Also.Also.Also: Navajo Grandparents Fight the Effects of Colonialism for LGBTQ Family

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Queer as in F*ck You

LGBT Navajos Discover Unexpected Champions: Their Grandparents

“We are seeing clearly the aftereffects of what colonialism can look like and how it really shifted our values as Navajo people,” Nelson says. “Whereas at the time, if you were LGBTQ and growing up in Navajo traditional families, families celebrated that fact. They said that we were sacred. They said that we had sacred roles.”

Japanese Transgender Man Loses Appeal Against Enforced Sterilization

A Trans Woman Was Charged With ‘False Personation’ for Giving the NYPD Her Real Name

New York Enacts Law to Ban Transgender Discrimination

Trump Administration Sits on Hands as Chechnya Disappears LGBTQ People

Gay Brazilian Congressman Resigns, Citing Death Threats

New Bill Would Block Utahns From Legally Changing Their Gender on Paper

Angel’s Gender Identity Is RENT’s Most Enduring Mystery

Renowned Cookbook Author Julia Turshen on Why She Loves Leftovers. I love leftovers AND Julia Turshen, so.

King Princess And Fiona Apple’s Collab Is The Perfect Song To Cry To

Holland Taylor Slid Into Sarah Paulson’s DMs, and for That, We’re All Grateful

FGLAAD Awards to Celebrate Queer-Inclusive Video Games for the First Time in 2019

Saw This, Thought of You

Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work?

We Now Have More Proof That Drug Companies Helped Cause the Opioid Epidemic

24 Children’s Stories That Still Give Us the Creeps

BuzzFeed’s First Round of Layoffs Puts an End to Its National News Desk

During the Lunar Eclipse, Something Slammed Into the Moon !

Is It Just Me, or Does Duolingo Not Work?

Political Snacks

Older, Right-Leaning Twitter Users Spread the Most Fake News in 2016, Study Finds

Queering the Vote

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  1. I dunno how true it is, but I heard some of the buzzefeed layoffs were due to not meeting investor demand and that they will probably merge with another company and then higher more writers as they can pool their resoruces together.

    • I read on twitter yesterday that their 2019 video fellowships (their program where they have people coming up with ideas, planning, shooting and editing videos and pay on an hourly basis) are supposed to be a year long, instad of their usual 4 months. That means paying people less for longer and probably letting go a lot of them after a year since not all fellows turn into video producers later. And of course, they don’t keep any kind of intellectual property and their names don’t appear on the videos, so that’s why a lot of times they choose to star in the videos to get some kind of credit.

      It’s all quite perverse.

  2. Regarding the creepy kids’ stories: my collection of Beatrix Potter only has Tom Kitten messing up his clothes, not almost eaten by mice. Are there multiple versions of the story? And I found all of Shel Silverstein, particularly the illustrations, very disturbing.

  3. Good collection of links and news as always, thanks Laneia!

    I’m a language nerd, so of course I’m going to respond to the article about Duolingo. It’s more of a fun video game intro to language learning- and not a particularly useful one at that. I recommend Mango online (a lot of public libraries offer this for free), Memrise online (unlike Duolingo, this actually has practical topics and teaches you grammar & vocab), and Pimsleur Audio CDs (my local library has a collection, and they’re great to listen & repeat after in my car). You can’t use one resource to learn a language- a class might have all the elements, but we don’t all have the money or time to take a class as adults. Youtube has tons of free resources, and there are language learning communities on all social media platforms where you can find good resource suggestions for the specific language you’re learning!

    • I’ve found that Duolingo makes it easier to complete the exercises on their app, but the grammar lessons (which are super useful and don’t just rely on you picking up patterns) only show up on the web version.

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