Also.Also.Also: Not Enough Barb Though and Other Stories for Your Weekend

You sure are having a Friday! I couldn’t be happier for you. You know how Joe Biden feels about Obama? That’s how I feel about you.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Support Vida because lesbian vampires!!


Queer as in F*ck You

+ After Pulse Shooting, LGBT Folks of Color Worry About Increased Police Attention.

+ Advocates Are Working to Address Problems of LGBT Prisoners.

+ When It Comes to Queer Love, Our Word Choices Matter.

+ I’m Bisexual at Home, But a Lesbian When Traveling Overseas. Give it a think.

+ LGBT Students Are Forced to Look Outside the Classroom for Guidance.

+ ‘I’d Rather Have a Living Son Than a Dead Daughter’.

Doll Parts

+ Korryn Gaines and the Erasure of Violence Against Black Women.

+ On Korryn Gaines, Loreal Tsingine and Refusing to Surrender.

+ USA Gymnastics Accused of Enabling Predators By Ignoring Abuse Allegations.

+ She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry: An Interview with Filmmaker Mary Dore.

+ How This Filmmaker Ended Up in an LA Psychiatric Hospital.

+ Stranger Things: 11 Amazing Fan Art Homages to the Show’s Kick-Ass Women. NOT ENOUGH BARB, I SAY. Here I fixed it:

+ Learning to Love My Anxiety.

+ Lady emojis.

+ Toronto’s Babe Brigade Not Content to Leave Skateboarding to the Bros. Real talk, did you ever think you’d live in a world where someone could link you to like a million articles on gals who skate the board in a matter of weeks? I did not. Had I thought that, maybe I could’ve saved myself from crushing on Joe in middle school — who was not at all my type but just happened to be the only kid IN MY ENTIRE TOWN who skateboarded — and just waited that shit out. Joe I only wanted you for your sick kickflip. Kids today have no idea how good they have it! HOT BABES ON SKATEBOARDS BEING BADASS ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE Y’ALL. Whew!

+ Read about the Women of Pitchfest.

+ ?

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Saw this and thought of me, to be quite honest: Searching for the Country Music of Our Dreams.

+ Watch All the Awesome Spells Cast in the Harry Potter Movies in Alphabetical Order.

+ Stranger Things in Virtual Reality is Real Scary.

+ This gift.

+ How to Watch the Olympics.

And Finally

I like this.

tbt to RISD when I painted this piece about puberty so really I guess tbt to puberty

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  1. That article about being a bisexual at home but lesbian abroad was an interesting perspective.. At first I thought, depending on where you are, wouldn’t it be more risky to be openly affectionate with another woman? But with the idea of using tinder, it makes sense.. it’s definitely a lot less risky to go on a date with a woman than a man. The statistic about sexual assaults was depressing; I didn’t know we were targeted that much more than straight women, and that there are more of us that have been assaulted than not assaulted is really disturbing. I still thought the statistics were 1 in 4; which of course is already extremely high, just didn’t realize it was that much higher for us. The other good point that she makes is people interpreting talking about sex the wrong way. I’m super open to talking about sex with just about anyone (that’s not creepy) because on top of enjoying sex, I really enjoy sex as an intellectual topic; that doesn’t mean I want to fuck you! ?? It blows my mind when I’m trying to discuss things about sex and people think I’m coming on to them, wtf? Can you not detect my tone/approach?!

  2. I found it really bizarre when I traveled that I mostly became attracted to men. While I do identify as queer, I have only pursued relationships with women while at home for the past 5 years. I am also fairly androgynous while at home. I femmed out a lot while traveling and only engaged in little travel romantic flings with men. Which was really surprising to me considering I figured I was being my most authentic self away from people who knew me at home.

    But the second I got home, I recut my hair, started wearing my old clothes again and fell hopelessly in love with a woman.

    I really don’t get it.

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