Also.Also.Also: Mapping Animalia, Hair as Sexual Politics, and More Stories You Need

Your goal for the weekend: when you hear someone — anyone, really, even if they’re yards away from you — say “alt-right,” pipe up real quick and holler “YOU MEAN NEO-NAZI!” It should be lots of fun!

Today’s AAA is PACKED with so much. Pace yourself. Hydrate. Stretch.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Queers Riding Tractors. What more could you want in a title?

+ Black Girl on the Internet.

+ Finding Community as a Closeted Queer Latina After Trump’s Win.

+ A Queer Beauty Writer on the Sexual Politics of Hair. It’s Arabelle Sicardi!

+ Lesbian Officer Danielle Woods Builds Community Bridges in Detroit.


Danielle Woods

+ Finding LGBTQ Healthcare Isn’t So Easy in Rural California.

+ Feminism Through Fashion: “What queer t-shirts from the past 30 years can tell us about feminism today.”

+ The F Word: How queer families redefine the terms we use.

+ Talking to Kids About Open Relationships.

+ This Is What Canada’s New LGBTQ2 Special Advisor Is Facing In His New Role.

+ The Danger of Tinder’s LGBTQ-Friendly Upgrade: How the upgrade could be used to target trans users.

+ Minnesota Mom Sues Her Trans Child Over Gender Reassignment. Seems perfectly reasonable. Sure.

+ Queer Women Just Live Their Lives in These Gifs.

There's another one with a witch that you'll really like.

There’s another one with a witch that you’ll really like.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ And now ladies and gentlequeers, Lindy West: WHAT TO DO.

+ Holy Fuck The Election. Interactive and useful!

+ What Scared LGBTQ Youth Need to Hear Right Now by Kristin Russo.

+ Toni Morrison with Making America White Again.

+ Get this Anti-Trump Zine.

+ What to Do About Trump? The Same Thing My Grandfather Did in 1930s Vienna.

The first, and most obvious, is this: Treat every poisoned word as a promise.

+ We Have 100 Days to Stop Donald Trump from Systemically Corrupting Our Institutions.

+ Love Notes from the Margins: How We’ll Survive These Times.

+ 10 Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response.

+ Research Says There Ways to Reduce Racial Bias. Calling people ‘racist’ isn’t one of them, unfortunately.

+ The Wave of Post-Election Hate Reportedly Sweeping the Nation, Explained.

+ Changing My Budget to Help Change the Status Quo. This was written by an A-Camper!

+ Watching 81% of My White Brothers and Sisters Vote for Trump Has Broken Something Inside Me.

On Tuesday night, I watched as 81 percent of white evangelicals and born-again Christians voted for someone who admitted to sexually assaulting women and gleefully affirming that he would face no consequences for doing so.

+ A thing about mindfulness and such.

+ Hate Crimes Are Going Up, But the Government Isn’t Keeping Good Track of Them, so ProPublica will.

+ National Registry of White Males. ?

+ !! How to Troll Thanksgiving: 2016 Election Edition. I really needed this.

Doll Parts

+ Rest in peace, Gwen Ifill.

+ What Women Used Before They Could Use the Law: “Or, an incomplete inventory of methods and means to abortion—undertaken with varying levels of success and the ever-present possibility of death—in America before the passage of Roe v. Wade.”

+ Parenting by the Books: Slavery’s White Women.

+ Gender Equality is Boosted by Better Infection Control.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ With My Daughter at Standing Rock.

+ Twitter’s Long-Overdue Anti-Harassment Tools Might Finally Make a Difference.

+ Brace yourselves. Study of College-Age White Men Reveals Cultural Awareness Deficit.

+ The Raging Battle Over Adult Swim’s Alt-Right Neo-Nazi TV Show.

+ This weird fucking spider that I can’t talk about.

And Finally

COOL MAPS showing the ~ s e c r e t ~ lives of animals!


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  1. Thanks for talking about Randy Boissonnault, Canada’s new LGBTQ2 advisor. Just an update on that article, the trans rights bill mentioned has now passed THIRD reading in the House of Commons, meaning it gets to move on to the Senate. This just happened today, and is EXCEPTIONALLY good news.

  2. There are so many reasons to loathe the next several years, but the amount of essays and articles dedicated to telling people (POC) to empathize and teach prejudice white people how to be less so, is unnerving. As a POC, black woman specifically, growing up in diverse or predominately white spaces, I’ve been employing the techniques in the “Research Says There Ways to Reduce Racial Bias” article since elementary school. It wasn’t about helping that person but moreso about trying to make that person see me as human. It was about my safety and the opportunities I could have access to.

    The strategies of the article can work but the emotional labor involved is the most exhausting work I do on any given day. Smh. It has always been remarkable to me that the humanity of the mainstream is somehow the responsibility of the marginalized.

    • Amen! I’ve been searching and searching out of necessity for ways to get white people to be less prejudiced that don’t involve me (a Mexican-American) or other POC doing exhausting emotional labor tiptoeing around white fragility, but I have yet to find them. Partly it’s the sort of thing we’re all told to do as part of being a better person in general (don’t judge if you don’t want to be judged, etc.), but it is so, so difficult and it feels like the burden is mostly on us to be empathetic with people who call our dignity and humanity into question just for the chance that they will consider listening to us. If we refrain from calling people out bluntly in order to get them to listen, what do we do with the pain of hiding how much their words hurt us?

      Having these conversations takes so much energy away from other things I’m trying to do in my life on any given day, like write my dissertation. Sometimes they take a toll on me the next day or next several days as well.

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