Also.Also.Also: New York Bans Conversion Therapy and Other Stories for Your Whole Deal

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Hello I made up a song this morning and maybe you would like to sing along or even add a verse:

Water water lots of water DRINK IT eat the fruit fruit fruit and go to sleep and the internet says your skin will glow in a good way not the radioactive way LET’S GLOW SKIN BAG.

Queer as in F*ck You

Mary Oliver, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Lesbian Poet, Is Dead at 83

Elderly Lesbian Couple Lose Discrimination Case Against Retirement Home

I’m Out of a Job Because My Boss Didn’t Think I Look Like a Woman

New York Bans Conversion Therapy Aimed at Minors

Kansas Governor Reinstates Protections For LGBTQ State Employees

Chechnya: Two Dead and Dozens Held in LGBT Purge, Say Activists

‘Into’ Is a Reminder That Queer Businesses Can Be Hurt by Straight Leaders

A Local Couple Has Created a Space Specifically for Queer Lakers Fans

The Long War Against a Gay Cure

Evan Rachel Wood Lip-Syncs the Tale of ‘Frankenstein’ in ‘Drunk History’

Am I Infertile or Just Queer?

Lily Tomlin Explains Why She Refused to Come Out on the Cover of Time. Um ok yes BUT ALSO:

The pair also confirmed that they were set to appear in a sequel to 9 to 5 alongside acting and music legend Dolly Parton, with Fonda saying: “We’ve got people writing it.”

‘Pro-Lesbian’ or ‘Trans-Exclusionary’? Old Animosities Boil Into Public View. Hmmm I think my favorite line is the last one.

Saw This, Thought of You

When You Give a Teacher a Gun

When Women Are Denied Pain Relief During Invasive Procedures

The North Pole Is Moving, and the Shutdown Means We Aren’t Keeping Up cool cool cool cool.

Minnie’s Corn Pudding and Tammy’s Better Than Sex Cake: “These days, downtown Nashville is littered with bars named after stars, and most of those names belong to men. Jason Aldean’s Kitchen. Even (bless his heart) Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock ’n’ Roll Steakhouse. But it’s the women of country music who ought to be on those neon signs.”

Is Sunscreen the New Margarine? I guess that depends on where you put it.

Animals Keep Creating Mysteries by Sounding Weird

Astrologer Chani Nicholas Shares How Music Matches Your Horoscope

Here’s What It’s Really Like To Be An Internet Advice Columnist

The Myth of ‘We Don’t Build Houses Like We Used To’

I Was Pregnant and in Crisis. All the Doctors and Nurses Saw Was an Incompetent Black Woman

No One Is an Influencer If Everyone Is an Influencer

Purdue Appeals Order to Unseal OxyContin Records to Kentucky Supreme Court

Political Snacks

‘At What Point Do We Have to Start Shutting Down?’ Domestic Violence Shelters Struggle to Survive the Government Shutdown

Impeach Donald Trump

What Really Happens Inside American Immigration Facilities and Detention Centers

Trials Begin for Activists Charged After Leaving Food and Water for Migrants in Arizona Desert

The Real Naked Selfies Are Coming

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  1. Like is autostraddle following me? The other week it was the queer Persian dinner series. And now that queer(trans inclusive) Lakers’ group, which is what I have been looking for, for a good while now.

  2. Also, this just crossed my mind and really wish it was talked about/pointed out more. A lot of these transphobes/terfs are upholding racist and Christian colonialist ideals of gender and sexuality. A notable example is India and how it in the last few years has been undoing the colonialist laws on criminalizing gender and sexuality. A few years ago they re-recognized 3rd gender people because, Hijra(third-gender/trans women) in Indian subcontinent have been part of the culture way before the British ever visited the area. And just last year(or was it two years ago) being gbq was decriminalized. If we want to talk closer to the US Indigenous people of the Americas existed before Christian colonialism tried to erase them. If you notice most of the time these TERFS are white women(the more prominent ones are middle class). Like do you not see the problem of support Christian colonialist ideas? Like do you not get that if trans rights are taken away, as we are some of the most vulnerable in the community, the next to target could be lesbian rights.

  3. so the elderly lesbian couple lost because of religion…

    “The retirement community provided the couple with a copy of their policy, which cited “biblical principles” and “sincerely-held religious standards” as justifications for limiting access to single-living units to heterosexual married couples.”

    • Religious based healthcare (like Providence), and I imagine retirement situations too, can somehow decide that certain things need to “pass their religious code” and they have “ethics committees” that can approve or deny healthcare based on religious morals. And yet Providence is a wide spread healthcare system and an insurance option for government employees. (personally discovered this over the summer and am still so livid about it)

  4. I will never understand TERFs who get mad about being called TERFs. It’s not even an insult we came up with for them. It’s just an accurate description of what they are. It’s not like it stands for Trash Eating Rancid Farts.

  5. That AfterEllen article was bats** crazy. I could not believe that my previously beloved lesbian website had gone off the deep end! It was my first queer website and it’s where I met my wife. We both had a long discussion about how far AE had fallen, and how incredibly hateful that article was. And the comments! What do you think the original writers and owners think of the transformation? I’m glad we had AutoStraddle now and I really appreciate the inclusiveness of this website.

    • I refuse to give AfterEllen a single click any more, but whenever I hear about what it’s become it infuriates me and also makes me really sad. AE was the first queer website I ever read, back when Sarah Warn was still running it, before Logo bought it, when they used to run the “Best Lesbian Week Ever” column on Fridays because there was so little actual representation they could sum it up in one weekly column. I also watched what went down when Evolve Media bought it (as I’m sure many others here did too). It’s just sad that what used to be the premiere pop culture website for queer women is now not only simply a shell of what it once was but also a haven for transphobes and bigots. Thank Lesbian Jesus we have Autostraddle, aka the best website on the entire internet. You all are doing such important work.

  6. Laneia your song is a thing of beauty but what does it sound like and what are the recommended dance moves that go with it because clearly there must be some. Please post video of yourself performing it immediately.

    The article about giving teachers guns was both interesting and disturbing, but primarily it was disappointing, because I was expecting a “When You Give a Moose a Muffin” parody. A very dark one.

  7. So much goodness here, it’s insane. In particular, thank you for the article about hysterioscopies (sp?!). I had one a few years ago with absolutely no warning at all, so no pain relief- and it was through the military, so I also felt kind of obligated to just bluff through it- which was truly horrendous. I had a long drive immediately afterwards- and had to stop multiple times just to do that consciously existing thing that happens when you’re in that much pain.

  8. Love Kate Wagner’s architecture article, and I really love her McMansions from Hell blog.

    From the perspective of someone like me who has a moderate interest in architecture, she’s a great accessible but rigorous voice.

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