Also.Also.Also: Prison Romance, Queer Appalachia, and Other Stories for Your Precious Face

Just to catch you up on Me, I’ve finally perfected the soft-boiled egg, my cat was missing for a couple of days but it’s cool, she’s back, and I haven’t killed any of these new houseplants I bought last month! Oh and I wish I didn’t enjoy Santa Clarita Diet as much as I do, which is a lot, but I can’t help it.

Hope you’ve got great weekend plans and that the book you put on hold at your library comes in this afternoon!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Be part of our February gallery! Queer in the Bedroom.

+ This isn’t a recent article, but Caitlin Doughty from The Good Death shared it on Twitter and I loved it so here ya go: The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Names Gets Marriage Memorial.

+ Threshold of Revelation: A Disabled Queer Killjoy on National Themes.

+ How Queer Women of Color Found a Voice Online with two new webseries, Brown Girls and 195 Lewis.

+ How Advertisers Are Targeting the Trans Community.

+ Amanda Knox on What Romance in Prison Actually Looks Like.

+ Support Electric Dirt: A Celebration of Queer Voices and Identities from Appalachia and the South!

+ Help rebuild The Manchester LGBT Centre!

+ Support this queer tarot comic anthology, Tabula Idem!

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ American Psychosis: Trumpism and the Nightmare of History.

+ Here, a voice expert explains Why Stephen Miller Sounds Like Such a Dick.

+ Sanctuary Cities in Name Only.

+ Why Aren’t Rural Canadians in Favor of Trump?

Doll Parts

+ Election, Women’s March Prompt Women of Color to Seek Office.

+ Being “Polite” Often Gets Women Killed.

+ We’ve Always Been Here: One Mujerista Talks Back to Intersectionality and White Feminism.

+ Sometimes Women Have to Make Hard Choices to be Writers.

+ The Trash Heap Has Spoken.

+ The Mothers.

Keep Up

+ Four Things You Should Know About Immigration Raids.

+ Disappeared: On using a loaded term for an overlooked tragedy.

+ Husbands Are Deadlier Than Terrorists. Ooof.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ When Things Go Missing: Reflections on two seasons of loss.


+ The Forgotten History of The Oregon Trail as Told by Its Creators.

+ What Orion Looks Like the Farther You Get Away From Light Pollution.

And Finally


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  1. “I knew white feminism was never going to save me”. So true. At least I have the privilege to fight it from within, but God does it love to trample and discard me whenever it gets the chance.

    53% of white women gleefully supporting a candidate of misogyny and sexual violence, endorsing keeping themselves and others in a hostile culture. I suppose it’s the same reason white women opposed Suffrage or even white Suffragists opposed abolition; they’ve got a better place in society and they don’t want to rock the boat. That might seem contradictory with Suffragists (talk about boat rocking), but many were happy to throw people of color (especially women) under the proverbial bus if it meant advancing their own cause.

    Same with cisgender queer people willing to stomp all over trans and non-binary people. They’re only willing to diverge so far, because they’re not after equality—such people are after their piece of the pie/their place in the hierarchy. A minion supports a bully because even if they’re treated like shit, it’s better to be the minion than the person with their head in a toilet.

  2. Ughhh that article about rural Canadians was so hopeful, but also so woefully naive. It CAN happen here, and it IS. The Conservative leadership race is ramping up, and there are not one but TWO avowedly populist candidates. Kellie Leitch openly praised Donald Trump’s election and has called for screening refugees and immigrants for “Canadian values”, and Kevin O’Leary is a reality tv star and business man pledging to run the government like a business.

    And then there are reports like this:

    Canada is great, guys, I’ll be the first to say that. And (sorry, I really mean no offence) it is much better than America in a lot of really significant ways. But populism is not just an American problem. We saw it in Britain, it’s happening in France, and it CAN happen in Canada too.

        • Honestly, it’s hard because so much of Canada – our identity, our politics, our economics, our entertainment – is so tied into what’s going on in the US, and I feel like so many of us, myself included, are so focused on what’s happening in the US that we’re forgetting to watch carefully what’s happening here. And because we’re still 3 years away from a federal election, it all feels somehow less pressing.

          • I completely agree. I’m trying to be more informed, but I noticed I was starting to feel like I knew more about American politics than my own country. I live in rural Ontario and on election day a local radio station posted a Facebook poll asking who residents would vote for if they could. It was so disheartening to see most of the comments say Trump. Definitely a wake up call for me.

    • Yep, all of this is why I’m so pissed that Trudeau has backpedaled on electoral reform – our current First Past The Post system means that somebody like Leitch or O’Leary has a much better chance of winning the next election.

      • ABC is what got us a Liberal false majority. It was necessary to get rid of Harper, but it’s not a viable strategy going forward. Chandra’s right – in our current FPTP system, we either vote ABC, requiring some of us to hold our nose and vote for parties we don’t like, or we end up with another Conservative government. Neither of those are good options. The only way to move forward is to switch to a PR system, and Trudeau’s effectively closed the book on that till after the next election.

        • And in failing to pursue a PR system, Trudeau has practically gift wrapped the next Conservative Prime Minister. The Liberals managed to convince people they were leftist during the last election so they could take enough votes from the NDP, but they won’t be able to do that again now that they’ve abandoned campaign promises and alienated voters. I am still mad at Mulcair for bombing the 2015 campaign and handing it to Pretty Boy.

  3. That video at the end was everything I needed in my day…..THANK YOU!

    Also, Laneia please share your secret for soft-boiled eggs. I still haven’t figured it out.
    (If you can make poached eggs and can teach me that too I’ll send you a gift basket filled with wonderful glittery goodness)

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