Also.Also.Also: Oh Wow This Trump Judicial Nominee Is a Real Piece of Work and Other Stories for Your Whole Life

I’ve received some very presumptuous and useless PR emails in my day but let me tell you what, the ones I read in my inbox on this day really took the cake. Really took the cake, friends. I’m having a smoothie to chill myself out. Do you like a pineapple in your smoothie? I fucking do. A little pineapple, some strawberries. Put a banana in there if you need to, maybe some yogurt. How do you feel about parsley? I’ll be honest, I was on a parsley smoothie bender there for a while and then I took it too far, added too much parsley, and now I can’t stand the thought of it. I miss those early days, when the parsley was just a whisper and it was gentle and good. In the end, it was I who imprudently gave the parsley too much power, too much control. You have to maintain firm control over your herbs at all times. Be vigilant. What if ‘villagent’ was a word? What would it mean do you think? Would it be when all members of a village kept careful watch over something? Maybe.

Queer as in F*ck You

‘We Feared for Our Lives’: Aussie Lesbian Couple Abused on Jetstar Flight.

On Liking Women. Well fuck me right up, this piece is great.

5 Things I Learned from Growing Up Gay in the ’60s.

Tunisia’s First Queer Radio Station Plays On, Despite Mounting Death Threats.

In Washington Post’s ‘Letters from War’ Project, a Lesbian Pioneer Makes a Surprise Appearance.

Inside Cuba’s LGBT Revolution: How the Island’s Attitude to Sexuality and Gender Were Transformed.

Lesbian Comic Marga Gomez Reflects On Upbringing: Latino Parents Are “Uniquely Homophobic”.

If States Got LGBT-Friendlier, They Could Earn Billions.

Taipei Court Rejects Marriage Appeal by Third Lesbian Couple.

What I Learned on My Road Trip to Meet American Homophobia.

We Asked 14 Trans Activists How Cis People Can Be Better Allies in 2018.

PC Language Saved My Life. A take.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Trump Administration to Target Legal Pot and “This is outrageous”: Politicians react to news that A.G. Sessions is rescinding the Cole Memo. Sometimes I get tired of capitalizing other publications’ titles so that they match each other visually on this page and I hope you forgive these times with the same level of compassion and patience you’d afford someone you truly loved, like a grandparent or a puppy.

Donald Trump Embraces the Streisand Effect or Donald Trump Is a Stupid Piss-Baby.

Would Twitter Ever Suspend Trump’s Account? Hmmmm we’re asking if some cishet white dudes would ever do anything useful and good that didn’t directly and inordinately benefit just them? Idk man.

Trump Judicial Nom Doesn’t Think Gay Judges Should Hear LGBT Cases.

Doll Parts

Irene Bedard Discusses Her Role as a Native Madame President in Jay-Z Family Feud Video.

New Acquisition Reestablishes ‘Essence’ As A 100 Percent Black-Owned Company.

Why Makeup Matters to Women in Prison.

Beyond Your Faves: 6 Black Actresses Who Are Leading Women Material.

How I Learned to Look Believable.

A New Book Gives Us the World as Seen by Black Female Photographers.

Jewish Woman Is Creating the World’s First Vagina Museum. It’s like I know there’s a pun in here I just can’t quite find it and I have to publish this post before the end of the day but, you know?

Meet the Anti-Trump Candidate Running to Become the US’s First Native American Governor.

Iceland Just Made It Illegal to Pay Men More Than Women.

Keep Up

My Life as a New York Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror.

Here’s a 10-minute documentary you should watch: After Hurricane Maria, A New Crisis in Puerto Rico: Mental Health.

The Owner of Coachella Is Still Giving His Money to Pro-Gun, Anti-LGBT, Birther Politicians.

Saw This, Thought of You

Ask Polly: Why Am I So Lazy? Raise your hand if you see yourself in this article OK almost all hands are raised cool cool.

This is sad but also good but sad. Two dying memoirists wrote bestsellers about their final days. Then their spouses fell in love.

Justin Timberlake Is Rebranding Himself as a White Man. ?

And Finally

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  1. “Sometimes I get tired of capitalizing other publications’ titles so that they match each other visually on this page” – instead of a sleepy grandma puppy I saw a puzzle to be solved, so I made a bookmarklet/script to automate this – ofc you don’t have to use it; it was a fun exercise in it’s own right

    if you take the content of the below script and make it the URL of a bookmark on your browser, then select any text in a window (say the title of that article), then click on the bookmark link, your clipboard should then contain the capitalized title string, ala: “This Is Outrageous”: Politicians React To News That A.G. Sessions Is Rescinding The Cole Memo

    the script

    okay I am going to go back to reading the post now

  2. I hope that smoothie helped. Gotta say I’m skeptical that parsley was ever a good idea, but you have solid fruit choices so I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I read through almost all of the writing in the links (yay, Snow Day), but your intro paragraph is my favorite.

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