Also.Also.Also: Once Again SCOTUS Will Decide If Queer People Deserve Basic Human Rights, Neat!

Guess who had a chocolate croissant this morning??!!! IT WAS ME.

Queer as in F*ck You

Supreme Court to Decide If LGBTQ Workers Are Protected by Us Civil Rights Law

Technology Isn’t Neutral: “Ari Fitz on How Instagram Fails Queer Black Creators”

Pretty Butch: Masculinity Doesn’t Just Belong to Men

Lesbians Rejected From Church Where They Met—A Year Later

Finding Identity Without Gender: A Queer Photographer’s Journey

My Reflections On The Freedom To Travel As A Queer Couple

Lesbian Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv Says Israel’s Treatment of Trans People Is an ‘Urgent Problem’

Lil Nas X Opens Up About His Decision To Publicly Come Out As Queer

Sonya Deville on How WWE Has Empowered Her as a Lesbian, Emotions She Feels in the Ring, Confidence

Don’t Write Off the Controversial LGBTQ Movie ‘Adam,’ Which Is Actually Very Good by your very own Drew Gregory

To Be Queer and to Be Outside by Yvonne Marquez

I’m Nicky Bandini – And I’m Still a Sports Writer

Saw This, Thought of You

Are you keeping up with the NYT’s 1619 Project? YOU SHOULD BE. IT IS ESSENTIAL READING/VIEWING.

On The Border With Maybelle Carter And Lydia Mendoza

The Teacher. The Basketball Coach. The Dead Rat In the Mail.

‘Archive Of Our Own’ Fanfiction Website Is Up For A Hugo Award

They Supply the Garage, You Bring the Elbow Grease. A little something for everyone.

Political Snacks

Planned Parenthood May Withdraw From Title X Funding. See also: Trump Abortion Rule Could Hit Rural Communities Hard

Native Americans Want More Than Empty Promises From 2020 Democrats

Maryland Court Rules Marijuana Odor Not Enough To Search A Person

Look at these fucking idiots: Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Trump

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  1. It’s interesting that the article about how Adam isn’t a shit movie (which it is) focuses on all the parts of the movie that have nothing to do with Adam himself as a cis/hetero white man appropriating an identity, ignores the part where Ariel Schrag wrote a (potentially corrective) rape scene and all other fun transphobic things in addition to her numerous biphobic comments, and focuses on the ways this is a fun queer and trans experience-focused movie. Could we not have a fun queer and trans experience-focused movie that started, like, an actual trans man playing an actual trans man? Wild, I know.

  2. First Slate tries to tell me not to hate “Adam” and now Autostraddle? I’m not clicking on DG’s review. This is a movie about a straight guy who rapes a lesbian. Who cares about any other aspect of the movie?

  3. Regarding the church article, I’ve noticed a theme lately with many churches saying they are affirming but you can’t attend if you are part of the LGBTQ community. Like they accept everyone else but if you aren’t straight you’ve gotta go.
    Also, I feel bad for that woman (and her wife) but the fact her mom kicked her out of the house and the church that she thought would accept her wouldn’t allow her in anymore on the same day is horrible.

  4. So I looked up Adam the book and some quotes from the author and oh my god no

    what is it with writers and this endless fascination with “what if lesbian but actually straight?”

    I get that identities, labels and sexuality are rarely black and white but this bi-erasure and well (I don’t want to use the term lesbian-erasure because that invokes TERF nonsense but you get what I mean) these are harmful tropes that get perpetuatated by clueless writers, I’m not saying exploring identities can’t be done but it’s not something I trust most people to handle

    And she said the inspiration for Gillian was that girl who was banned from taking her girlfriend to the prom, like she saw that story and her first thought “what if she liked guys though? wouldn’t that be hard?” really?? “Hey girls what if you’re actually straight though” is this something we do with queer cis men? just saying

    Oh and the transphobia…again I understand people exist in spectrums and can shift along them in their journey (and you will have people/situations that fall outside) but this perpetuates the idea that trans men aren’t “real” men but rather just super butch women that lesbians are into…oh and all this revolving around a straight cis boy ugh

    I don’t mean to rant but this legit made me angry

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