Also.Also.Also: Mike Pompeo Definitely Still Thinks You’re a Perversion and Other Stories for Fuck’s Sake


Queer as in F*ck You

Neat! Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo still thinks you and all your LGBTQ family shouldn’t be allowed to marry and definitely thinks you’re a perversion even though he’s too chickenshit to admit it.

How Queer Stories Onscreen Breathe New Life into Old Songs.

For LGBT Students, a STEM Career Is a Less Likely Option.

Two Pro Wrestlers Just Made LGBT History at Wrestlemania 34.

“Hot And Bothered” Is Your New Favorite Queer Comedy Webseries.

tatiana de la tierra: The Task of Cataloguing Latina Lesbian Identity.

For some reason, Stef doesn’t want this to happen: Charli XCX Wants To Recreate t.A.T.u’s “All the Things She Said” With Taylor Swift.

This Boxing Club Helps Trans People Embrace Their Bodies.

Doll Parts

Why America’s Black Mothers and Babies Are in a Life-or-Death Crisis.

Gabi Fresh Talks Casting Plus-Size Models Who Aren’t Hourglass-Shaped in Her Swimsuits for All Campaign.

Teaching Consent: Could Oklahoma Lead a New Wave in Sex Education?

Celebrating Ramona Quimby’s Enduring Appeal, in Honor of Beverly Cleary’s 102nd Birthday.

What Does a Workspace Built for Women Look Like?

The ‘Lady Engineer’ Who Took the Pain Out of the Train.

The Unlikely Hiker.

Keep Up

Feds Shutter Backpage; Sex Workers Left in the Dark.

Trump Signs FOSTA Into Law, Ignoring Sex Workers’ Warnings and Putting Their Safety at Risk.

Saw This, Thought of You

Why Does the Government Need to Know Your Gender?

The Silence: The Legacy of Childhood Trauma by Junot Díaz.

When Vision Becomes Reality — Representation Matters.

White America Still Sees Cardi B as Its Brown Girl “Bestie”.

Why Everyone Is Insecure (and Why That’s OK).

Five Arrested For Rave Inside Abandoned Toys R Us.

And Finally

Apps for Journaling! Apps apps apps journaling journaling journaling!

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  1. So here’s a thought. Paul Ryan is not running for re-election, and the House is almost certainly going to swing Democrat in 2018. If Trump gets convicted, and if he does he’s almost certainly going to take Pence with him, then the Speaker of the House will be a Democrat. It’s just a nice thought.

    • Seconded. I can’t really imagine that being a good idea at all. That being said, if there’s a reason this wouldn’t be exploitative of the queer community via pop stars with no connection to the community or general history of being aware of its interests, I am curious to hear it.

  2. This is so TRUE, speaking from experience, STEM majors can be a toxic place for queer students, it’s a wonder I’m about to graduate with my biochem major in a year! Hopefully I will be able to help out other queer STEM students down the road not to throw in the towel!

    • Would you be willing at all to expand on that? I’m currently working towards a career in STEM and I would like to know what I’m up against, so to speak. I understand if you don’t want to talk about it though :)

  3. I’ve been fascinated – and tremendously heartened – to see the reaction to FOSTA being sex workers en masse migrating to a Mastodon instance, switter, where its legality isn’t an issue. Within a week or two, it’s gained over 20,000 users, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Behold the power of a decentralised twitter-like network!

  4. So, that quote from the STEM article isn’t quite true. If you read the full research article, while overall queer students are less likely than straight students. If you look just at queer women, they are much more likely than straight women to persist in STEM majors! So, though I care about the gay men in STEM, badass queer lady scientists are dominating.

    It’s been really frustrating me that the coverage of this article only focuses on queer men not staying in STEM, not the curious part where queer women are in STEM at higher percentages than straight women!

    I’m a queer scientists, and we are everywhere.

  5. “Hughes supposes this is due to a hostility against femininity”

    lmao nope, there is still a minimum level of femininity straight people expect you to maintain as a woman – even in science! – and if you don’t, you hear about it

    “Lesbian and bisexual women might somehow conform to a stereotype that their peers have about who belongs in the field better than heterosexual women.”

    hahahaha no

    has this person ever actually talked to women in science who aren’t femme?

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