Also.Also.Also: Michigan’s AG Not Super Worried About LGBTQ Discrimination and Other Stories for Your Week

Goooooood morning y’all look so small from up here (way up on my high horse, where I live now because I published my link roundup IN THE MORNING INSTEAD OF IN THE AFTERNOON)!! Take care of yourselves down there, won’t you.

Queer as in F*ck You

Michigan AG: State Law Doesn’t Bar LGBT Discrimination.

Angela Bowen, Dance Teacher and Gay Activist, Is Dead at 82.

“I’m a black, lesbian, feminist, writer, activist,” she once said. “I see all of those as equal functions. I feel as though I’ve got a mission to be out front.”

A black and white photo of Angela Bowen standing in front of a wall that's covered in posters and flyers, apparently for local art and queer community. She's wearing a white button down shirt, white jacket, large glasses, and a bag over her shoulder. She's smiling up toward the sky at something off-camera.

Angela Bowen by Jennifer Abod

#20gayteen: The Year of Hayley Kiyoko. Every time I think of Hayley Kiyoko now, I remember the time I was in a parking lot at strip mall, trying to look up the lyrics to one of her songs to make sure I was singing it correctly (as you do) and in this confusion, I accidentally backed out in front of one car that was going faster than I’d clocked it in my mind, and in my overcorrection of this mistake, I inadvertently blocked the other lane so that an oncoming car had to slam on their brakes to keep from hitting me and THEN they had to navigate around me, because we were all stuck like that until that second car could make it past. I will never forget the look on that old man’s face. Just staring me down like that from his little car, so disgusted. Anyway happy 20gayteen! (I had the lyrics right, for the record.)

Kesha Helped Two Fans Get Engaged at Detroit Show — these two fans are totally lesbianing with each other, if that helps you be more interested in the story.

Overhaul of Sex Education in England Could Elevate LGBT Rights.

How I Made It Back to Church. This is an adaptation of an essay from the upcoming book, I Can’t Date Jesus, by Michael Arceneaux.

Queer Musical Siren Kat Cunning Releases New Track About Phone Sex. It’s like, you think you have a grasp on what this headline is about, and then no it’s not a queer musical called “Siren” ok got it, and then ohhhhh phone sex ok yeah! That’s my journey for the day.

This Brazilian Lesbian Werewolf Flick Is Unlike Any Movie You’ve Ever Seen. Who’s gonna argue with that?

Julien Baker’s Radical Vulnerability Gets A Dose Of Rock-Star Swagger.

How the Prosper Act Could Negatively Impact LGBTQ Students.

‘Semi Queer’ Book Reveals Lives and Struggles of Gay, Trans Truck Drivers. Two please!

A 75-Year-Old Lesbian Discovery. The piece they’re referring to was published in January but listen, if you don’t think any day of the year is a good day to read about Lisa Ben, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Saw This, Thought of You

Lauren Greenfield on Generation Wealth and the Culture of Money That Made Trump Possible.

Los Angeles Times Restaurant Critic Jonathan Gold Dies at 57.

Gold was mission-driven as a critic, hoping his food adventures through the city’s many immigrant enclaves would help break down barriers among Angelenos wary of venturing outside their comfort zones. In the process, he made L.A.’s enormousness and diversity feel accessible and became one of the city’s most insightful cultural commentators.

“I am trying to democratize food and trying to get people to live in the entire city of Los Angeles,” he said in a 2015 interview with Vice. “I’m trying to get people to be less afraid of their neighbors.”

Woman Dead, Man in Custody After Gun Battle With Police at Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake.

Have you heard? It’s Not Just the Tampon Tax: Why Periods Are Political.

Judgment Days: God, Trump, and the Meaning of Morality by Stephanie McCrummen. I’m sorry but I had to include this!

‘Prison Is Not Where Women Need to Be’: All-Female Task Force Wants to Cut Illinois’ Female Prison Population in Half.

A response to a piece we talked about last week: If Women’s Media Is a Scam, How Come Nobody Ever Calls Sports Media a Scam? I bet you know the answerrrrr!

I’m thinking about making this tea today. That’s all!

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  1. I like how the PROSPER Act will only allow loaded people (because they absolutely NEED more money!!) with nefarious intentions (because they can’t score people to sleep with normally!!) to prosper.

    When I read about the assault part, I was reminded of how when I checked Twitter a few weeks ago, apparently the people responsible for decisions about how education in Ontario is going to work, they decided to go back to the sex ed they were teaching in 1998 which doesn’t include anything that is discussed in more contemporary curricula.

    Upon seeing what these government people the world over interpret as progress, I think and would say if I saw them, “Why don’t you just die already?!?!”

  2. Thanks for sharing the article on Generational wealth. I read it over several days and keep thinking about it. We are such a culture of consumer.

    Also I like being a hard worker, but I try to balance it with the other parts of my life. And if I spend/consume less, then I can get by with working less. But it’s tricky and intergenerational wealth and intergenerational poverty.

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