Also.Also.Also: Picture Picture with St. Vincent’s Guitar and More Stories for Your Weekend

Well look at you, Friday flurries! You made it and here you are, awake and living and reading these words. I hope you’re ready for what your weekend has in store. Maybe you should take a little disco nap this afternoon, in anticipation.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Arab-American poet and playwright, Andrea Assaf brings inspiration to South Florida LGBT teens. This looks so awesome!

Andrea Assaf

Andrea Assaf

+ The Lesbian Employment Gap: Why It’s Still Hard to Be Queer in the Workplace.

+ The LGBT Films of Sundance 2016.

+ A Look Back at Eileen Myles’ Revolutionary ‘Openly-Female’ Write-In Presidential Campaign with Joanna Rothkopf. Can you get enough Eileen Myles? Can you? We cannot, it seems.

via The New York Times and the fanning of self

via The New York Times and also the fanning of oneself

+ Take a look at the 2016 LGBT political climate.

+ Or how’d you like to take a gander at Melbourne’s Secret Queer Histories? Cool, cool.

+ Well this will make you cry and hug all your pillows! Sweathearts candies presents: The 55th Valentine.

+ Nintendo Removes Controversial [Homophobic] Scene From English Version Of Fire Emblem Fates.

The aforementioned scene sees the player character (you) use a “magic powder” to make Soleil, a woman who’s into women, like men. Or rather, it causes her to see men as women. In the game, it’s apparently proposed as a solution to Soleil’s lack of composure around women she’s attracted to. She tells the player character that she wants to be a “strong and cool woman.” The solution—spiking her drink and, in essence, making her attracted to men—came off as unsettlingly similar to practices like gay conversion therapy.

Doll Parts

+ St. Vincent would like to show you how her signature guitar is made, OK?

+ The Woman at the Center of Colorado’s Booming Edibles Industry by Gabby Bess.

+ Women of Color YouTubers to Watch, compiled by Kim Katrin Milan.

+ Sarah Knight‘s new book The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don’t Have with People You Don’t Like Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do is out and you can read this interview with her here! Feels relevant to your interests.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ A Story of a ‘Fuck-Off Fund’ by Paulette Perhach.

+ Love, Actually: the Artistic Friendship of Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson.


No ma’am.

That is you

who is


+ Let’s think about the Venus flytrap, why don’t we.

+ Maybe you’ve heard the news, Scientists Discover “Most Planety-y Planet” in the Solar System.

+ Today in DinoBeat: Tiny, Ancient T-Rex Relative Found in Wales.

+ Why Boredom Is Anything But Boring by Maggie Koerth-Baker.

+ Museum Asks Los Angeles Residents to Instagram Their Snails !!!

+ Minnesota man is cool, freezes pants for all to enjoy.

+ Go soak up some good Yoko Ono poetry and art vibes.

+ Um, Ikea coloring pages!

And Finally

10 Inspiring Instagram Museums to follow! Pretty and neat stuff! You love pretty and neat stuff! What a great day for us all.

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  1. In addition to the lovely Friday morning AAA tradition with this column, I thought I’d try out shower coffee this morning — bring my coffee into the shower. It’s the caffeine version of shower beer. ANYWAY, the logistics were minimal and the results were delightful. I almost feel like i could pronounce some Swedish words. Like … um … beeeYORRRRRRRNNNN. Bjorn? Did I get it right? Cute little bjo/rn. Thank you, have a good day.

    • ok i’ve tried shower coffee (almost typed coffee beer, it’s fine) and the thing that threw me off was the double hotness. you’ve got the hot from the shower and the hot from the coffee and it was just TOO. MUCH. HOT for me. i think i could do with an iced shower coffee, maybe? idk but thank you for reminding me to keep living my best life, especially as it pertains to shower beverages.

  2. Once you’ve frozen your pants, how do you thaw them back out again once it’s time to wear them?? I think I need to go read the top 10 cozy things article again to combat the horror of frozen pants! Clearly, I should never live in Minnesota.

  3. I will never understand how Nintendo thought it was a good idea to put that in the game in the first place. And only took it out when other more intelligent people pointed out “Hey, this comes off extremely homophobic”. Only the English version though. But that’s Nintendo for you I guess.

    • For some reason, based on my EXTENSIVE experience of hate-reading the Daily Mail, it seems like the British media is kind of obsessed with the Oscar boycott stuff?

      At any rate, Charlotte Rampling stole my heart as an old lesbian prosecutor in Broadchurch this season, but white actors who don’t know what they’re talking about and have never experienced racism (Michael Caine is doing this too) should really STFU about this whole thing.

      • I’ll tell you what’s racist. The “Maybe the blacks just aren’t good enough” defense that runs rampant whenever diversity in Hollywood and awards show is brought up. A lot of (white)people seem to agree with what Rampling said though and with what Fox News is saying and I don’t understand the logic behind thinking that is this is all anti-white racism. How is it “racist against whites” to point that there isn’t enough diversity in Hollywood and that the biggest acting awards show in the world having a committee that is 94% white and no acting nominations for any people of color and ask for them to better? I guess that’s too much to expect from them. And this isn’t just about black people because if you think the various Latino and Asian communities don’t constantly point this shit out too then you are not paying attention. This is a problem affecting all people of color not just black actors. Oscar Issacs was just talking about this at the Golden Globes but people seem to get particularly bent out of shape when a black actor says the same thing for some reason.

        All in all. This is a good thing though. I want more white actors like Rampling and Caine to say what they REALLY think about diversity in Hollywood so I know which movies to avoid in future.

  4. I 100% thought that link said “Tiny, Ancient T-rex Relative Found ALIVE in Wales” and I was more excited than i had ever been in my life for about half a second before i came crashing back to reality.

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