Also.Also.Also: Now Everyone Knows Briana Is a Lesbian and Other Stories for Your Face

If you, like me, plan to be watching a movie in a park tonight, don’t forget your bug spray and wine.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Excuse me. Pardon me. Buddysaurus needs your help. They just want to be real, useful things on your desk and in your life!


Queer as in F*ck You

+ Oh hey check this out Nicole Pasulka did a profile on Autostraddle and it’s pretty fucking cool and you should read it! Clicking the Bean: The History of the Internet’s Most Popular Lesbian Blog.

+ Eboné Bell, Founder of Lesbian Magazine Tagg, Talks Racism, Labels and Building From Scratch in an interview with Miriam Zoila Pérez.

+ Wanted: New home for African-American LGBT church in Harlem.

+ Straight Up Passing: The State of Queer Chefs in America.

+ Samantha Allen would like to talk to you about The Great Lesbian Sperm Crisis, ok?

+ The Next LGBT Battle: Sex Ed.

+ Fuck ‘Normal’, I’m Queer! by Lucy Watson.

+ Some asshole at Chesnee High School in North Carolina sent Briana Popour home for wearing a shirt that reads Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian because it was “distracting” and “offensive.”

Doll Parts

+ Are you listening to Brittani Nichols and Ariana Lenarsky‘s Brand New Podcast? You should be!

+ Y’ALL. I know you’ve seen this but I couldn’t sleep in the same bed with myself if I didn’t include it here today! Connie Britton‘s Hair Secret:

+ Why Powerful Women Love Google, And Why They Leave It by Patricia Sellers.

+ How Sex Workers’ Rights Made the Mainstream by Melissa Gira Grant.

+ 20 Women Who Shaped the History of Dance Music.

+ Laura Jane Grace Tells Bullied Teen to “Take No Shit.” by Rae Paoletta.

+ Activists Say Police Abuse of Transgender People Persists Despite Reforms.

+ Twelve year-old Lydia Sebastian is smarter than Eistein.

+ What Social Science Grants Say About Women in Science.

+ Listen to These Seven Black Female Driven Podcasts! Do it! Do it today! Thank you Jasmine Burnett!

+ Roxane Gay and Erica Jong Discuss Feminism and It Instantly Gets Awkward. It got so awkward that I almost couldn’t read this.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Remember 9/11: The Things Left Behind.

+ The Root 100 is out!

+ Names Have Power: The United States of Indigenous Names.

+ The Daunting Task of Decarceration by Nancy A. Heitzeg.

+ OBSESSED with this. I Made a Linguistics Prof Listen to a Blink 182 Song and Analyze the Accent on Atlas Obscura (again) via a Longreads.

+ Hm, I’m not sure a thing has ever been so relevant to your interests? (Related!)

+ Seven Ideas for a Fun Date Night at Home. Wheee!

+ Confessions From a Florida Frat Bro. Lord.

+ Email Is For Lovers?! I mean, I’m just married to my favorite OkCupid date, sooooo…


+ The Beetles That Work at Natural History Museums.

+ Would you like to know how to make hummus correctly? I bet you would!

“Hummus means chickpeas in Arabic, so while the black bean or cannellini “hummus” we’re eating might taste just fine, if there isn’t a chickpea in there, it really isn’t hummus.”

Yvonne and I were JUST saying this a couple of days ago! #hummustruthers

+ Do animals dream?

+ Why Does Getting Rid of Stuff Feel So Good?

And Finally

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  1. Shonda Rhimes was voted #1 most influential by The Root, and not Barack Obama.

    Reading between the lines, the African American community is pissed at Obama for not doing more for them. I love Shonda Rhimes and think she’s awesome, so not trying to put her down; she’s a powerhouse and a pioneer and I am glad to see her at the top of this list. Just would be cool to hear more about how The Root made the rankings.

  2. Dermestid beetles are the shit! I don’t process bones enough to use any method other than macerating, but it was really cool to see how museums process their specimens and maintain colonies. I kinda wish they didn’t just kill ’em after five years, though, that seems wasteful. Then again, how else are you supposed to protect the collection? :/

    The frat boy confessions were heartbreaking and not at all what I was expecting. Fucking patriarchy, isolating and wounding even the epitome of its values.

    Great AAA! Many feels, much info.

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