Also.Also.Also: Photographer Shoog McDaniel Gives You a Safe Place to Land Today, and Other Stories

feature image: Shoog McDaniel, used with permission

This roundup is PACKED, and it’s mostly awful with the exception of a handful of things, and I’m sorry. Drink all your water, do your stretches, stick to your Headspace routine. You’re doing great.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Latin American LGBTQ Refugees Form Caravan While Seeking Asylum in U.S.

+ Chelsea Manning Changed the Course of History. Now She’s Focusing on Herself.

+ Laverne Cox Will Show You the Long, Intense Fight for Transgender Rights.

+ We Are Not Freaks! Why We Love Being an Old School Butch-Femme Couple.

+ Gay Muslims Vow to ‘Boldly’ Challenge Islam on LGBT Persecution.

+ The Monster LGBTQ Readers See in Stephen King’s ‘It’.

+ Lesbian Wrestler Charlie Morgan Talks About Coming Out in the Ring and the Lack of Gay WWE Superstars.

+ You will enjoy this webseries, Two Queens in a Kitchen! Here’s an episode featuring Kristen and Coriama.

+ Behind the Viral Push to Save One of the Most Inclusive Shows on TV.

+ Transgender 7-Year-Old Sues Private School for Discrimination.

+ Trump Expected to Roll Back LGBT Protections in Obamacare.

+ Tony Abbott Has Met His Match on Gay Marriage: His Lesbian Sister Christine Forster.

+ This Report Says More LGBT People Were Killed So Far In 2017 Than In All Of 2016.

+ Meet Shoog McDaniel, the Photographer Pushing the Boundaries of Queer, Fat-Positive Photography. Read this interview, check out Shoog’s website and their Instagram, and just soak yourself in this extended queer family of yours.

+ The Future of Ballet Is Inclusive and Queer.

+ Londyn De Richelieu, a trans woman of color, has founded the Claudette M. Mason Foundation’s first annual GIRLS UNITED Scholarship for transgender women of color.

The goal of the scholarship is to provide a financial token of appreciation to transgender women of color who intend to infiltrate spaces that are non traditionally populated … this will uplift and open the minds of the masses.

The scholarship can be applied to surgery or education and open specifically to TWOC of Washington, Baltimore, New York and Atlanta who seek post-secondary/graduate education in public policy, urban development, public administration, social work, psychology, business, law, political science, applied sciences, technology, hospitality and health.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Heather Heyer, Charlottesville Victim, Is Recalled as ‘a Strong Woman’.

+ Trump Lit the “Good Ol’ Boy” Torches That Set Charlottesville on Fire.

+ Police Stood By As Mayhem Mounted in Charlottesville.

+ What UVA Students Saw in Charlottesville.

+ 20 Year-Old Deandre Harris Speaks Out About Being Assaulted by White Supremacists in Charlottesville.

+ Mother of Charlottesville Suspect Says She Thought Rally Was About Trump, Not White Nationalism.

+ Charlottesville and the Effort to Downplay Racism in America by Jia Tolentino.

+ How What Happened Here in Charlottesville Was Inevitable.

+ Photographer Behind Graphic Charlottesville Image Recounts Near-Death Experience.

+ The Psychology of a Nuclear Standoff.

+ This Is What European Diplomats Really Think About Donald Trump.

+ Media Scholar on Trump TV: “This Is Orwellian, and It’s Happening Right Now, Right Here”.

+ Stop Protesting the Alt-Right, Hate Group Watchdog Advises. This was published on August 10, so it’s kind of interesting to see this perspective in light of Saturday.

+ It’s Called Terrorism Now.

+ Kentucky Mayor Responds to Charlottesville by Doing Exactly What White Nationalists Don’t Want.

+ In South Texas, Threat of Border Wall Unites Naturalists and Politicians.

Doll Parts

+ For Transgender Women, an Extra Dose of Fear.

+ Why Giant Murals of Black Women Are Popping Up Across London.

+ Georgia Pumps Taxpayer Money into Anti-Choice Fake Clinics.

+ ‘Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis’ Centers a Black Hermione in a Post-Hogwarts World.

+ The Politics of Blonde Hair: From Persephone to Ivanka Trump.

+ Why Does Hollywood Tell so Many Stories About Women Obsessed with Social Media?

+ Kesha Walks Us Through Her ‘Rainbow,’ Track By Track.

+ More U.S. Adults Are Drinking, and More Heavily. “Women and minorities are among the groups that saw the largest increase in a survey of alcohol use.”

Keep Up

+ Indiana Republicans Apparently Don’t Want Black People to Vote.

+ Can Any Democratic Candidate Satisfy the Left?

+ When the US Deports You — And Keeps All Your Stuff.

+ Researchers Accidentally Found One Way to Help Kids Grow Up to Be Voters.

+ Decolonizing the Classroom: Embracing Radical Internationalism.

+The Fight for Appointed Counsel for Immigrant Children Continues.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ ‘Whose Streets?’ Review: Portrait of Ferguson May Be the Doc of the Year.

+ Everyone at AS has read this and we agree, Working From Home Might Just Be That Bullshit.

+ What “Wonder” Gets Wrong About Disfigurement and Craniofacial Disorders.

+ 100 Must-Read Inclusive YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books.

+ The Earth’s Wildest Reactions to High Tide.

+ When ‘Where Are You From’ Takes You Someplace Unexpected.

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  1. The headline for the Gay Muslim article is misleading (not your fault, the original source fucked up). The article is very specifically about *ex-Muslims*, which face a whole lot of bullshit in Muslim countries and are in a weird spot in non-Muslim countries (trying to speak up about their situation and how Muslims don’t tend to treat them very well while not contributing to Islamophobia).

    I have my issues with the Council in the article (in that they can get very Militant Atheist and don’t really hold space for people who moved from Islam to other spiritualities or just aren’t that interested in debunking Islam, as well as some issues with misogyny) but they are doing crucial work in trying to fight homophobia in Islam. There’s a lot of us (ex-Muslim or still Muslim) especially from Muslim-majority countries who are queer and have issues with how the Islamic authorities and society handle gender and sexuality minorities, to the point of leaving the religion, but we get let down by our Western peers who are way more interested in proving that Islam isn’t homophobic.

  2. So excited to see Shoog here and featured in Teen Vogue! I met them at a NOLOSE conference three or four years ago (one of the only good parts of that shit show of a conference, actually) and am so into their photography and getting glimpses of their magical chosen family in their photography.

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