Also.Also.Also: Mormon Church Will Now Allow LGBTQ Parents to Baptize Their Children and Other Stories from Your Week

This morning we’re talking about fruit salads because that is the kind of thing you talk about when you are close friends with your co-workers, and I need to make sure y’all are also on our level, which is: cantaloupes should be banned.

Queer as in F*ck You

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Saw This, Thought of You

When Did America’s Heart Turn Cold on Buffet Chains? This is my favorite thing I’ve read all week.


The Women Who Nod At Death And Say Let’s Go — have I already shared this? I feel like I’ve already shared this but then that would be impossible.

Why Do Female Basketball Coaches Wear Heels?

A Brief History of the Ball Pit

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Political Snacks

House Expands Domestic Violence Gun Controls in Rebuke to N.R.A.

68% of American Voters Are Enthusiastic or Comfortable With a Gay President

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  1. Getting in on this fruit salad discussion

    I love cantaloupe and sometimes when they serve fruit salad as sides at restaurants I will eat just the cantaloupe and the grapes and leave the rest. The one thing that *really* needs to be banned is pineapple. The juice doesn’t even taste like the pineapple itself and makes everything else taste horrible!

    I volunteer to eat all your cantaloupe if we’re ever eating fruit salad together.

  2. I want to share this adorable Dutch feelgood story with you guys:

    One of the most popular magazines (for kids and adults) here is Donald Duck, a weekly disney style comic book. A 10-year old girl named Fenna wrote to the kids-news that she was frustrated all of the background characters are (or appear) straight. She has 2 moms and 2 dads and she wanted to see a queer character in her favourite magazine. The journalist took her to the chief editor, who took them to an artist and they changed one of the pictures! So for the very first time two woman in love are featured.

    I got my copy today :)

    On this site you can see the picture and the interview with the kid, in Dutch:

  3. Wait I just back from a work event that had a fruit tray. By the time I got to the tray all the other fruit (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, not sure what else) were gone and the tray was just cantaloupe, honey dew, and pineapple. 😂😂 Clearly these are the contentious fruits!

  4. I have not even read the links yet. I am here to address the anti-canteloupe bias that has permeated this website.

    Juice 1/2 or 1 lime. Grate 1/2 a tsp of fresh ginger. Add some sugar or maple syrup and a sprinkle of salt to taste. Pour it over a large pile cantaloupe. Throw in some grapefruit, avocado, berries, whatever. Re-evaluate your bias.

  5. I grew up in Utah, and while this WILL benefit a handful of queer people and their children and is absolutely the right thing to do, I have a hard time giving the church too much credit for reversing an incredibly harmful decision that it made THREE YEARS AGO and claimed was divinely inspired.

    I can’t tell if your headline and tagline for the Deseret News article are intended to paint the church and its intentions in a positive light or if that’s just how my cynical self read it (the Deseret News is owned and run by the church and their article is absolutely intended to make the church look good), but I’m having a hard time seeing this move as anything but the church trying to pander to the members (and the 10% of their incomes) that it’s losing. This honestly feels very similar to Trump waving a rainbow flag around and talking to Caitlyn Jenner about bathrooms in 2016. It hurts and it’s going to hurt more and more when I see LDS friends talking about how welcoming and accepting this makes the church.

    CW: Suicide for this next bit…

    The church’s semi-annual church-wide conference was this weekend, and it will likely be followed by multiple suicides. That’s not me being dramatic; it’s a fairly regular and well-documented occurrence. The church has an immense amount of power over the behavior of its members, and if it decided that gays kids not killing themselves was as worthy of its time and energy as shaming people for masturbating, it could–literally–save hundreds of lives. I really, genuinely hope that this move is something that makes a positive difference in people’s lives, but it shouldn’t redeem the church at all.

    I’m really sorry if this is too aggressive (and that’s entirely directed at the church and not at Laneia or Autostraddle), but I REALLY don’t want to see this decision taking anything away from the church being held as accountable as it should be.

  6. Ugh. Helen Lewis is awful. She’s not quite as bad as Greer, Bindel or Ditum but she’s terrible; your typical white, middle class, uber privileged transphobe.

    She spouts the transphobic ‘concern’ trope. There are people with genuine concerns; typically older people with homogenous social circles and low digital literacy. Not international journalists with access to crime figures and impact investigations.

    A person who was genuinely concerned could debunk their ‘concerns’ in a half hour google session.

    For example, the prison issue she’s so ‘concerned’ about.

    Sex offenders, including female ones, are segregated from general population, often segregated from one another, and are subject to stringent rules. Every trans woman transferred into a female prison undergoes risk assessment, for their sake as well as others. Oh, and according to MOJ rules, cis female prisoners can be remanded to the male estate, or Max Sec (i.e. locked up 23 hours a day) if they are deemed too dangerous.

    Both in terms of volume and percentage, cis-female prisoners are more at risk from other cis women, and guards (male and female) than they are from trans prisoners.

    That info took me twenty minutes to find, and I’m pretty damn sure Helen Lewis has Google.

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