are you ready? You still have a couple of days to get ready. You should maybe make some bread and sweep your front walk or dust your windowsills.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Get your own Rad Fatty Merit Badge Sticker Sheets and Buttons!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Tiffany Santiago and Her Mom Were Mistaken for Lesbians on Date, Then Attacked.

+ Why don’t you go ahead and listen to 29 Pop Songs About Bisexuality.

Doll Parts

+ Stop Excluding Black Women From Fat Acceptance Movements by Sesali B.

+ Chiara Vigo: The Last Woman Who Makes Sea Silk.

+ Vintage Trading Cards Depicting Costumed Professions for Women in the Future from Alison Nastasi.

+ Military Forcing Chelsea Manning to Adhere to Male Grooming Standards While Imprisoned.

+ Questions Your Local Librarian Will Not Be Answering for You by Natalie LaRocque.

+ April De Costa would like a word with you about Lessons Learned From Television’s Teen Sluts.

+ Watch Fiona Apple Sing Folk Traditionals With Watkins Family Hour.

+ This is fascinating: Catherine Wagley on You Who Read Me With Passion Now Must Forever Be My Friends. You will not be sad that you spent time reading this, I believe.

+ Alison Nastasi‘s on fire, brings you 15 Unbelievably Progressive Golden Girls Episodes. I believe it!

+ GODDAMN ARE YOU SERIOUS NOT ONE SINGLE WOMAN ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS. Are you fucking serious. Get the entire fuck out of my face.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration.

+ Emma Boyle brings you 13 Products That Reveal the Fragility of Masculinity, bless its little heart.

+ Please enjoy this investigative report on The Murder House.

+ I’m currently obsessed with blank spaces and decluttering my house, maybe you are too? If you have kids, this will help: Marie Kondo on the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up With Kids.

+ Dead Forests and Living Memories by Helen MacDonald.

+ Why Ikea Causes So Much Relationship Tension by Corinne Purtill.

+ The Science Behind “They All Look Alike to Me” by Rachel Swarns. Hm.

+ Who Decides What Names Go on a Map?

+ More Minority Students, Fewer Teachers of Color by Adrienne Green.

+ The Online College That Credits Life Experience by Nancy Cook.

+ Creating Epic Halloween Costumes for Kids in Wheelchairs! It’s Toothless!

+ I enjoyed this. Sir Arthur and the Fairies by Mary Losure.

+ Liz Langley on Why Some Snakes Have Elaborate Belly Patterns, in case you were wondering.

And Finally

12 Very Special Facts About Punky Brewster! Oh some of these are weird, but #1 is amazing and I did not know that!

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    • I know, right? :) I showed them to my father as a test and at first he thought they were some “internet joke”. The most difficult to crack was the man shower tool (maybe it’s more manly if you get to remove some skin along with the dirt). But the broetry makes me cringe the most…

  1. I’m still slightly confused about how mine and my new roommate’s weekly Ikea trips have actually strengthened our relationship. Everyone I know always goes on about how much they hate Ikea and how stressful it is. My guess is it’s helped us to kind of get to know each other and establish some roles/boundaries – I’m happy carrying things around and building furniture, she’s happy to not exacerbate her back issues and to repay me in beer & dinner.

  2. If the “they all look alike to me” phenomenon is due to lack of early exposure to people of that race, then why do I have straight male face blindness? And why does it kick in so hard when watching PLL or Scream? :-P

  3. My college roomie and I just moved into a ~real~ apartment together now that we have actual jobs and degrees. We determined our friendship was meant to be when we spent 6 hours buying Ikea furniture together and 12 hours assembling Ikea furniture together the following day…. and did not even yell at each other once.

  4. As SOON as I saw the link for “13 Products That Reveal The Fragility of Masculinity” I KNEW that the fucking yogurt cup that has 3D abs on it would be included because it’s soooooooooooooo dumb. Ur really gonna eat this silky, sweet, decadent treat out of a hand-sized container that has been beautifully sculpted to reveal that of a human torso with abs so you don’t feel weird about eating yogurt? O. k.

  5. The minority student/teacher thing bothers me so much, and I feel very lucky to work in a school where the teachers and staff are primarily people of color. It makes such a huge difference when connecting to the kids, garnering respect, etc. Seems like that should be obvious, but you know.

  6. When I saw this posted on Facebook with the mention of “I’m disappointed in this one Kickstarter” I had to come check this out because I came across that very same Kickstarter campaign yesterday and it really bugged me too. I actually sent the creator a message which was 2 parts recommendation on how to make me happier and 1 part sassy rage. Last night I actually got a message back, but I was feeling sort of afraid to read it…I wasn’t sure if I had been too aggressive and was actually sorta regretting hassling a stranger on the internet. Due to this post, I felt brave because you validated my feelings, so I checked it out — the creator was actually very nice in his response, including: “The abridged version is; we’re doing what we can on limited resources. Making these things takes a lot of time and money so we started with the most universally recognized characters first. If they sell well we will have more resources to devote to this project and we will then work our way into as many other historical personae as we can over time… not just women but people of color and non-Westerners as well.”

    Although I appreciate the creator’s recognition that this is an issue and his response to my complaint, I still don’t understand how NOT EVEN ONE of the initial five characters could have been a woman. Whatever.

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