Also.Also.Also: New Queer Music, Old LGBTQ Publications, and Other Stories Ta-Dah

Hey there ho there good morning to you! Sometime last week I said to my coworkers, “In September I’m going to get a laptop stand so I can stop looking down at a 45 degree angle all day every day for the rest of my life.” And everyone was like, “Ok.” Well! On Friday I was like I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER !!!! so I bought one over the weekend and fellas, let me tell you, I am disappointed. I need this screen to be at least six inches higher than it is on this stand.

That’s all, I just wanted to tell you how dissatisfied I am today.

Queer as in F*ck You

Homophobia in Women’s Sports by Erin Blakemore.

18 Dead LGBT Magazines Worth Remembering.

A Man Destroyed a Lesbian’s Car & Attacked Her After She Rejected Him.

The Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft is a skanky TERF club, but this guy just wants to explain their tax-exempt status to you and it’s pretty interesting!

Queer Necessities: Billboard Pride’s August 2018 Playlist.

Michigan Court Insults Trans Women, Punishes Gym for Pro-LGBT Policy.

Mother of Gay Chicago Teen Says Her Daughter’s Assault Was a Hate Crime.

‘We’re Monumentally Fucked’: Trans Sex Workers on Life Under FOSTA/SESTA by Aviva Stahl.

Saw This, Thought of You

The NRA Says It’s in Deep Financial Trouble, May Be ‘Unable to Exist’.

Apple Is Removing Alex Jones And Infowars’ Podcasts From iTunes.

In Appalachia, Women Put Their Bodies on the Line for the Land by Ellee Achten.

Women-Led Initiatives Are Closing the Gender Gap in Prison Coding Programs by Zara Stone.

The Open Wound Of Border Country by Jennifer Caroccio.

I’m a WNBA Player. Men Won’t Stop Challenging Me to Play One-on-One by Devereaux Peters.

Black Vegans Are Fighting The Power With Food by Natalie Hopkinson.


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    • I agree with you that the NRA is full of shit and just trying to sue Cuomo to make a point and pretend to be victims for the billionth time and that media coverage is probably leading to donations for the NRA. But I would imagine that the percentage of donations originating from someone reading about it on Autostraddle is infinitesimal if it even exists at all.

      • Well, the pink pistols do exist and I follow online many gun owning LGBTQ people. Their reasoning is the racists and fascists will have guns so we must arm ourselves if they ever start a war. I get their reasoning behind it, but I am not sure if they are nra supports.

  1. It’s kind of disappointing how the article about athletes disregards how even when homosexuality isn’t discussed, most of the focus on female athletes is about how they have a vagina and provocative photos in Sports Illustrated that emphasize this.

    I’m glad the woman got away because all I could think of was the firefighter who was murdered along with her wife because of an entitled coworker who was one of those “If I can’t have this person, neither can anyone else” types. It’s a shame that no one intervened.

    I don’t understand how in the world it’s possible for companies and governments to just waltz into someone else’s land and do as they please with it in a country that is purportedly not communist. How is it possible for them to ignore the OTHER legal procedures involved before taking over?

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