Also.Also.Also: Make All the Queer Art You Can, Right Now, and Other Stories for Your Week

Second week of 2017! Are you ready? Did you get yourself some flowers or a pastry or a family size bag of Doritos? There’s still time! The day is hella young. You have so much time. Are you doing anything weird this week? Don’t forget to squeeze in a photo session for the Queer in the Kitchen gallery we’re putting together! You’re going to love this gallery. It’s easily the best idea I’ve had this year.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Save The Bottom Line Coffee House!!

The Bottom Line is more than a coffee shop. It is an art space that preserves the creative spirit of old Detroit, while pushing the boundaries of what “New Detroit” is. It is a community-based space, a queer space, a safe space for people of color and queer people of color; it is home away from home.

The Bottom Line is a one of the few black owned coffee shops in the city of Detroit, and is the only Trans owned coffee shop in the city. We came together to build a community over coffee. Our guiding principle has been to give back to and support the same people who support us.

+ Support LA Web Series!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Cheryl Dunye: This Is the Most Important Time to Make Queer Art.

+ Goodnight Moon Author Was a Bisexual Rebel Who Didn’t Like Kids !!!

+ Straight Shooter: In Montana, I Found My Inner Cowboy to Defend Gay Rights by Molly Priddy!

+ Behind the Scenes of Queer Latina Remake of One Day at a Time.

+ Does Queer Nightlife Need to Go Back in the Closet to Survive?

+ It Sounds Like the Next Season of Young Justice League Will Openly Acknowledge LGBTQ Characters.

+ LGBTQ Characters Now Permeate Some of Hollywood’s Best Work. But the Community is Bracing for Backlash.

+ LGBTQ Protections Expanded to State Services in Virginia.

+ The Hardships of Living as an Elderly LGBTQ Person in China.

+ Here’s How This LGBTQ Entrepreneur is Changing Business Diversity.

+ Where Transgender is No Longer a Diagnosis.

+ In the Operating Room with Emmie Smith During Her Gender Reassignment Story.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech was amazing.

+ Emerging LGBTQ Scholars Reflect on Dawn of Trump Presidency.

+ 5 Ways QTPOC Can Build Power in a Trump Era

+ The Case for Fighting Trump on Norms.

+ Trump Will Undo Most of Obama’s Legacy. Here’s What Might Survive.

+ For Those Who Are Black in Trump’s America.

+ Yes, It Was Misogyny.

Doll Parts

+ Most Women in Publishing Don’t Have the Luxury of Being Unlikable.

+ Jeanette Epps Will Be the First Black Woman to Board the International Space Station.

+ Murder in the Bayou: “After eight sex workers were found dead in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana, author Ethan Brown searched for answers. What he found was indifference.”

+ HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, this makes me want to call my representatives even more, every day! Bless!

+ BitchTapes: Women Fighting Pipelines. Yes.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Michelle Obama’s final speech was apparently a real doozy, making people feel things and cry. That is why I haven’t watched it yet! But you can:

+ Inside the German Museum of Perfectly Preserved Corpses. This seemed up your alley.

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  1. 1) MERYL FUCKING STREEP. You may not be perfect but your speech came really close.

    2) One day at a time was groundbreaking and amazing and so honest. I bawled when Elena opens the gown bag (is it how you call it) and sees the suit.

    • Also can we get an interview with Michelle Badillo for Autostraddle just to shower her with love and praise about the lesbian arch ?

      NO MICHELLE WE’RE NOT ANGRY ELENA MAKES OUT WITH A BOY. Elena’s coming out story is literally my coming out story (with a 10 year difference). When she RATIONALLY realises she must be gay because she has found the theoretically “perfect” boyfriend and yet she’s still pretty “meh” about it, I WAS SO SHOCKED. This is exactly how I realised I was gay. Not because I fell in love with a girl or “kissed a girl and liked it” but because I met the man who met ALL THE CRITERIA for the perfect man and I still couldn’t imagine myself sleeping with him.

  2. I love that article about Margaret Wise Brown, queer literary ladies are my fave kind of historical queer ladies. Also really surprised it showed up in the Post, I thought they were like the least credible source of journalism in the country.

  3. Medical Museum Curator/Rare Books Librarian here, so forgive the rant:
    Oh man, von Hagens! I have such mixed feelings about his work. On one hand “Body Worlds” is fascinating and cool from a lot of different angles; on the other, it is ethically questionable. Firstly, he claims that the whole process has “become accepted in society” and that “the cultural battle is mostly over.” WRONG! Professional societies of surgeons, physicians, other medical professionals, as well as museum professionals, have distanced themselves from this exhibit by name. But there is money in hosting the blockbuster “Body Worlds” exhibit, so it tours on. It was in the news several years that there were questions as to the provenance of the bodies on display. NPR reported that von Hagen has been caught with specimens from the former Soviet Union and China that were illegally trafficked, and in some cases was forced to return several specimens to China. Additionally, NPR found “no clear paper trail from willing donors to exhibited bodies.” It’s great to have the goal of “democratizing anamtomy,” but it’s all about the consent of the deceased!

    I also question that it has revolutionized medical knowledge. Maybe for the public. I can show you some pictures (woodcuts and engravings, more accurately) from 200-400 years ago that would BEG otherwise. The whole process and its results were initially advertised in Europe as art–and I would argue that these exhibits are more about art and entertainment than science and anatomy.

  4. I feel like if I had been aware of the fact that the woman who wrote Goodnight Moon was a bisexual lady who disliked children I could have saved a lot of time, life-wise. Can’t be what you can’t see and all that.

    But the framing of that article was a bummer at best. Ambitious, badass queer lady never really finds love? Dies before she gets to be truly happy in hetero-marital bliss?

    Come on.

  5. Any knitters on this website? The Pussyhat Project is soliciting knitters to make hats for the Women’s March on Washington:

    Wish I could be in DC to march in front of the Capitol, but I will be participating locally in LA instead (about 40,000 people expected here). Am sure everyone already knows that there will be women demonstrating across the country the day after the inauguration – just search facebook, there are event pages for every state.

  6. here’s a rather critical article on Meryl Streep’s speech written by Emily Ladau, a disabled woman who highlights that the trope of portraying people with disablities as unable to defend themselves and somehow weak is playing a part in the public outrage about Trump’s comment towards Kovaleski (not implying that people shouldn’t rage about his politics and behaviour all the time):

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