Also.Also.Also: NY Will Add Non-Binary Marker to Birth Certificates and Other Stories From Your Week

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Queer as in F*ck You

After My Lover Died, I Found Support in Her Former Partners.

State Department Changes Passport Website Language for Transgender People (Updated).

New York City to Add Non-Binary Gender Marker to Birth Certificates.

Finland Is Getting Into Gender-Neutral Shopping.

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Saw This, Thought of You

Planned Parenthood’s Next President: Leana Wen, an Immigrant Doctor of Color Who Grew Up on Medicaid.

Manitoba Indigenous Doula Initiative Empowers Women, Helps Keep Kids Out of Welfare System.

The U.S. Open Stole More Than a Point From Serena Williams // Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, And The ‘Right Kind Of Woman’.

McDonald’s Workers Are Going on a Historic Strike Over Sexual Harassment.

‘Designing Women’ Creator Goes Public With Les Moonves War: Not All Harassment Is Sexual. Listen, if you can think of Designing Women without immediately needing to see this ICONIC clip, I can’t relate to you.

Hurricane Florence’s Hidden Dangers.

The Psychology Behind the Pre-Hurricane Run to the Grocery Store.

It’s Time To Book Your Holiday Flights.

‘DefunctLand’ Investigates How And Why Theme Parks Die.

Political Snacks

A new segment where I gingerly present you with relevant political takes that are analytical, hopeful, and smart; things that remind us all to keep doing the work and looking for opportunities to leverage our own strengths so they can benefit more than ourselves; and timely calls to action you should know about.

Barack Obama Needs to Talk About Voter Suppression.

The Reds Are Coming—& They’re Young, Female, & Determined To Win America’s Heartland.

Progressive Women Are Aligning to Break Up New York’s Political Boys’ Club.

I Refuse to Choose Between Identities.

Florida Felons Want Their Voting Rights Restored.

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    • I get the frustration in this piece, but I don’t get the assertion that “they” means not cis. I think of it as not committing to he or she, which is a courtesy for a stranger to do until they have more information. It’s garbage that only some people like this author and myself get they’d, but the argument shouldn’t be that people should guess our gender better! It should be that all people are they’d until more information is given. They is neutral in my mind and is not a third gender box one can be put into (more like self-selecting to opt out of the binary), and I appreciate when I’m they’d because that’s the type of person who will respect that I go by she when I give them that info. I don’t think you can be said to misgender someone with they unless they’ve already told you a different pronoun.

  1. The pre-Hurricane run to the grocery store piece was frustrating to read as someone who grew with hurricanes because it was clearly written by someone with zero hurricane experience and as quick click piece.

    Generators, camp stoves, charcoal grills and ice chests are things they never thought of or considered when they did take comfort food buys into consideration.

    But the thing that really stick in my craw is acting like lower income people don’t know when things are dangerous which is some bullshit. Consider maybe the reason higher income people spend before landfall is because they have the money to do that AND have the money to evacuate but noooo poor people are dumb conspiracy theorists.

  2. I find it very strange that the American system involves stopping people from voting at all. All this stuff about closing down the polling in certain regions, and roll purging, and banning people from voting if they have a criminal history, is so strange to me. No Australian citizen over 18 is prevented from voting, and in fact failure to vote will get you a fine. There are still people who abstain or who send in donkey votes, but the system itself is set up to maximise the number of voters. Which is just how it should be. As a nation we may copy America in an awful lot of things, but at least not with this…

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